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In dreams, to feel a sense of abandonment or rejection is symbolic of not feeling like we were wanted as children. This may actually be a distortion of reality whereby a child may have been separated from his/her parents for some reason or another and the child interpreted this as being abandoned. This may manifest in later life with the dreamer finding they cannot formulate and commit to plans for the future.

It may be helpful to look at your everyday experiences to see if you can discover the cause of a fear of abandonment. Are you experiencing loneliness, neglect or insecurity in a relationship?

If you dream that you're abandoning someone else, this may be because of hidden or pent-up anger towards a person, or it may mean that you're not nurturing some part of your personality. Sometimes, dreaming about abandonment may involve feeling dependent, or supporting dependents.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

To be abandon (i.e. reckless) within a dream may infer we are searching for freedom (e.g. emotional freedom, or the freedom to be ourselves).


To dream of abnormality signifies an instinctive inclination that something is not quite right or unbalanced. Anything within a dream of abnormality must be explored in terms of its relative strangeness. For example, if one were to dream of laughing at a funeral, then the dreamer’s relationship with the deceased would need to be examined due to the peculiar or odd behaviour.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Dreaming about a dwarf or a giant suggests that our attention is being drawn to matters concerning size or deformity.


To dream about aboriginality implies a need to get back to basics; a need to attune ourselves with our primitive roots. Re-engaging with the basics guides us toward connectedness with all things natural. Embracing this naturalism will provide clarity where we may be struggling as it (the aboriginality of the dream) is indicative of eliminating the clutter in our minds. Re-discovering the simplistic will allow the dreamer to not over-analyse the situation and rely on the basics.


Dreaming of abortion is very symbolic. It can represent a need to refuse a problematic feeling, emotion, belief, or concept. It can also imply we have taken a venture that has not panned out and thus we need to return to how we once were. Furthermore, such a dream can indicate that we have internalised some kind of new belief that in all likelihood needs to be rejected.


Dreams with concepts relative to travelling abroad affords the individual an understanding or how them with knowledge pertaining to their feelings and ideas about broadening their horizons. However, this can also be relevant to simply making changes in life or dreaming about freedom relative to spirituality.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Dreaming of being abroad can also suggest we have a need to escape a situation and travel towards something new.


Dreams incorporating someone or something being absent that we typically would expect to find is an indication that something unexpected may happen. It could also suggest we may be looking for something already lost. Of note with such dreams is the need to take heed of the associated feelings

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Absence dreams may also signify we have a sense of impermanence; especially when that which is absent is a sentimental article or loved one.


To dream of being absorbed indicates we are driven to acquire knowledge we assume may help us in our understanding of the world and ourselves. It suggests we become focussed on variables that matter and make them part of us.


To dream of an abyss is a type of enlightenment that people reach whereby they become aware that there are no certainties in life; that nothing has a complete and full truth to which human beings are aware. An abyss can testify to this void, it can also be a signal that the matter we wish to resolve or rectify has no answer; it infers our need to assume control in waking life.


Accidents presented in dreams do not necessarily manifest in life as direct reflections of what the unconscious presents. Most of the time the dreams are not premonitions (although they can be) but warnings associated with the dreamer whereby the accident is symbolic of something entirely different. It is important to take note of other content within the dream to gain a full understanding of its meaning.


Acid in a dream suggests something is corroding the dreamer in waking life. Therefore, the dreamer, via the dream, must ascertain who or what is burning at the soul and making life a stinging, painful experience.


If an acorn presents in a dream, it indicates that the beginnings of an idea is germinating that will eventually become massive in the long run - if adequately tended to.


To dream we are an actor, especially a famous one, implies we are presenting a false sense of self to others. This is often due to a fear of people opening themselves up. Subsequently they take on the role of someone else due to fear of vulnerability. It can also be the unconscious providing feedback on one’s ego; whether it is too large or too depleted.


– also see Snake and Serpent in Dream Dictionary: Animals

Either the dreamer has undertaken deceitful behaviour or is being warned that someone they are acquainted with is sneaky and plotting against them. Taking note of who the adder is associated with in the dream will provide clue as to whom to be wary of in waking life.


