Band Music & Brownies


The Dream:

I was in a school auditorium by myself, gathering my books. My coworker and I were planning a get away. I heard band music and decided to follow the sounds. I walked into a small room where people were playing musical instruments. A young man named Mark was in the band. I saw him and smiled. I felt happy to see him. He has facial piercings, tattoos, and a Mohawk so I was expecting him to play a guitar or drums. Instead, he was playing the flute which I found surprising. I told him that I was watching him. The band leader was my boss. Next thing I know, I am in what appears to be a dorm or hotel room. My coworker baked several trays of brownies laced with marijuana. I am on the cell phone talking to a guy named Nicholas who told me he had a new job as a crop duster during the midnight shift.

My Life:
My office is currently undergoing some construction. The young man Mark who was playing the flute is one of the construction workers. He was not at work all last week.

My coworker is having some marital issues and her husband does smoke marijuana, although she does not. So that could explain the marijuana brownies.

My husband has been working midnights for about 6 mos now. I am home alone most of the time. We are also having some financial issues right now.

Nicholas and his wife were once good friends. We have not spoken to them in over a year.

Comments for Band Music & Brownies

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by: John

this dream reads to me as if you might be unfulfilled in your work? Perhaps needing more responsibility, sense of purpose, or enjoyment and passion in general. It also possibly indicates you rarely put yourself first. This might be because you do not see yourself of interest to others... boring maybe? If so, it is this sense of who you are that is impacting on your external world. Alter your self-perception and you will alter your world.

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by: Anonymous

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