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– see Dream Dictionary: Tree


An oar is a tool used to move forward and navigate. To dream of an oar therefore symbolises a need to direct our lives more consciously via maintaining effort and direction simultaneously.


An oasis is seen as a pristine place of sanctuary and relaxation. To dreams of an oasis signifies a need for retreat, leisure, and time for one self. It can also imply that the individual is yearning or seeking a more simplified life.


Oats have long been a staple food for many cultures. They symbolised warmth and comfort. In a dream, oats can mean one is desirous of warmth and comfort, or currently experiencing those feelings.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

To be dreaming of sewing oats is indicative of working toward an outcome where a reward will be reaped.


The interpretation of a dream about obedience is dependent upon who is subservient to whom. If the dreamer is being obedient to another, then the dreamer is concerned with being dominated. If the situation is vice-versa, the unconscious is attempting to make the dreamer aware of the manner in which they assert authority.


All dreams associated with a carved stone are representations of how we have stamped our mark on our personality and life direction. The more intricate the detail, the more success we have achieved via hard work. The more plain the carving, the more improvement is possible.


To feel obligated in a dream can signify that we feel pressure in life as a result of an unwillingness to accept responsibility. This can happen, for example, to an individual after the birth of their child. The freedom they once knew is gone and they have not adjusted.


Acts deemed as obscene in dreams are not direct reflections of deviancy, often they are symbolic of issues that will only make sense in the way they have presented. For example, a recovered alcoholic may experience intense dreams about drinking again and awake unsure of the reality of the dream and suffer extreme feelings of guilt. If the obscenity in the dream is directed at the dreamer by another person, the implied message is that he or she needs to assess how they play “the victim” role in waking life.


Obsessive behaviour in dreams and/or recurring dreams is the unconscious attempting to demand we address an issue we have likely suppressed. Once, in waking life at the conscious level that the individual has resolved the problem, the obsessive behaviour or recurring dream will cease.


Obstacles in dreams often reflect what we are experiencing in waking life. If we are concerned about what we face in the present or future consciously, this will manifest at an unconscious level; particularly, if we fail to take action and stick our head in the sand. Note should be taken of the type of obstacles presented and how or if they are overcome in the dream.


The meaning of the term occult is hidden. Thus, to dream of the occult is the unconscious attempting to suggest the dreamer is hiding fears. It is therefore informing the dreamer that in order to overcome these fears it can only be done by acknowledging their existence and confronting them.


– see Dream Dictionary: Water


An octopus in a dream symbolises unconventional means to overcome problems. That is; the octopus is able to move in any direction, thus appearing in a dream alerts the dreamer to employ new strategies to find a way around an issue.

Additional Dream Analysis...

If the octopus squirts its inky protective screen, it is implied that the dreamer is attempting to escape something or in denial of a certain issue.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Perfume and Dream Dictionary: Smell

Odours in dreams are typically reminders or warning. For example, if the smell is pleasant it might be a form of reminiscing of positive memories. If the odour is off or putrid it could be a warning about a certain person or future situation.


To be offensive toward others in a dream suggests we might be ignorant of our “ability” to unintentionally upset people. If we are the offended party it can mean our waking behaviour is not congruent with our morals and values. It can also mean we have the capacity to assume a victim role.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

To commit an offence (i.e. break the law) suggests we may be subtly breaching our own sense of morality.


– also see Authority Figures in Dream Dictionary: People

If the dreamer sees themself as an officer it is indicative of a need for authority. That perhaps in waking life the individual desires power of abuses as much. If the dream portrays someone else as the official it can be either the dreamer acknowledging they need to have authority governing them or that they resent as much.


– see Dream Dictionary: Archetypes


Oil of any substance (e.g. engine, massage, cooking) is designed to reduce friction. If it is present in a dream the message might be that the dreamer needs something extra to address or solve a friction taking place in their waking life. Not adding the friction reducing agent could result in enhancing an already heated situation.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

The presence of oil can mean in some way the dreamer feels a polluting of their soul. It can also mean a focus on riches or good luck is on the way.


To dream of ointment can mean the dreamer is being shown that they possess healing qualities that can be shared with others to ease their suffering. It can also signify that the individual has the capability to heal themself.