To dream of being addicted to something infers we have an issue in waking life relative to being too dependent on something or someone. It is indication that our life is unbalanced as we are too focussed on one thing in particular that is causing us to overlook areas of need and growth.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Letter and Dream Dictionary: Parcel

If the situation is addressing other people, then it implies we believe we have information to offer. If the context of address is the postal sense it can mean different things: a previous address may imply we have to revisit something from the past; a current address may provide a sense of safety; a new address may suggest time for change.


– see Dream Dictionary: People


Can often mean we are receiving a message to make ourselves known in some capacity. Often what or who this refers to is dependent on the dream content and context. If the dreamer is a part of the advertisement in the dream, then the message is being presented in its strongest form.


If in a dream we perceive we receive advice, it should be followed or heeded. Typically, directly informative dreams, especially from deceased family and friends, are coated in gold; there is much wisdom to be had. Even if they seem to come from within one self, still heed the advice, as this is what you know to be true.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Journey

An aeroplane can signify freedom and “letting go” in life. However, it can also mean other things: if one dreams of an aeroplane taking off it suggests a leap of faith, a journey into the unknown, a risk; an aeroplane landing is the outcome of the aforementioned leap, the result of the calculated risk.


Dreaming of an affair is related to repression of sexual desires that we find exciting but forbidden. Often the dreamer will awake with feelings of guilt, as do people who do not drink or smoke etc but do so in dreams. However, an affair can sometimes suggest we are in need of understanding our passions and sexual needs so as to fulfil these in waking life.


Dreams that incorporate an airport are indicative of decisions to be made in various directions. This dream allows us to see that we are in a hectic headspace and that we need to remove oneself to somewhere peaceful to think clearly in order to make wiser decisions.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Drunk, Dream Dictionary: Intoxication and Dream Dictionary: Wine

Alcohol in waking life can provide relaxation and escape but can also become one’s master. When we dream of alcohol it is worthwhile to acknowledge other symbolism as this will definitely reflect the point of the dream. For the most, alcohol implies that the dreamer is walking a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Dreaming of alcohol in moderation under happy circumstances indicates that success lies ahead. Just be aware that in any dream of alcohol, there is always an underlying warning that excesses can lead to trouble.


To dream of aliens infers the dreamer feels he or she is different to others. This is the result of awakening via observation of how they are treated and/or if they fit in. The key to the dream is to recognise that there is a place where one will fit and to find it.


Being alone in a dream can have both good and bad connotations. In terms of the former – f the associated feeling is positive it may be that one is in need of “alone time” or it could symbolise strength in one’s independence. In terms of the latter –it may refer to isolation and loneliness.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Table

To dream of an altar is indicative of being sacrificed metaphorically (e.g. betrayed, a scapegoat, stabbed in the back). If the associated emotion is positive, it can imply the dreamer is prepared to give something up for something they believe in and/or love.


Dreaming of suffering amnesia is generally the unconscious means of alerting us to our habit of denying events/behaviour we feel ashamed of. It can however also be a means of expressing that those shameful behaviours are forgotten and there is no need to suffer needlessly.


Dreams involving amputation are messages suggesting we feel we have lost something or a part of us is missing. If we are amputating a limb off another person then this symbolises we are willing to harm another to make them feel less or inferior.


If we dream of being anaesthetised in a dream it signifies a desire to avoid problems and negative emotions by not having to think. If however the sleep is induced by force, then it is others who want us to sleep so as not to address whatever issue is hurting us or them.


To dream of an analyst (of any type) infers the need to seek insight from within and without. In all, an analyst is suggestive that the dreamer is missing opportunities to analyse themself.


The presentation of an anchor in a dream is signifying that we have become too emotive and as a result, we have become a slave to our feelings. The anchor is symbolic of the need to remain steadfast to remaining strong and steady when we are presented with difficult situations and emotions.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

To dream of an anchor can also mean we have become too rigid and unwilling to free ourselves of old beliefs.


Dreaming of someone we cannot determine is either male or female, is the dreamer attempting to reconcile the masculine and feminine sides of themselves in order to experience wholeness.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery

Dreaming of angels implies a desire to be loved unconditionally or that the dreamer needs to acquire this quality themself.


To dream of oneself expressing anger implies that the dreamer has a deep sense of shame. If we dream of another person’s anger it may suggest that individual has legitimate grounds to be upset at us. As such, attention should be paid to the angry person and our emotional response in the dream.


