A Witch And UFOs

by Silvye
(UK, Somerset)


well it`s about 2 dreams i had yesterday and today. Whilst i was asleep, although it was more of a trance rather than a dream, I was continously reading, whispering spells from a big book. In my dream I was aware of the fact that it was a magical book, a big one. See, i always associated witches with good, only good, as if they are more like angels. So I was chanting and chanting and chanting. That was the whole dream over 2 nights. It was like i had no feeling whatsoever, but it was right. This dream i had for 2 days, the same dream, same book, but this morning, after whispering spells, I came outside and looked at the skies. The clouds were really thick but not grey, something like a very thick substance was covering the sky. I looked at it, and then i saw that all that cloud actually was an infinite number of cloudships. As i was gazing, i realized they were spinning, were round, exactly like spaceships. But again, i was not terrified, or scared, i knew it was good, like it had to happen, like it was a plan unfolding.
I always had reoccurring dreams of being a witch, levitating and casting spells, flying on a broom :)) and when i was waking up i had a smile on my face.
The only thing that can trigger this is my spiritual search, since i was little, since i knew myself, this was my goal, God, reaching him, but i knew it`s not the old man in the skies i`m looking for, but a feeling.
I`m a child of the solstice, born on December 21 1985, always had a special feeling about this world, even the ascension i dreamt about.
My spiritual journey i think is ever closer to my true self, and just want to know whether these are my feelings or it`s something i know, on a higher level,but cannot yet grasp them in this reality.
Thank you very much indeed,

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by: John

I believe this dream is about seeking a higher plane. The 'magical book' and your whisperings are in essence a form of prayer to a God (whatever you perceive that to be). The constant chanting is the constant seeking... the constant desire to connect. The clouds spinning, in my view, are awaiting to dissipate. That is, they are on the verge of spinning away to reveal a clear sky... truth.
I would suggest the dream might be an attempt to direct you to stop 'speaking' and start listening. Once you do this the connection you have will become stronger as the skies clear.

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