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Here are a few of our favorite books on dream interpretation. All of these books have played a role in the development of this site and our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the authors.

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Books on Dream Interpretation

* Dreaming: Remembering, Interpreting, Benefiting by Derek and Julia Parker. (Bounty Books, London, 2007)

Derek and Julia Parker are internationally renowned experts in dream interpretation and astrological studies. The book is a comprehensive guide that offers a practical approach to the interpretation of more than 1 500 dream themes and subjects. It contains excellent techniques to help improve dream recall and to interpret your dreams in a way that is totally individual to you.

Excerpt: 'A whole new, often very beautiful world will be opened up for you by the experience of the symbols that your unconscious, sleeping self sets before you - symbols more complex, ingenious and arresting than any you could conceive in your waking hours. Dream pictures and events, sometimes entirely remote from daily experience, are often of great beauty, and the more you come to terms with them, the more you will recognize this. In many respects you need never be bored again! The more imaginative and sensitive you are, the greater the dream experience is. All this rich imagery comes from your mind - nobody dreams your dreams but you; it is you who creates within your mind situations as exciting as those from War and Peace, as absurd as those from Alice in Wonderland, or as romantic as those from Gone with the Wind'.

* Psychic Dreaming by Craig Hamilton-Parker. (Sterling Pubishing Co., New York, 2004)

As one of the world's most respected mediums, Craig Hamilton-Parker has confounded skeptics with the accuracy of his readings. He is also a respected dream expert that brings to light tantalizing clues about the psychic significance of nocturnal symbols. The book contains many examples of psychic dreams and true stories, with beautiful colored illustrations to provide a deeper understanding of the subject. The book also features insight on the meaning of a wide variety of dream types and dream symbols, as well as practices such as numerology and telepathy.

Excerpt: 'Most dreams are filled with what Freud called Tagesreste, the residue of jobs, relationships, and other things that influence life and cause worry. But there are also instances when dreams touch the same worlds our ancestors knew - a world of gods, deities, demons, and angels, where the familiar world we know disappears. These dreams transcend the banal world of ordinary life and lead through the inner labyrinth to the very heart of our being.'

* The Interpretation of Dreams: The Complete and Definitive Text written by Sigmund Freud, and translated and edited by James Strachey. (Basic Books, New York, 1955)

First published by Sigmund Freud in 1899, this book addresses questions such as what are the most common dreams and why do we have them, what does a dream about death mean, and what do dreams of swimming, falling or flying symbolize? Freud considers why we dream and what our dreams mean in the larger picture of our psychological lives. As the 'father of psychoanalysis, Freud delves into theories of dream content, the special language of dreams, dreams as wish fulfilment, and the significance of childhood experiences. Dozens of case studies are presented, as well as the histories and detailed analyses of actual dreams from Freud's case files.

Extract: 'When, after passing through a narrow defile, we suddenly emerge upon a piece of high ground, where the path divides and the finest prospects open up on every side, we may pause for a moment and consider in which direction we shall first turn our steps. Such is the case with us, now that we have surmounted the first interpretation of a dream. We find ourselves in the full daylight of a sudden discovery. Dreams are not likened to the unregulated sounds that rise from a musical instrument struck by the blow of some external force instead of by a player's hand; they are not meaningless, they are not absurd; they do not imply that one portion of our store of ideas is asleep while another portion is beginning to wake. On the contrary, they are physical phenomena of complete validity - fulfilments of wishes; they can be inserted into the chain of intelligible waking mental acts; they are constructed by a highly complicated activity of the mind.'

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