An Old Girlfriend

by Brian
(Green Bay Wi.)

I have had a dream 3 nights in a row about a girlfriend I had when I was 18 about 30 years ago.Her name is Lauri! In the dream I was meeting her parents again and I remember holding her and telling her that Im diffrent and this chance with her I wont throw away and I promise I had changed and am a better man and I loved her. We hugged and both cried ! My feelings in the dream were that I loved her overwhelmingly.

That was it ! Does this have some meaning ?
Thank You


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by: John

Hi Brian,
I believe the dreams are to do with regret and notnecessarily regret to do with Lauri. I think there is perhaps a subconscious acknowledgment that with age you may have developed a certain emotional maturity you wish you had earlier. And, in understanding this at some level, you regret some things you may have done/said/missed opportunities etc in the past.

Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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