When animals appear in dreams they are usually a representation of the dreamer:

  • Animal with Cub – motherly qualities
  • Baby Animals – child-like personality; if the baby animal is hurt it signifies that the dreamer is still coming to terms with something major from childhood
  • Wise Animals (or those with human characteristics) – simple and innocent wisdom (e.g. “Forrest Gump”)
  • Helpful Animals – the unconscious finds the most likely images for which the dreamer will not shun them or try to escape, hence animals are the least threatening form to which a human might accept advice
  • Killing the Animal – may destroy the energy the animal provides by virtue of its natural instincts
  • Taming the Animal – attempting to control the dreamer’s instincts and turn them into a positive and productive power
  • Bear – often represents the mother image either as the possessive, devouring type, or the all-loving kind. If the bear is seen as a male, it may represent the father image or an overbearing person.
  • Bull – the bull denotes negative emotion such as destructiveness, fear, or anger. However, it can also imply sexual passion and/or creative power. If we are slaying a bull it denotes initiation into a mature adult in mastering one’s instincts. The bull also represents Taurus of the Zodiac.
  • Cat – dreams of cats links with the feline, sensuous side in human beings, usually in women.
  • Chameleon – recognition of one’s ability to adapt to the changing conditions in one’s environment.
  • Cow – the complete feminine or mother-figure is depicted by the cow.
  • Deer/Reindeer – deer herds have a strict hierarchical order, thus the dreamer recognises his or her place in the world. The deer also symbolises pride and nobility.
  • Deformed Animals – the dreamer realises some of their impulses are offensive or revolting.
  • Dog – the dreamer may recognise in the dog a faithful and constant companion, a protector, or somebody they can’t shake off.
  • Elephant – an elephant in a dream denotes the qualities of long memory, patience, strength, and fidelity.
  • Fox – hypocrisy, cunning, and shyness.
  • Frog – transformation is taking place; something distasteful is changing into something of beauty.
  • Goat – dark side of human nature may represent the Devil for some; promiscuity; to be riding a goat infers the dreamer is coming to terms with his or her dark side; symbol for Capricorn of the Zodiac.
  • Hare – intuition, spiritual insight, and intuitive leaps.
  • Hedgehog – evil and bad manners; inability to handle a “prickly” situation.
  • Horse – (White) spiritual awareness of the dreamer; (Brown) pragmatic, down to earth; (Black) passionate; (Pale) death; (Winged) the soul’s ability to transcend the earthly plane.
    If the horse is under strain or dying, there is a weakness of the power that drives the dreamer.
    If the horse is being harnessed to a cart, the dreamer is too focussed on utilitarian objectives.
  • Hyena – signifies impurity, instability, and deviousness.
  • Jackal – associated in dreams with the graveyard and therefore death. Guides souls from the earth plane into the light.
  • Jaguar – balance of power between the dark and light forces.
  • Kangaroo – motherhood and strength.
  • Lamb – innocent side of human nature.
  • Leopard – cruelty, aggression, abuse of power.
  • Lion – majesty, strength, courage.
  • Lynx – in a dream portrays objectivity.
  • Mole – signifies the blind persistence and determination that enables success.
  • Monkey – characterises the infantile, childish side of the dreamer’s character. The qualities of mischief, impudence and inquisitiveness are significant traits of the monkey. These may be seen as regressive, but lively curiosity maintains a necessary lightness of spirit.
  • Monster/Dragon – present when a fear is beyond understanding. If the dreamer wards off or kills the beast he or she will have mastered fear.
  • Mouse – timidity.
  • Otter – adaptable and industrious.
  • Ox – patience, giving.
  • Pig (Boar) - ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, gluttony.
  • Prehistoric Animals – associated with past trauma.
  • Rabbits – fertility. A white rabbit is seen as a guide into the inner spiritual world.
  • Ram – masculine virility and power; sign of the Zodiac.
  • Rat – signifies perhaps a diseased and devious side of the dreamer. Possible disloyalty from a partner, friend, or colleague.
  • Reptiles – the lower dark and frightening aspects of ourselves. We possibly have no control over these and could be devoured by them. Represent death and the process of death.
  • Serpent – is symbolic of both death and destruction and life and rejuvenation. It is the instinctive nature and also potential energy. When the power of the instinctive nature is understood and harnessed, the dreamer comes to terms with his or her own sexuality and sensuality and is able to make use of the higher and more spiritual energies which become available. In a male’s dream the snake may appear if he has not understood the feminine or intuitive part of himself, or when he doubts his own masculinity. In a woman’s dream the snake may manifest if she is afraid of sex, or of her own ability to seduce others. Because of its association with the Bible story of the Garden of Eden, the serpent is the symbol of duplicity, trickery, and temptation.
  • Sheep – follower, lack independence, helpless.
  • Snake – occur when the dreamer is attempting to come to terms with his or her instinctive self (e.g. coming to terms with energies repressed). The most primeval of human urges is sexuality and the image of the snake is the most primeval one available.
  • Squirrel – hoarding.
  • Tiger – royalty, dignity, power; is both a creator and destroyer.
  • Toad – represents whatever the dreamer may perceive as ugly in life.
  • Unicorn – symbol of purity and is said to only be allowed to be owned by virgins.
  • Vermin – forced, encroached, invasion of one’s space.
  • Whale – living in water makes it connected with emotions. It symbolises resurrection and rebirth.
  • Weasel – highlights the devious, cunning side of the dreamer.
  • Wild Animals – danger, dangerous passions, dangerous people.
  • Wolf – suggests feeling threatened by others (singly or by pack).
  • Zebra – same symbolism as the horse except with the ability to balance the negative and positive.
Alternative Dream Interpretation...

