Deceased Dog

by Katy
(Arlington, ma )

I am recently having a recurring dream about an old pet dog who has been deceased over more than 10 years or more.

My dog duke was a mix mutt that looked mostly like a gold lab. I keep waking up as if he is visiting me in middle of night from me sleeping and is sitting in my room....he looks sometimes happy then sometimes sad. Every time I get out of bed and happy to see him and I always kiss him on the very top of his head just above his eyes. I then always hug him and he just stays there resting his head and sometimes I feel as if he is sad and whimper and other times he is happy and comforting.
It wakes me up every time after hugging him.

Right now in my life I am not content with my career and often lonely since missing being in a relationship although its been a year since been in one.

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by: John

I would start taking note of when Duke is happy and sad, because I am certain it will correlate to your moods. His visits are based on your emotions; he's sad when you're lonely etc. He's happy when you are fulfilled.
I think in essence Duke is wanting you to pursue things in life that make you happy.
What a beautiful pet! Loyal.

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