by Adriana m.

Well for 3 night in a row now I have woken up to the same dream I call a nightmare. It has to do with my two children I have now and a new born baby grl. The dream that I can remember is living in this 2 story house I've noticed there are ghost in the house. Things r moving and beining I try taken the kids out the house but the spirits try to stop us. I get them out side my parents show up I hand then the baby grl (which in the dream is my child but I only have two kids.) N my 2 children go in the house up stairs to get something I chase them up stair well havin my mom stay out side I get up stairs n the bedroom door starts shutting with the kids in it. After that all I can remember is breakin the door down getting my kids n leaving the house. Then I wake up. The first night I was scared but not any more just confused and I wake up with headaches. What does that mean?

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by: John

thanks for all the detail of the dream, but I need more in terms of the context of your life. Off the top of your head, without thinking about it at all, what do you believe this dream might relate to in your waking life?
Don't worry about whether what you write back is 'right' or 'wrong', just go with your gut instinct. Allow your subconscious to relate what the dream might represent. One c you do that I might be able to explain the symbolism for you.

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