Blue Full Moon

by barbara

In my dream.i looked in the sky and saw a very full moon in the evening and the moon seemed to me like a sun but i was just confused .it looked so beaitiful and amazing.IVE NEVER SEEN A THING LIKE THAT BEFOR IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.SO I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.It was beautifull though i was covered in awe.

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by: John

sounds like an amazing vision.
Do you remember where you were? How did you end up looking at the sky? etc etc
Also, what were/are your spiritual beliefs?

full blue moon
by: Barbara

I was just in a garden (green and beautiful) then while still taking in the cozy environment I looked up and saw a large glistering blue ball in the sky looke like the sun but the time i was in the garden was towards late evening therefore it should be a moon not a sun.

Eclipse and Jesus NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi John,

I had a similar dream too a few weeks back. My dream was this incredible eclipse and the world literally was silenced for it seemed like hours. Everything, every person, every animal, every car, every everything just haulted and starred above in awe, some in fear. I was sitting on a boat dock and was alone, I was weirdly scared yet fealt elated and in awe and amazement. Then this massive massive Jesus appeared in the sky. Many people were running away in fear like they didn't know who Jesus is and they were scared. I just sat on the dock and smiled intently and fealt this amazing sense of warmth from my toes to my head. I then woke.
What can this mean?

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