Caterpillars & Sci-Fi Salamanders

by Chiara
(Alghero, Italy)

First dream: "In the dream I had prepared a beautiful egg quiche. I was so proud of it. It turned out perfectly, high and light and I was enthusiastically telling my boyfriend that I couldn’t wait to eat it together. I cut it into pieces and as I was about to eat it I saw a light green caterpillar emerging from the center… then another … then another … there were several and one in particular was really long and big and the others were smaller ones. I told my boyfriend we couldn’t eat it because it had caterpillars and although I was more disappointed than he was I wasn’t shocked or grossed out or anything. It was just like, “oh, what a shame.”

A month later : "I was out to dinner in New York City (I just visited a few weeks ago) at the home of a couple my parents age (early 70's) who were very kind and gentle people. Their home was warm and had deep, bold colours, blue and orange tones you would find in a Gaugin painting. It was evening and there were no lights on, like a night club atmosphere. We were drinking an apperitivo and the liquid was also the same bright, bold colours. As my brother and I were finishing up our drinks, we tilted the glass and a water creature came out. It was something you'd see in a sci-fi movie. I've never seen anything like it in real life. The creature was slimey and dark like a salamander with several limbs that were attached to each other. It was neither dangerous nor poisonous. It was just coming out from the bottom of the glass. We weren't grossed out or anything, but we did observe them as there were a few in each glass. Then we went to take our coats off the hook on the door when I thought to myself what nice people they were."

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by: John

it's difficult to make an analysis without a context to your waking life however I will do my best :)
The dreams, is my opinion, are very similar with the same message. Because the first dream is more obvious I will focus on that.
It would seem to me the message is that you may fear success/failure. That you are creative but do not entirely believe in your own abilities. As such, you are possibly inclined toward sabotaging matters when they are near completion. In particular, when they/you are about to be tested. In the dream you bake the quiche (creativity), it is spoilt but you are not devastated; your reaction is "what a shame". As in, oh well, too bad, at least I got it that far. The dreams - in my view - are informing you to embrace your creativity, put it on the line and cease holding back for fear of the eventual outcomes.

by: Chiara

Thank you very much!
Your interpretation is very interesting. It makes sense to me as it relates to "creation" and wanting to conceive but being afraid to for many reasons.
Best regards and thank you again!

p.s. I happened to see a salamander for real today!

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