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Nails, the type used in the construction and bonding of timber, are seen as a sign of strength in dreams. That is; they are representations of the dreamer’s ability to maintain strength and keep things together. Nails that are of toes and fingers also signifies strength in that these are associated with an individual’s willingness to hang on.


– see Dream Dictionary: Nude


A dream that is formulated around one’s name is a clue to search our inner being. This is because one’s name is the identity they are attuned to. There is wisdom to be gained.


Dreaming of narrowness is an indication that we are conscious of restrictions being imposed on us. This can be our own doing or that of others. Anytime the dreamer senses narrowness it is a warning. He or she need discern whether the warning is due to being trapped, or a result of a necessity to stay on the “straight and narrow”.


Dreams involving natives (i.e. of another culture) are hints that we may be seeking a simpler manner of living. Such dreams can also be associated with the individual’s primitive urges and/or desire for communal living with a family/kin established hierarchy of leadership.


The stomach is the seat of human emotion and as such nausea in a dream represents the unconscious attempting to alert us to an emotion not quite sitting right. In a spiritual sense, an awareness of nausea is related to “evil” energy.


The navel in a dream is related to our dependency on others, especially our mother. The navel is the place where a baby in the womb first becomes aware of its physical being. Seeing a navel (our own or that of someone else) is a sign that we must take note of how we project our being to the outside world.


When we are close to others or objects in dreams it is an indication that we are drawing near them/it in waking life. The relative distance in dreams is often significant regarding the concept of time. For example, if someone is near to us in a dream, it can imply that some event involving that individual is drawing close to actually happening in waking life.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Jewels

A necklace present in a dream can mean the individual acknowledges something of value. This is dependent on the context of what is observed in the dream itself. That is; the thing being recognised as rich could be a trait, quality, or something of material value.


In dreams, the presence of needles is about growth and healing. It implies that we may initially suffer a short period of pain generated from outside of ourselves, but this sufferance will actually serve us well; help us heal from the inside out.


Dreams of having a good neighbour signifies enjoyment and tranquillity at home. If you dream of an angry or unfriendly neighbour, it may indicate animosity or disappointment. There may be an issue that needs to be addressed with a neighbour in waking life.


– see Extended Family in Dream Dictionary: Family


A nest can appear in a dream when a mother is expecting to give birth. It may also appear before conception. A nest can also imply that a person is too dependent on others and too scared to “leave the nest”. Furthermore, it can be metaphoric of home life and a safe place.


Nets in dreams imply we may be feeling ensnared or entangled in a relationship, situation, business deal, or scheme etc. Nets can also be gender specific in dreams. For a woman, it may signify her acknowledgment of her seductive abilities toward men; for males, awareness of a fear of women.


Dreams incorporating new things are indicative of needing a new outlook, understanding, or philosophy. For example, a dream about new glasses may be interpreted as needing to see something or a situation with new eyes.

New Year

Dreams about the New Year are indicative for the requirement of a new beginning or fresh start.


Like all dreams, the associated emotions are of utmost significance. As such, the feeling presented with a newspaper will provide choice clue as to the meaning of the dream. If the feeling present with the newspaper is positive, the meaning is likely to be about receiving public acknowledgment for something good. If the feeling is negative it can mean the dreamer feels their personal life will, or is, on display for public observation and judgment.


Niche in dreams is the unconscious aiding us to see where we belong and what we need to do to get there. Belonging is a basic necessity for happiness. Even if our personal niche is isolation, the dream will provide information on what the unconscious knows we need. The place it knows we need to feel safe and happy.


– see Extended Family in Dream Dictionary: Family


– also see Dream Dictionary: Time

The Chinese believe that certain times in the night are associated with rejuvenation of certain bodily organs. As such, to dream of night is perhaps the unconscious telling the dreamer they have a problem with an organ. Alternately, night is void of light. As such, to dream of night can imply we are not enlightened in some area that we ought to be.


To dream of saying “no” demonstrates that we are able to, or need to be assertive; that we need to learn to go against the grain and/or taking opting for the soft option of giving in to others to keep the peace.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Hanging and Dream Dictionary: Rope

A noose is a symbol of restraint. Thus, to dream of one implies the individual may feel controlled by others or a situation. It may also suggest the dreamer is in need of being restrained.


– see Dream Dictionary: Position


– also see Dream Dictionary: Food

All humans need nourishment. Dreams associated with nourishment are about our basic needs (e.g. food) and/or emotional nurturance (e.g. love). Such symbolism more often than not transfers over to our mother. More specifically to one’s relationship and where that relationship is at and/or where one would like it to be.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Book and Dream Dictionary: Reading

To dream of reading a novel (i.e. story) suggests a need to look at a different perspective. Thus, the type of novel being read is equally as important. For example, a romance novel may signify a need to look at a relationship. Furthermore, the title may also be of value.

Nuclear Explosion

– also see Dream Dictionary: Atom Bomb

Dreams about nuclear explosions can mean we should expect intense emotions. Also, these images can be signals that we are imploding dramatically from within in a way that is destroying us.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

A nuclear explosion can be a positive symbol in that it can be a message to incorporate others to a project etc as more energy is the result of a chain reaction.


Dreams about nudity are typically related to the dreamer’s fear of being “bare” to others. In other words, the dreamer is scared of being exposed or being vulnerable to the judgments of specific people. This can apply to anyone and any situation. For example, an individual may dream of being nude at work as a result of feeling in their waking life that they, in their perception, are incompetent and/or too inexperienced in their job.


A nugget is usually some form of raw material that can be turned into something extremely valuable. As such, to dream of a nugget implies that within us there is something in raw form that with refining can be altered into rather precious.


To dream of numbers has either a personal significance or a general overarching meaning. On a personal level they usually represent significant events, dates, milestones, house numbers, etc. Generally, certain numbers have symbolic meaning. These are as follows:

1 – excellent work skills, independence, self-respect, resolve

2 – placid, integrity, unselfish, gregarious, harmony

3 – success driven, freedom, brave, fun, enthusiastic, brilliant

4 – safety, security, loyal, practical, honest

5 – embrace change, adventurous, vivacious, courage, health, sympathy

6 – loving, idealism, unselfish, honest, charitable, faithful, responsible, superior, soft, impractical, submissive

7 – problem solving skills, wisdom, discernment, philosophy, fortitude, deep, contemplative

8 – practical, powerful, business sense, decisive, controlling, consistent

9 – intelligent, creative, understanding, brilliant, integrity, dreamy


– see Carers in Dream Dictionary: People


– see Carers in Dream Dictionary: People


To dream of a metal nut is symbolic of holding one’s life together in a constructive way. However, over time this “holding together” may seize up causing rigidity. Nuts, as in the edible type, are seeds of fauna and therefore when present in dreams are concerned with growth, birth, fertility, or sex.

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