Crowd Dream

by Lisa
(Aptos, ca)

I had a dream that I was in a crowd at a concert type setting & I couldn't see the stage, but I desperately had to because what I'm suppose to do in the future is up there. I wasn't scared just annoyed that I couldn't see past the crowd.

About me: I'm recovering from breast cancer & had it all chemo, surgery, radiation. I know that I'm struggling with what's next & I have a lot of recovering to do.

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by: John

sorry to hear of your struggle. Hope I can help in some way....

The dream seems to represent possibly feeling of frustration in your waking life.
Being consumed in the crowd and not being able to see past them infers you may feel blocked by something (something to do with your treatment/condition?)
Knowing you have to see what's on stage in order to feel secure about your future - due to the idea that what you need to do is up there - is possibly symbolic of being too caught up in waking life with the frustrations of trying to find "the solution" (recovery?). The dream might be trying to help you see that doing this is a waste of energy given struggling in the crowd is getting you nowhere in the first place. Maybe stop worrying, relax, place your faith in the process of life, and wait for what's on stage to be shown to you.

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