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'If there were dreams to sell,
What would you buy?
Some cost a passing bell,
Some a light sigh,
That shakes from Life's fresh crown
Only a rose-leaf down.
If there were dreams to sell,
Merry and sad to tell,
And the crier rung the bell,
What would you buy?'

~ Thomas Lovell Beddoes
1803 -1849 English poet and playwright

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Standing At Grave

Standing at someones grave side and seeing the headstone as clear as day Felt at ease things going on in my life being stuck in a relationship that im

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I had a dream right after my dad passed away thathe was driving I was the passenger he wasn't even looking where he was going but he was driving perfect

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Dead Grandpa

I remember staying at my aunts house with my cousins and baby brother who is one now. It was late in the night when I woke in my dream and I went to another

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Daughter Killing Me

I keep dreaming about my 20 years old daughter is killing me when i'm sleeping, she comes into my room and cuts my throat with a kitchen knife I feel scared

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I had a dream my received father try to kill momma and me and my daughter and my other daughter it was like i escaped with her but couldn't get my baby

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I was going to jail for one year exactly, I remember sitting at my kitchen table just before I was taken there. I do not remember being in jail at all,

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Cardinal Visitation

I dreamed was sitting downstairs in the basement of my house. I was sitting in a chair. A cardinal flew up to me and looked at me i looked at him. I

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Past Relationship

I had a dream last night of waking up next to a arm. I was sleeping on my bed and suddenly I wake up to my ex next to me I was surprised to find him next

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I keep dreaming that my dad is not my real dad. My dad is alive and when I wake up I'm crying.

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In The Woods

Okay my girlfriend and I were walking through the woods and holding hands and we weren't talking at all just every once in a we'd stop.... And she'd just

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Chased By An Elephant

I was driving with a pickup truck (bakkie) on a gravel/dirt road and an elephant was chasing me. I could see it in my rear-view mirror. It was gaining

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Looking For Right Gate At Airport

I am scheduled to fly somewhere and I have the information on the airline I have never flown with. I arrive at the airport three hours early and I try

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I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend was dead and that I was visiting his grave in a small hill that was surrounded by dark clouds. As I walked towards his

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Walking Into A Public Bathroom

I've had this dream in various form in the past a few times in my life. I walk into a public bathroom. The toilets are broken and the plumbing is going

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My Fiance Killed Me

I was arguing with my fiancée's brother ( who is also living with us right now, he doesn't have any income at all and has a drug problem. In my waking

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Spider Watcher

My dream started with a coworker, my sister, and I were working a gate at a zoo/amusment park as security for a vehicle gate. I became very angery with

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Embracing A Grizzley Bear

it was mid day and i stepped out side from a trailer i had bought for my day back in 1989. the grass hadnt been mowwed in what seemed like years, weeds

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Naked Girl

I saw my self sleeping in a unknown bedroom with a naked sexy girl, she was trying to kiss while me was asleep the moment i woke up i asked her to leave

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My son had put some pictures that he had made and some stickers that he liked onto our living room windows. We had come home to discover that someone

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My Mom Killing The Neighbour

What does it mean if I dreamed my whole family was on my porch just talking and my mom was so drunk she said the neighbor was getting annoying so she standed

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Message From The Other Side

I had a very vivid dream that is concerning me.. I had a dream of my grandfather that passed 21 years ago on my 2nd birthday... I had a dream my brother

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It had been along day but long story short me and my ex been broken up a week. And I'm having nightmares that his family and himself came over my house

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I had a dream I had a stroke at work and my two girlfriends took me to the hospital.I couldn't move my left side . My husband is looking for a job and

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Hospital Rape

I had a dream that I was at a hospital and my old friend with benefit was there working at as an custodian. I remember in my dream feeling upset, about

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Party Crazy

My dream started out as a high school reunion In some kind of basement and then I was by washer and dryer and I was looking for my diamond earrings I could

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Mom Is Murdered

I dreamed that my younger brother (we are both in college, but attend different universities) had to murder both my mother and my step-dad for some reason.

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Boyfriend Meeting My Father

We were at a party I'm not really sure where, the place didn't seem familiar, but my long time boyfriend and I were there and so was my dad apparently,

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I had one prefectly fresh bananna, all yellow and no green or brown spots. I dropped it and it fell in slowmotion and turned over three times. When it

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Caterpillars & Sci-Fi Salamanders

First dream: In the dream I had prepared a beautiful egg quiche. I was so proud of it. It turned out perfectly, high and light and I was enthusiastically

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Need To Know What It Meant

i seen a black snake with white rings around its neck not the whole body just upper part. I wasnt scared and never ran. whats the meaning

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Car Change

I had this dream two days ago. I was dreaming that I drove up a green hill To get my car filled with gas. I was driving a very nice luxurious black car.

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Fire In A room

I had a dream that the room was on fire and there was no way out. I kept on calling Jesus Jesus Jesus and an army of men on black horses all in black(faces

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Creating A New World

Hi, I had this interesting dream about a week ago... I just couldn't forget it: In the dream I was myself, and saw everything from my own eyes. For some

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The Devil

I dreamt i was in my nanas house being chased by the devil i did not see him but i knew it was the devil i was so scared i ran. into my nanas bedroom and

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Sons Birthday

My sons birthday is not until august and i dreamed that we were expecting company over for the party and noone showed up, then i realized i never got the

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Two dreams that really stand out. The first night, I dreamed that there was a school in my Grandma's backyard and I was at school, when the teacher told

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Dads Not Real Dad

This dream has occured plenty of times when I was younger and now it's happened for the past week every night. My parents tell me that my dad isn't actually

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Please help, I had an awful dream last night that my husband cheated on me with his best friends wife, right in our lounge room while I was doing the dishes

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Kittens & Mama Cat

My dream started with me waking up in bed and looking down at my bedroom floor. I saw two tiny kittens. one was yellow and the other was gray/black/white

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High Building

I was with an old ex of four years (in my dreams) , and we we're living in some high up apartment of some kind. I remember feeling happy and relaxed. The

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Humane Resources


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Bloody Phlegm

I am clearing my throat and the phlegm is mainly large dark colored blood. It is in long gooey strands with large clumps of dark blood colored phlegm.

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Wooden Maze

I am overwhelmed with my daughter, and I know that's part of the meaning of my dream, but there are details that confuse me: My husband, my daughter (1year

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Blue Full Moon

In my dream.i looked in the sky and saw a very full moon in the evening and the moon seemed to me like a sun but i was just confused .it looked so beaitiful

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Kidnapped & Fighting For Life

My boyfriend and I were at a get together and I saw one of my friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I went over and talked to him and his father

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Old Lady & Twins

Ok so i felt as if i was looking through the eyes of someone else, but it was me. I remember looking down and i was sitting in a bed not sure where. It

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Unwanted Guests

I was at home, smaller than my current home. With my husband and kids. We were starting to watch a strange horror movie and a white woman tried to walk

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