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To dream of a kaleidoscope is the unconscious reconnecting with childhood. Dreams with patterns reignite the beauty we found in such basic shapes early in life. Kaleidoscope’s have the capacity to free us to again appreciate creativity we often overlook as adults.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


In days of old keepsakes were given by one lover to another. If they are present in a dream it highlights our willingness to give and get love. Such links to the past can be interpreted as evidence of what we can do and be.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Cauldron

A kettle can often symbolise progressive development or change. To dream of one in the context mentioned is indicative of needing to hasten one’s learning and/or growth.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Lock and Dream Dictionary: Prison

A key or keys in dreams signify a need to open ourselves up. That is; the symbol of a key is making the statement that we need to begin searching within so as to discover whatever it is we have hidden or locked away.


Dreams incorporating keyholes can imply the dreamer is inhibited and scared to show their full self. In cases where the individual is without a key, it can suggest an imbalance exists between one’s conscious and unconscious.


To dream of kicking someone demonstrates the dreamer’s capacity to assume control of external life variables. To dream of being kicked suggest the individual is susceptible to playing the “victim”.


Experiencing being kidnapped in a dream is our unconscious making us aware that we are being held captive by our own “demons”. If the dreamer is kidnapping someone else, the person is likely attempting to assume some quality of the person they are abducting.


– see Dream Dictionary: Body


To dream of being killed implies one feels vulnerable to others and/or that the person is subject to the control of someone else. To dream of killing another person suggests the dreamer is attempting to be rid of the power and control another person has over them.


– see Dream Dictionary: People


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


To dream of kissing another is indicative that we want or have accepted a relationship with that person. However, it can also mean that we wish to incorporate some aspect of that person’s persona into our own.


A kitchen represents the heart of a home. It is the place where most communication takes place and most work is done. As such, it is associated with motherly-type nurturance in dreams; either the dreamer needing it or wanting it.


Dreaming of a kite is indulging in unrestricted freedom. Just as children we had no responsibilities, flying a kite affords the same type of liberty. Often the colour and materials from which the kite is made can be significant.


A knapsack in a dream, either worn by ourselves or others, can have dual meaning. For instance, it can signify the burdens we carry around that impede our existence or it can demonstrate the lessons we have learnt that we can draw on to overcome problems and difficulties. Often the associated feeling will provide clue as to which meaning is relative.


– see Dream Dictionary: Body


– also see Dream Dictionary: Weapons

If the dreamer is the one using the knife it can suggest he or she is attempting to sever a tie or free them self in some manner. If the knife is being used against us it is indicative that we fear aggression or violence toward us. For women, the knife being used against them implies a fear of sexual assault.


A knight in a dream is associated with the “higher-self”. It is akin to a guide and signifies protection. However, if the knight is black, it is representative of “evil” and therefore the opposite of the white knight. The white knight generally appears with his visor up whilst the black knight appears with it down.


To see someone and/or a garment being knitted in a dream highlights that a project or plan is coming to fruition in a positive way. If the knitting is being unravelled, this implies that a project being worked on probably needs reconsideration, as it will likely come undone.


To dream of a knob (i.e. a door knob) is the unconscious making the individual aware they are at a turning point in life. The design of the knob can also be important; an ornate knob may be indicative of an easy transition and vice-versa with a plain one. Often the associated feeling will discern which is which.


If one hears knocking in a dream it is typically the unconscious alerting us to the need to address some aspect of our personality that is too domineering. If the dreamer is the one knocking it is usually an indication that we are seeking permission to obtain entry. This can be applicable to a relationship or work situation.


In dreams, a knot has many meanings; it can represent a bind that we need to unfree. It can also demonstrate the strong bonds we have with others. Another interpretation is that we feel tied to a situation, circumstance, or person and in order to release the bind we need to undo some facet (e.g. releasing a relationship).

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