Creating A New World


I had this interesting dream about a week ago... I just couldn't forget it:

In the dream I was myself, and saw everything from my own eyes. For some reason I was in an antique villa... Like one of those huge mansions from the Roman Empire. It was all white, had high walls, mosaic floors, and big colons. The house wasn't old... it seemed like I lived in the old times. The place was full of people, and I think the people wore modern 21st century outfits. They were all taking care of their own businesses... walking around and stuff. Whereas, I was wearing one of those long, white Greco/Roman dresses. Also, in my dream I had long hair and it was in my natural hair color. (My hair right now is short and dyed.) The next thing I remember is that I saw this guy whom I haven't seen for more than 2 years in real life. (He's just an acquaintance of mine; I can't even call him a friend. My only distinctive opinion of him in real life is that he's a very intelligent person.) Well, I saw him going through the crowd; and he, too, was wearing a white toga. Then I remember that people randomly started screaming and running around. Some of them were fighting, and some of them were murdering each other, whilst others were just randomly dying. Many of them were forming blood pools on the floor. At first I felt a bit panicked, but then guy I mentioned before came to stand next to me and said something like "Let them die." Then I felt very cold towards all those people. I just watched them run and scream. After that, a huge, clear river started flowing inside the building. The water was very violent. It hit the people- both the dead and the alive- and started washing them away. Upon this I grasped the guy's hand and we locked our fingers. I felt very calm and powerful. We walked through the still-flowing, violent river, as the wind blew on our faces. The river did not affect us. I felt like I had a purpose. I knew that the world was now cleansed of all
the weak filth and that it was the old and powerful's turn to build another life. I somehow knew that it was our duty now to build a new world and rule it. After we walked through the waters, slowly the river flowed away and disappeared behind us. We found ourselves in this big, empty throne room, which, too, was all white and had two stone thrones in it. My throne was a bit broken off at the edges, whereas his throne was all complete, but had some cracks in it. Then we both sat on our thrones. A girl came, whose clothes were wet because of the flood. She started talking to the guy about food and plans to rebuild some water channels, etc. I didn't listen to her and felt very bored and impatient very soon. Soon I felt irritated by the fact that he was talking to her instead of doing his duty and giving his full attention to me at the moment. I started thinking of how we had to hurry up and produce these new strong children and superior race. So, in the end I said "enough" and sent the girl away. Then I stood up, went and sat on the guy's lap and pulled down the upper part of my own dress. It's like I suddenly felt some kind of superiority and strong desire for him at the same time. When he looked up at me I bent down to kiss him. He kissed me back, but very forcefully... It's like he forced his tongue into me. I pulled away with surprise. He looked at me and smiled, upon which I smiled too, because I decided that I should just go along with him. He put his hand on the side of my shoulder, which told me that I shouldn't stop now. So I bent to kiss him again, and he forced his tongue into me again, this time more violently. I could almost say it hurt. I tried to back up a bit, but he leaned forward and pushed even further in. Suddenly I felt like I was choking, so I pulled away from him and tried to get a few breaths. Then the dream ended.

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by: John

That's a lot of detail. Not many people remember that much. Before I analyse this can you please tell me what you think it relates to?

by: Wella

This is a tough question. I don't even know. You see, I can't remember what was going on in my daily life when I had te dream. Well, I guess it might relate to my anxieties over my career/educational path, or it might relate to anxieties over my relationship with males in general...

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Maybe I know? NEW
by: Anonymous

I’m only 12, but I have depression, my mom has gone through some crap with my dad, etc. but I’ve had a very similar dream. But the river was red and me and this guy were wearing black. It reminded me of BirdBox, people were just dying, but I was the scycopath. I had someone interpret mine and it means you want to start over or you want the world to. I personally think the world is getting so corrupt and Evil and I do want it to start over, and I want to start over myself. I don’t know if this applies to you but maybe it does. Hope I could help:)

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