Dreams of old things are typically associated with memories of fondness. They can also be about spiritual connections of past friends or relatives. Yet again, they can be cues to a need to reconnect with one’s past to ascertain information applicable to the present.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Depending on the accompanying emotion, a dream about something old can imply a fair of old age and/or death.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Food

A dream about an onion is usually associated with a problem consisting of many facets and/or solutions.


– see Dream Dictionary: Jewels


To dream of an opera suggests some drama in our life or of someone around us. If the dreamer is part of the production it implies that he or she is excited about life and its future prospects and has a need to express the associated vibrancy and energy.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Hospital and Dream Dictionary: Surgery

Undergoing surgery leaves one extremely vulnerable. To dream of being operated on signifies that the dreamer has a fear of being out of control and left unguarded. If the dreamer is doing the operating, it suggests he or she does not trust the process of life and has a need to be in control. It can also imply that one is under the pressure of what is perceived as life threatening pressure in waking life.


Dreams involving attending an optometrist are indicative of needing to refocus our vision of our direction in life or a problem we are confronted with. It can also suggest our outlook on something needs adjustment because we may not be seeing the entire picture clearly.


People often fear the future because the outcomes are unknown. Dreaming of an oracle is the unconscious attempting to communicate that the dreamer should maintain focus on what they can control and let the rest go.


– see Dream Dictionary: Colour and Dream Dictionary: Fruit


An orchard in a dream highlights growth for the individual. Moreover, orchards are well maintained but subject to the elements of nature. Thus, in such an instance, an orchard presented by the unconscious is indication that he or she is learning to work to obtain reward but that there are no guarantees.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Music and Dream Dictionary: Musical Instruments

Dreaming of an orchestra is concerned with how we operate within a team framework to obtain results. It is also symbolic of needing to be focussed on what we give to keep harmony with others.


Ore is a material in its crude form that when refined becomes valuable. To dream of ore, indicates the dreamer has within him or herself the capacity to refine their raw self into something precious.


To dream of an organ typically can be associated with one’s religious views and beliefs. If the organ is producing harmonious sound, the individual is content in their beliefs. If there is horrible noise or no sound, the individual is not content, unfulfilled, or not a true believer in their beliefs.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

If the dream is associated with bodily organs, this can signify concern with that particular body part.


Dreams of orgies do not necessarily only pertain to repressed sexuality but practically any taboo type situation. Most times what is applicable to such a dream is a yearning for freedom and especially with respect to freedom of expression. Furthermore, a dream about an orgy can be about our relationships with others.


Ornaments are typically delicate. Dreams incorporating ornaments can be symbolic of the fragilities felt by a person but not necessarily observable to others. Subsequently, an ornament may be dreamt about when the individual feels these fragilities tapped into in waking life.


To dream of an orphan signifies a part of the dreamer that feels unloved and alone. It is the unconscious perhaps attempting to address unresolved issues of abandonment and/or rejection in an attempt to heal attachment issues.


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals

Ouija Board

When an Ouija board appears in a dream it represents a need to acquire information; a thirst for knowledge. It also can imply that the dreamer is tentative about communicating with others or a specific person. Still, it can suggest the dreamer must confront fears to gain fuller understanding.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Dreams inclusive of a Ouija board can be relative to better understanding death or that a deceased person wishes to make contact. Note should be taken if any message is written on the board.


An outlaw is a non-conformist, to dream of being one is the unconscious highlighting the rebellious traits we may possess, or our desire to go against the grain. To dream of one shooting the outlaw highlights our desire to kill off the rebel within we do not approve of.


– see Dream Dictionary: Shapes


– also see Dream Dictionary: Baker

An oven is the intermediary tool between something raw and something refined. In a dream, this symbolises the capacity of humans to alter their rawness to something refined. The unconscious is aware change is always possible but only if the individual is able to acknowledge that refining needs to take place. Thus, the symbolism of the oven is the bridge between having potential and achieving it.


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


The oyster is externally an ugly shell but the producer of a delicacy and the pearl. Dreams portraying an oyster imply we are judging someone or something at surface level and not looking deeper. Subsequently, we may be overlooking treasures due to our shallow view. An oyster can also represent how the dreamer perceives themself in that they believe they are seen as something negative when they are aware that they are the opposite.

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