Dead Grandpa

by Jasmine
(Noblesville, Indiana, USA )

I remember staying at my aunts house with my cousins and baby brother who is one now. It was late in the night when I woke in my dream and I went to another room to find my family sitting in a circle with my dead granfather. He has been dead for over 11 years now. I then went to get my baby brother to show him off to my grandpa and threw my arms around my grandpa and cried. But my grandpa was only aloud to stay with us for two hours and then he would be gone again. I was so happy to see my grandpa again due to the fact that we were bestfriends when I was younger and he died when I was only 7. When left I was devastated. The only thing that I think could have triggered this dream would be the fact that I was staying at my aunts house with my other aunt my brother who is twelve and my two cousins.

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by: John

nothing to intepret. It was a visit from your grandfather. Cherish it.

It truly is a visit from your grandpa NEW
by: Amanda

I lost my dear grandpa just about a month ago and I couldn't be with him during his last moments. I am out of my home country now, getting my higher education done. I had a really bad time because I couldn't even go to his funeral. Right on the night after his funeral, I had a dream where my grandpa visited me. He was there laying on the funeral bed, his lovely eyes fixed on me. There were so many things I had to say to him before his death and I got the time to say them to him. I took him to my arms and hugged him tightly, warmly. I cried; I laughed. Sometimes I just stayed silent. But I said everything to him in the dream. He listened. And then I let him rest on the bed again. I blinked, and he was gone when I opened my eyes back. There was no one. I felt so good in my heart after that. I felt like all the heavy load of words I was carrying in my back was gone. Everything was light and simple. Perhaps, my grandpa said goodbye to me this way, in my dream. After that I never saw him...

I will always love him from my heart...
And I'm sure you had a visit from your grandpa as well. Wasn't it nice to see him again? Even in a dream? He is probably looking at you from up above...heaven, taking care of you... :)

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Education NEW
by: Anonymous

I misplaced my much-loved grandpa now about a month order course work online ago and I couldn't be with him throughout his previous moment.

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