Bloody Phlegm

by Maggie

I am clearing my throat and the phlegm is mainly large dark colored blood.

It is in long gooey strands with large clumps of dark blood colored phlegm. I continue to clear my throat ( with small quiet cough-type clearing expulsion noises as you do). At one point I have put my fingers into it to see closer that it is indeed bloody phlegm.
this is the sole focus of the dream; clearing my throat from inside my chest where the phlegm is coming from (although i'm not focusing at all on my chest). Looking at the phlegm coming out of my mouth (from the perspective of looking down at the phlegm as you would in waking life) Observing it is blood colored (although there is clear colored strands of phlegm connecting the large lumps of blood coloured phlegm.
I am continually clearing this phlegm as I can feel it has more to come so it is a continual clearing. (although it does not seem to be a long time for this occurrence in the dream.)
this is all the dream is about.
I am not panicked.
I am not sick.
I appear to be alone, although I feel another presence beside me. It is not a presence that causes me any concern.

I recently saw my ex (of 6yrs) after a years absence following a stressful abusive breakup.
We are in are early 60's.
He has moved on. At first after seeing him I was emotional and obsessive. but now after praying for strength every time I think of him; I am no happier, and no longer tearful or as scared of being homeless with no income anymore.

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by: John

I am guessing you can be quite submissive?
This dream - to me - implies you do not often state what you think and what you should. In terms of the prior relationship, I believe the dream is indicative of some old wounds (blood) that you want to speak your mind about (clearing the throat ) but dont.

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