Dream Aids

Throughout ancient lore and recorded history, a variety of dream aids have been used to facilitate dreaming and remember dreams.

Tools to Explore the Dream Realm

Dream Aids Potions, totems, and even nature's natural rhythms and cycles have all served as power objects and tools to gain insight into our dreams.

The following tools can be used to explore your personal dream realm in more detail.

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1. Stones: Through-out the ages, stones have always been held in great esteem for their mystical qualities. Stones that are said to assist dreaming include moonstone, selenite, amethyst, pearls and crystals. It's important to understand that of themselves, stones can't do anything. It's the dreamer's intention that activates them for dream use.

2. Dream Pillows: The aroma of certain herbs is believed to reveal dreams of the future, as well as assist in remembering your dreams. The unique scent of mugwort in particular is believed to open the third eye (the door to dreams). A dream pillow is a pillow filled with mugwort, although other herbs can be used as well. These include borage, lavender and yarrow.

To keep away nightmares and encourage prophetic dreams, place your dream pillow beneath your normal pillow. You can also make a Sky Walking Dream Pillow, which is said to induce astral travel:

1 part jasmine
1/2 part cloves and cinnamon
2 parts mugwort
2 parts sweet woodruff
1 part willow (dried leaves from tree)
5 drops Frankincense essential oil
5 drops myrrh essential oil
2 drops chamomile
5 drops nutmeg

3. Food and Drink: Your diet can impact your dream states, as well as the use of alcohol and other drugs. Eating foods that are hard to digest may lead to dreams that are 'hard to digest'. It's also best not to eat immediately before bed.

One food that is thought to contribute to vivid dream states is melon.

For some people, vitamin B6 can assist in dream recall.

Herbal teas are believed to protect you during sleep and also to induce psychic dreams. They may help you relax and enter the dream state, especially when prepared with the intention of triggering psychic dreams. Chamomile is a good tea to help you relax, and valerian brings deep sleep, acting as a sedative. Skullcap herbal tea is said to stimulate dream states and memory.

Many people praise the benefits of drinking moon water prior to going to bed for better dream recall. Leave the water outside in the moonlight for an hour, but make sure that the moonlight shines directly onto the water, not through the glass.

Be mindful that alcohol and drugs can repress dreams. The ancient Greeks declared that anyone wanting to enter a dream temple for dream incubation had to abstain from alcohol for three days prior to entering.

4. Protective Symbols: Some people may benefit from protective symbols kept close to the bed. These may help to ward off negative energies or influences when in the highly sensitive dream state. Crosses, pentagrams, stars of David, and runes placed near the bed or beneath the pillow have all been praised for their protective properties by practitioners of psychic dreams.

5. Native American Dreamcatchers: Dreamcatchers are a popular way to prevent nightmares. These weblike nets are hung above the bed to catch bad dreams, granting you only pleasant dreams. It is believed that dreamcatchers were first used by the Ojibwa tribe and then spread out among other Algonquin tribes. Originally used to protect children from nightmares, good dreams pass through the web, but bad dreams get caught in them.

6. Dream Bowls: In the voodoo tradition, dream bowls are kept under the bed to stop bad dreams. The protective power of the bowl is increased if you fill it with a few drops of brandy or anisette. Persistent nightmares can also be stopped by adding valerian root directly to the spirit bowl. When you pour out the solution in the morning, the bad dreams disappear with it.

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