Animals can feature large in our waking lives, so it's only natural that they feature in our dreamscape. Animals delight and enchant us. Being closely connected with the gods, they have performed a central role in shaping our spirituality. In the modern world, animals are intrinsically linked to abstract concepts and all manner of creatures may appear in our dreams, helping us to understand our own subconscious mind. Domestic animals in particular represent elements of the most primal of all energies - love.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Horns

If the antlers are presented in the dream still attached to the living animal then it is symbolic of things majestic; peaceful but powerful. If the antlers are detached (i.e. a trophy) it is interpreted as the dreamer needing to attain high status to satisfy their own ego.


The anvil signifies strength and power. It is also symbolic of the spark of life. Dreaming of as much is a positive occurrence and suggests the dreamer (or whomever the dream was about) is well adjusted and engaged in their existence.


– see Monkey in Animals


– also see Dream Dictionary: Food and Dream Dictionary: Fruit

To dream of an apple symbolises love. There are also obvious connections to the story of Adam and Eve and as such, an apple can have connotations to the concept of temptation.


If the dreamer is particularly engaged with their appetite, it is usually due to an unfulfilled desire. This desire does not have to be physical, but can also be spiritual or emotional.


Dreaming of an apron is usually symbolic of family ties, in particular one’s mother. In dreams of this nature the wearing of the apron is important. If the dreamer is wearing the apron it suggests they have gained independence. If someone else is wearing the apron it implies that the dreamer is still attached to that person in an unhealthy manner.


To dream of an appointment is symbolic of obligations and responsibilities in life. The intensity of the dream will determine the extent the dreamer feels overwhelmed. On the other hand, to dream of missing an appointment infers the dreamer is absent minded and/or unreliable.


Suggests there is a problem in the dreamer’s waking life that they are not quite seeing in totality. That is; they are not seeing the full picture.


To dream of an arch, especially passing through one, infers the dreamer is on the verge of altering direction in life. It can also be associated with spiritual ritual depending on the dreamer’s beliefs.


- See Section on Carl Jung

Jung identified dream symbols that possess the same universal meaning for all men and women across cultures. He termed this phenomenon the 'collective unconscious'. While dreams are personal, our personal experiences often touch on universal themes and symbols. Archetypal dreams, also refer to as 'mythic dreams', 'great dreams' or 'grand dreams', usually occur at significant times or transitional periods in our lives.

Archetypes are basic pictures that each of us hold deep within our subconscious. They are often referred to as psychic blueprints. To learn more about archetypes refer to the pages about Carl Jung in the Dream Interpretation section.


  • Kindly Mother – the conventional figure of the caring mother figure; ready to forgive transgression and always understanding.
  • Destructive Mother – this type is a “smother-mother” or prohibitively destructive; is prone to causing difficulty in, or even preventing the dreamer from relationships.
  • Princess – fun loving, innocent child-like aspect of femininity; totally spontaneous but simultaneously has a subjective approach to other people.
  • Siren – the seductress; the sexually and sensually aware woman. In dreams she often appears in flowing garments as though to highlight the erotic image.
  • Amazon – self-sufficient woman who does not need a male; often becomes a career woman who enjoys the cut and thrust of intellectual sparring.
  • Competitor – loves to compete against anyone and everyone, men or women, simply to prove she is in charge of her own life.
  • Priestess – highly intuitive woman who has learnt to control the flow of information and use it for good.
  • Witch – intuitive woman who is subjective in judgment and therefore loses her discernment.


