Best Dream I've Ever Had

by Renee

I went back in time to Concord South Carolina at least 100 years before I was born. I went into this Castle where a parade was taking place. I met Winston Churchill before he was known. I told him he would be a suit designer later in life. The name Coldwell was mentioned. Then time moved forward many years as I walked down a road. I ended in 1969 Slidell, Louisiana waiting for hurricane Camille which was before I was born. I saw specific stores and buildings. Everything looked gray. I was walking down a path that had weeds on each side. I spoke to old family members from my past. I saw my parents who are both deceased. I had a conversation with both my parents. I hugged my daddy. I was about 4 years old in my dream at this point. I played with toys that I had as a child. Specific toys that I remember. I saw my bookbag from elementary school. I interacted with a little girl and little boy. The little girl had curly blonde hair. Her name was Stacie and his name was James. In the dream they were the children of my mothers best friend who I also saw in the dream. I dreamed my daddy was upstairs in this shed type building and it was hailing outside as the storm approached. My mother asked him to come downstairs. I then was a young teenager and I was holding a megaphone pendant I bought when I was a cheerleader. I had a ziplock bag with specific currency in it. It had a $20 bill, a $5 bill, some $1 bills and some pennies. I was angry that I didn't use the money as intended and it was still there after so many years. I saw distant relatives that have passed away. I saw a present that I had bought for my sisters boyfriend many years ago. There were so many familiar things in this dream. Things and people I haven't thought of since I was a little child.

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by: John

firstly, the historical records of this dream are amazing! I'm wondering how much of this you were conscious of before seeing/hearing it in your dream? For example, there is a castle in Concord; Hurricane Camille hit Slidell in 1969; Coldwell Bankers is located on Winston Churchill Dr, Ohio.

This dream is a real trip down memory lane. It's as if you have entered a realm where time is immaterial and a matter of going where/when you want to. Simply an amazing dream!
Love it!

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by: Anonymous

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