Boyfriend Meeting My Father

by Jessica
(Hayward, Ca, US)

We were at a party I'm not really sure where, the place didn't seem familiar, but my long time boyfriend and I were there and so was my dad apparently, I felt that my boyfriend and I were very happy together, then I remembered my dad was there so I was like let's go meet him. So we went, I took him up to him and my dad just gave him this really specific look and said no words to him, wooo

Glad to get that Over with..jk. then the rest of the dream was also very detailed and easy to remember when I woke up and that hardly ever happens

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by: John

can you provide some background for me please?
Such as: are you close to your dad, has he met your b/f in waking life, do they get on, do you get on with your dad, what were the feelings in the dream etc?

by: Anonymous

I am close to my dad and my dad kind of met/seen him years ago at a gathering in our town in Mexico where we are All from. It wasent exactly the way I wanted them to interact but oh well. And I do get on with my dad sometimes and when my dad had interacted with him it wasent it a bad way necessarily but he was just telling him to go home late at night when my bf came looking for me . Btw this was years ago.

by: John

OK, so when you say the rest of the dream was very detailed and easy to remember what was the content?

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