  • Kindly Father – conventional kindly father figure who is capable of looking after the child within us, but equally of being firm and fair.
  • Ogre – represents the angry, overbearing, aggressive and frightening masculine figure. This image is the result of the relationship the dreamer had with their father.
  • Youth – the “Peter Pan” figure who has never grown up.
  • Tramp – freedom lover, wanderer, gypsy. Owes no allegiance to anyone and is only concerned with what lays ahead.
  • Hero – has elected to take his own journey; often appearing as a Messianic figure in dreams. He will rescue the damsel in distress, but only as part of his growth process.
  • Villain – completely self-centred and has no concern for others.
  • Priest – recognises and understands the power of his own intuition, but uses it in the services of his spiritual beliefs. He may appear in dreams as the Shaman or Pagan priest.
  • Sorcerer – uses the power of discernment in a completely dispassionate way for neither good nor evil, but simply because he enjoys using power. He can also be the Trickster, the master of unexpected change.


To dream of being in an arena suggests a desire to be seen/heard; the individual wants to be under the spotlight. However, if the dreamer is nervous or fearful this suggests they may have difficulty in crowds or speaking socially.


– see Dream Dictionary: Body and Dream Dictionary: Weapons


If we dream of wearing armour we are either overprotecting ourselves or justified in doing so. Hence, there is a strong need in such a dream to observe who is in close proximity and how they make us feel. If someone other than ourselves in our dream are dressed in armour, it may be because we make them feel vulnerable or under attack.


– also see Authority Figures in Dream Dictionary: People

To dream of being arrested suggests one perceives their natural self is under condemnation and disapproval from others; whom they are is not good enough and judged to be morally “wrong”. If the dreamer is arresting someone else, infers that what the dreamer believes is “wrong” about that person is actually a reflection of what they do not like in themselves.


To dream of an arrow suggests we are headed directly forward. Depending on what we are aiming at, this could be either positive or negative.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

An arrow can also imply directness in speech. It may be that we either need to be more assertive or we are too direct and offend others.


To dream of an artist is the unconscious making us aware that we need to tap into our creative side. This is not necessarily restricted to the creative arts but could also apply to becoming creative at work.


If we are ascending in a dream (e.g. climbing a mountain, going “up” in an elevator) we are edging toward becoming more aware or insightful relative to some aspect of ourselves or our lives.


Often after we have done wrong to someone or within a situation we will dream of a fire that burns out leaving only ashes. This is symbolic of penance paid, in other words, recognition of our sorrow and remorse for what we have done. The remaining ashes are left as a reminder to learn from the experience.

Atom Bomb

– also see Dream Dictionary: Nuclear Explosion

Dreaming of an atom bomb can infer there will be an explosion of energy in some capacity. Often this is a destructive force that will destroy whatever the dream pertains to followed by a rebuilding phase.


In a dream if the dreamer is being attacked it is indicative that he or she has adopted a defensive or victimized outlook on life. On the other hand, if the dreamer is the attacker it implies he or she has power and control issues and acts in a bullying manner to intimidate others.


To dream of being in front of an audience suggests we have information or knowledge to pass on. To be in an audience implies we perceive ourselves to be “part of the crowd” and likely wanting to feel more independent and/or “special”.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Nimbus

To dream of our own aura is to view the force around us that either draws or repels people. To see the aura of others is alerting us as to whether the person is “safe”.


To dream of autumn infers we recognise the end of something good is coming to an end and that all that will remain is a fond memory. It can also be a sign that a bleak period awaits us but there will be beauty to derive from the experience.


An avalanche in a dream implies we are being bombarded with external problems. To be buried or in the middle of an avalanche is to be overwhelmed with burdens in waking life. However, depending on the associated emotion, an avalanche can infer pretty much an abundance of anything.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Weapons

If in a dream we are using an axe, we must first ascertain if we are using it for something productive, or something destructive. If we are using it for the former, it is essentially a message that a belief we have is contrary; that it is split. However, if we are using it for the latter, it implies we are likely subconsciously sabotaging aspects of ourselves and our lives.

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