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To see a jailer in a dream indicates we feel restricted in our waking lives by someone or something (including ourselves). The context in which the jailer appears is worth of consideration as this will provide clues to the problem.


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A jar represents the feminine principle; usually some aspect of mothering (e.g. protection, love) we recognise within our lives. A jar is a receptacle for preserving things that would be worthless without a place to be “kept” (e.g. flowers, pickles, jams, and fruit). Thus, in a dream it can represent a need for the dreamer to preserve some aspect of his or her life.


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Jewellery represents how we feel about ourselves and therefore our level of self-esteem. For example, rich, expensive, valuable jewellery indicates high self-esteem, whereas, costume/cheap jewellery indicates low self-esteem.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

When a woman gives a man jewellery in a dream, it means she is attracted to him.


In dreams, jewels represent anything we value (e.g. personal qualities, our sense of integrity. Being aware of what we are seeking means we are aware of the value of that particular thing to ourselves and others. Simply looking for jewels suggests we need to find things about ourselves that we comprehend will be valuable in the future.

Meanings of specific jewels:

Agate (Black) – wealth, courage, assurance, vigour

Agate (Red) – peace, health, prosperity, longevity

Amber – crystallised light and magnetism

Amethyst – healing, humility, peace of mind, self-restraint, resignation

Aquamarine – hope, youth, health

Beryl – happiness, hope, eternal youthfulness

Bloodstone – peace, understanding

Carbuncle – determination, self-assurance, success

Carnelian – friendship, courage, self-confidence, health

Cat’s Eye – longevity, sustenance

Chrysolite – wisdom, discretion, tact, prudence

Chrysoprase – gaiety, unconditional happiness, joy

Corundum – stability of mind

Crystal – purity, simplicity

Diamond – light, life, the sun, durability, incorruptibility, sincerity, innocence

Emerald – immortality, hope, youth, faithfulness, Spring

Garnet – energy, devotion, loyalty, grace

Hyacinth – fidelity, inner truth

Jacinth – humility, modesty

Jade – supreme excellence

Jasper – joy and happiness

Jet – grief, mourning

Lapis Lazuli – divine favour, success, perseverance

Lodestone – integrity, honesty

Moonstone/Selenite – the Moon, tenderness, romance

Olivine – simplicity, modesty

Opal – assurance of spiritual beliefs

Pearl – feminine chastity, the Moon, water

Peridot – friendships

Ruby – dignity, zeal, power, love, passion, beauty longevity

Sapphire – truth, virtues

Sardonyx – codes of honour, self-control

Topaz – goodness, faithfulness, friendship, love, sagacity

Tourmaline – inspiration, imagination, friendship

Turquoise – courage, success

Zircon – wisdom, honour, riches


Dreams comprising a journey of any kind are highly significant as they are subtle and not so subtle demonstration of our progress (or lack thereof) in life. At times, the journey can represent from where we have come, at others it can highlight where we are at and where this will take us.

Meanings of specific journeys...

Journey Completion – successful completion of goals

Difficult Journey Completed – overcome past setbacks and problems

Seeing Obstacles in the Journey Ahead – awareness of future difficulties caused by the dreamer

Turning a Corner on the Journey – acceptance of a need to change direction for the better

Avoiding an Accident on the Journey – an ability to control impulses; discipline

Stop/Start Journey – fear of making a decision

Ceased Journey – something, someone, or oneself is preventing us from moving forward

Departing Journey – a new beginning or a period of grief for someone or something

Journey’s Destination – Awareness of a destination is not given until the dreamer has confronted all relevant material to obtain their direction

Driving in a Journey Dream – the dreamer is in control

Other(s) Driving in a Journey Dream – can imply we either don’t trust the person or that we trust them completely

Overtaking in a Journey Dream – we are highly competitive but successful

Hills in a Journey Dream – uphill indicates extra effort will be required whilst downhills will imply we are out of control

Aeroplane Journey – a swift trip with no control

Bicycle Journey – indicative of youth and energy; often related to sexuality and sexual awareness

Boat Journey – much is dependent on the type of boat and what it is doing. For example, a cruise ship that runs aground may be a reflection of the dreamer’s ego that crashes hard when shamed or embarrassed

Bus Journey – a need to connect with people who we feel share common ideas or goals

Bus Trouble in a Journey Dream – (missing the bus, taking the wrong bus) suggests we are not controlling our lives to the best of our ability; (not being able to pay the fare) minimum or too little resources due to lack of planning.

Car Journey – typically highlights problems in life via parts/malfunctions

Car Overloaded in Journey Dream – implies the dreamer feels over burdened in life

Truck Journey – connected to work ambitions

Motorbike Journey – signifies masculinity, youth, and daring

Train Journey – same as Bus Journey

Walk Journey – becoming aware that we are able to achieve a desired destination on our own


Dreaming of a jubilee suggests a fresh or new start. It represents the 49th stage of a life cycle (i.e. 7 x7 = 49); the fiftieth year therefore becomes a new cycle and moves the individual from the past into the new.


– see Authority Figures in Dream Dictionary: People


Indicates a form of chaos in the dreamer’s life; the vision of a jungle is a threshold that must be crossed or conquered for an individual to move into the next phase of life. It can also signify fear of something in our waking lives if being in the jungle makes the dreamer feel trapped.


Any continuous movement in a dream indicates a need to reconsider one’s actions. Possibly as a result of feeling stuck in circumstances we feel we cannot escape or moive forward.


If a jury is presented in a dream it can mean the dreamer is concerned with peer pressure; of being judged. If the dreamer observes themself in the jury, it implies he or she is faced with a decision to fulfil group consensus or make a stand.


– also see Authority Figures in Dream Dictionary: People and Dream Dictionary: Jury

To dream of justice (or injustice) implies the unconscious is attempting to determine whether a concept is right or wrong. This can either be in respect to a personal decision or the wider community in regard to a societal norm.

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