Cardinal Visitation

by markeba
(detroit, michigan)

I dreamed was sitting downstairs in the basement of my house. I was sitting in a chair. A cardinal flew up to me and looked at me i looked at him. I was wondering how the cardinal came in the house since my fireplace front is closed. i went upstairs and to the side door. I tried to get the cardinal to come. I did not want to hit him with the broom becaus he would have gotten hurt. It was bright outside. The cardinal sat on the steps. I remember thinking that he belonged outside.

In the natural i love seeing cardinals and blue birds because they are so rare. We use to have some that lived in a tree in the house next door but they have not been there in many years.

In the natural my basement needs repairs from a flood that the funds never came thru to complete. It is not a happy place.

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by: John

I believe this dream is about your mindset. The basement and being alone indicative of glumness. The cardinal appearing in a place you least expect it suggests you will find beauty.pleasure, and happiness if you look within. You appreciate the wonder of this creature, it makes you happy and stares you in the face (happiness is staring you in the face). Simply look within. Attempting to help the bird escape without harming it is indicative of a need to be gentle with yourself. Have faith, when you look within and see the happiness staring you in the face you will no longer feel trapped and isolated in the basement. The bird appearing freed you from your enclosure as you did it.

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Let the bird out NEW
by: Mark

The basement tends to represent the subconscious, the hidden parts of the mind. There is a beautiful and unique bird there but you know it's supposed to be outside, so you let it out. You also know it's not to be harmed. My guess is that you have something good and unique to bring to the world. You must have the courage to express what's within you the same way you let the bird out of the house. And you shouldn't repress anything inside you, because that would be like hitting the bird.

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