Deceased Grandfather Meeting Unborn Twins

by Angela

In my dream, my husband and I are sitting on my Grandparents couch he is sitting and i am next to him with my legs over his lap. I am pregnant in real life with twins, and in my dream we r holding my belly feeling for kicks.

My husband says, "honey, i can see the babies feet." I look up and say, "you have to come see this!" My Aunt (who also lives there) and Grandfather (recently passed on Feb. 05, 2012) was walking with her assistance, over towards us. They reached down and could touch the 4 little feet. (both babies)
My grandfather said something in spanish, i do not remember what and just smiled.

My grandfather was almost 80 years old and had a heart attack, he was never the kind to walk with assistance like in my dream. He always appeared healthy and happy.
Like i said we are expecting twins on Feb. 27th, 2013. My dream seemed to be a very happy and exciting one, it was the first time i had a dream about my grandpa since his passing.
What does this mean? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I think i may be afraid that my grandfather was seeing my babies as a sign that he may carry them home with him and i will never be able to carry them to term.
But i also believe in, the good lord giveth and the good lord taketh away. Almost like a sign that he is acknowledging the new life being brought to our family.

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by: John

It is my belief the dream has no interpretation. It was your grandfather being assisted in spirit by your Aunt to engage and appreciate his lineage. It's a beautiful vision.

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by: Garson

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