Bus Ride

by Nicole

In my dream I was on a bus I decided to sit next to one of my friends who I didn't like very much. I sat down and in the next minute I realized my older Irish friend was sitting next to my friend on the other side of me. I hate this friend and maybe it was because he caused my lack of self-confidence but either way I met him through the Internet. I remember in my dream he was actually being nice to me, I was glad to be next to him because I missed him. Before I left the bus I remember taking pictures with him then getting off the bus at either my house or a store.

The only problems I have had in my life are that the friends I met over the Internet caused a lack of self-confidence in myself. I also have been going through an issue with a couple people I used to call my friends.
The only thing going on now that possibly could have caused this dream is that I'm fighting with my friends or, that the Irish guys friend recently talked to me then ditched me.

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by: John

I need more information please.
*Why were you on the bus?
*why were you with these people?
*Where were you going?
* etc

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