Common Lucid Dreams

Welcome to our page on the most common lucid dreams. A lucid dream normally arises in the midst of a dream when you realise that you are dreaming. An impossible or extraordinary feat in the dream, such as having superhuman powers, often triggers this awareness.

Some of the most common themes like striding, jumping and flying may have important symbolic meanings that reveal things about yourself and the way you are feeling.

* Striding: Striding dreams are those in which you take massive steps and eventually take off into the air. They often precede dreams of flying. Superhuman abilities regularly appear in dreams that are about to turn lucid.

In terms of symbolism, striding dreams may indicate that you are taking 'great strides' in your waking life. This could mean that you're taking positive steps in your career, in a project of some kind, or that you're making progress in romance.

If your surroundings are beautiful in your dream, you are advancing in the right direction. However, if you're moving through unpleasant scenery or a barren landscape, forthcoming events may be troublesome.

* Jumping: Dreams in which you have the ability to make huge jumps, like Spiderman in the comic books, may trigger a lucid dream.

As a symbol, jumping is similar to striding in the sense that it may represent your feelings about making progress in life. A relationship may be going well, or you may have had a promotion, which makes you feel that you're 'one jump ahead' of the competition.

Jumping and leaping dreams usually indicate success in your endeavours, but if you jump and fall things may turn out for the worse.

* Flying: Human beings have always associated flight with freedom - from being earthbound, from reality, from the forces of gravity. In lucid dreams, we can become a bird, a flying dragon, or in some way defy gravity and fly and soar in the elements.

Flying dreams may represent an escape from something that has been worrying you. These dreams often indicate liberation from a problem in your emotional or material world, or simply a release of tension. Flying can also represent ambition, but beware: Just like Icarus in the Greek myth, you may fall if you set your sights too high.

Flying dreams are mostly pleasant experiences and many people explore lucid dreaming specifically because they want to learn to fly in their dreams.

Freud was of the opinion that flying dreams were symbolic of the pleasure associated with sexual release. As with so many other dream symbols, he made a positive connection between the effect of desire, passion and even life in the womb. However, dreams of flight can be associated equally well with other areas of experience, for example 'flying high' in your career or because of some kind of achievement.

According to the old dream oracles, high flying dreams predicted marital troubles, while flying low was seen to be a prophecy of temporary illness. White wings are lucky, but black wings point to disaster.

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