by Anisa

Please help, I had an awful dream last night that my husband cheated on me with his best friends wife, right in our lounge room while I was doing the dishes and I saw them right from the start and told them I couldnt believe what they were doing right in front of me. But they didnt stop, I ran off crying and the next thing I remember was telling my husband he had to go to work and that I hoped he died on the way there or the on way home.

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by: John

I am thinking this dream might be about too much focus given to work in your life and not enough fun. For instance, in the dream you do the dishes while your husband 'does what ho does'. You dont attempt to intervene other than a remark or two. I assume you finish the dishes?
Then when all is said and done, you hope he dies either on his way to work or coming home from work.. but not at work.
Perhaps the dream is a hidden fear of yours that you have become too preoccupied with work and not enough fun that your husband might seek the latter elsewhere?

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