Car Change

by Amrit
(El Sobrante, Ca, USA)

I had this dream two days ago. I was dreaming that I drove up a green hill

To get my car filled with gas. I was driving a very nice luxurious black car. I wasn't sure if it was a black Lamborghini or other type of car. Once I was ontop of the hill
My car turns into a much older light blue color Lincoln. I also noticed that there
Were many nice expensive and shiny black cars surrounding me on the hill.
I didn't think much of it except confusion in my dream as to what happened to my car
But no other feelings. No feelings of jealousy or anger or n e thing. I just accepted
That this was my car and I need to fill up gas. The gas tank was in back of the car
And there were three openings to where I can fill in the gas instead of just the ordinary
One. In my mind I was again confused but in my dream I was trying to think logically
After looking into the three gasket openings I saw the two outter ones filling up with residual
Gas and dirt. But the middle one was clean. I was going to pick the middle one anyway
Since that's where I was thinking gas should go logically. After filling it up the car either catches on fire or smoke starts coming out from underneath it. And that's where my dream ends.

Through out the dream I didn't feel anything but confusion where as in real life I would be angry and jealous.

Significant things happening in my life right now are no job, hard time paying my mortgage, fixing up a rental which seems like its taking forever.
I also recently bought a brand new white car completly different type than what I saw in my dream but I love my car. I had to buy a new car because my other car got totaled and I was able to qualify for a brand new car.

I don't know what this could mean but I have a feeling it's about ego? I don't even know if it's something bad or good. Please help thank u!! :)

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by: John

I think this dream is about your perception of life. Namely, that you have developed an expectation that no matter what you do or what choices you make things will somehow turn out bad. The car going up the hill is evident of life being an uphill climb. The car changing may imply you have had events that altered your life that confused you and you found it hard to adapt. The 3 fuel inlets are indicative of choice. Even after logical assessment you pick the one that sets the car on fire - putting fuel (ie energy) into something that backfires. I believe the dream is an attempt to help you see that maybe you overthink situations and don't go with your gut.

by: Anonymous

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by: Jason

Hello! I think that your dream is a simply reflection of your desires. If you will hard work - you will buy those black car for you. Think about it. Everything is possible. By the way - I'll be waiting for some news from you, and if you eed a written help - just contact with at any suitable time!

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