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– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


Dreams incorporating racks are informing us we need to be more orderly and/or store something we may need later. Also pertinent is what type of rack we dream of, for example, a wine rack may imply something social whereas a shoe rack may suggest progress and/or direction.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

If the rack we observe is an old torture rack, then this might infer we are stuck, trapped, undertaken ill doing, and/or have made ourselves a victim to another.


Radar in a dream signifies a sense of paranoia in that we feel we are being watched or have been “detected” for some reason or another. If the dreamer is using radar it can suggest that he or she is very intuitive, perhaps to the point of clairvoyance.


Radiance surrounding anyone or anything in a dream infers that particular thing or person bares further investigation. Such light suggests wisdom, peace, and something of benefit can be gained by exploring further. Radiance is designed to draw you toward that thing or person for a reason.


To see/hear a radio whilst dreaming, is indicative of a connection to the external world; a world perhaps that can be heard but not seen.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

It is thought that the spirits of the deceased are able to communicate through radio. Thus, a dream with a radio within its content may be a message from “the beyond”.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Games / Gambling

To dream of a raffle suggests we are possibly facing an opportunity in waking life that requires us to invest to accumulate. It can also imply we have to invest in some capacity to develop and maintain hope.


Rafts are seen as vessels that are not entirely secure but “all we have” in times of turbulent waters. For example, a life raft is by no means an ideal watercraft to be lost at sea, but we would rather settle for it than nothing. Hence, rafts, in general, are indicative of oneself or an acquaintance being in need of support and/or rescuing. Much attention should be paid to other content and emotions associated with the dream to comprehend its full meaning.


– also see Train in Dream Dictionary: Journey

A railway can mean rigidity in choice, change, and ideas. Especially if only one set of tracks is present. One set of tracks can also imply directing oneself toward a goal and sticking to the plan to achieve that goal. Two sets can suggest a desire to be with another; a desire for marriage or long-term commitment.


To dream of rain is tied with emotion, therefore, it is important to pay attention if the dream is cloudy or sunny (i.e. sad or happy). Happy tears are likely to be a release from a situation or circumstance that has caused much suffering. Sad tears are likely to be the result of still being trapped in grief.


To dream of a rainbow can be an indication that one will be afforded good fortune in the future. This arises from much legend concerning the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. By following and seeking one may attain their dreams.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


Different razors can mean different things in dreams. A cut-throat razor can be a warning that we may be about to enter an industry or environment where much risk will ensue in terms of battling for position. An electric razor can suggest one will be in a position to make light “work” of a difficult situation. A safety razor can imply we may be confronted with a difficult/dangerous situation/circumstance but that we will be unharmed.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Book and Dream Dictionary: Novel

In days before the internet, the means people ascertained knowledge was via books and therefore the act of reading. To dream of reading suggests the dreamer is in search of knowledge or the unconscious is suggesting that the individual begin to do so. Indication of the topic will be provided via taking note of what type of book one is reading in the dream.


Reaping is akin to the concept of karma in a dream. It is the suggestion that what you give you will receive in return. Depending on what you are “sowing” in the dream (e.g. good or bad) will be the message of your intended return in the future.


– see Dream Dictionary: Colours

Red Indian

When a dream focuses on a red Indian it is the unconscious attempting to demonstrate there are untapped parts of our spirituality that when enlightened to, will enable us to understand and better direct ourselves to a higher spiritual being.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Mirror

To see one’s own reflection in a dream, usually via water or a mirror, is the dreamer looking into themself. It is the unconscious means with which to force the dreamer to take note of him or herself through forcing them to acknowledge what they see.


A fridge is a utility people use to keep things we wish to preserve. Thus, a refrigerator in a dream is an indication that there is something in waking life worth preserving. This may be a friendship, a belief, a value etc.


– see Deer in Dream Dictionary: Animals


– also see Dream Dictionary: Bridle, Dream Dictionary: Halter and Dream Dictionary: Harness

Generally means the obvious in dreams, that is, feeling held back, dominated, and controlled. However, note should be taken of who is holding the reins as this will afford the dreamer understanding of where this sense of being oppressed and controlled stems from. For example, if his or her mother holds the reins it may mean that the person is still being directed by faulty beliefs left as legacy by their parent. Breaking reins therefore is indicative of freeing oneself of what/whoever it is that had them enslaved and/or controlled.

Religious Imagery

In terms of religious imagery, what one needs to recognise is that such symbolism in dreams does not necessarily equate to religion as you may know it. It must be remembered that symbols in dreams are represented as various concepts and are rarely a direct sign of what we typically understand the image to be. In this regard, such imagery can be a representation of spirituality and when it exists within a dream it is usually because the dreamer is suppressing their individual spiritual being, either by shunning it or denying it; consequently, it starves. As such, the unconscious – which needs spirituality as food – alerts the dreamer much like the stomach alerts a waking person when hungry. If religious imagery is present in a dream it is not evidence of the truthfulness of a particular religion; it is the dreamer being pushed toward acknowledging their spirit and not to neglect it.

  • Angel – represent purity, goodness, truth, comfort
  • Dark Angel – all things perceived as evil, an indication that one’s spirituality is waning
  • Buddha – an indication to become learned with the teachings of Buddha relative to the dreamer
  • Ceremony/Ritual – often provide insight as what the dreamer ought to undertake to rise to a more elevated state – spiritually speaking
  • Christ – peace, harmony, forgiveness
  • Church/Chapel/Temple – often symbolic of one’s body and soul, unique to the individual in question and that their beliefs and spirituality are stored within
  • Crucifix – usually associated with passion and pain
  • Devil – represents forbidden passions and desires one had repressed or hidden
  • Ghosts – depending on the dreamer’s belief in ghosts (e.g. psychological disturbance or of evil), the associated emotion ought to provide clarity on the ghost’s presence
  • Gods/Goddesses – typically associated with one acquiring their full spiritual potential
  • Heaven or Hell – how one perceives their current state of being and also the unconscious’ portrayal of one’s spirituality
  • Holy Communion - in dreams can represent the notion that spiritual nourishment is required
  • Incense – in a dream as in waking life, incense is seen as an offering to one’s god; reaching out to connect with the spirit realm
  • Music – the music one associates with their personal belief system pertaining to what they perceive as Godly is a means by which he or she connects to their spirituality
  • Religious Books – signifies a need to acquire more knowledge – not necessarily through standard religious texts – within ourselves
  • Virgin Mary – represents all that is feminine; a need to connect with the feminine spirituality in us all
  • Warning Angels – are prophetic in that they attempt to alert the dreamer to what not to do


To be paying rent in a dream implies we may be investing in something we will not benefit from in the long run. For example, renting of most kinds is considered dead money because at the end of the lease agreement you have nothing to show. When you are paying money in a dream towards a dead cause the unconscious might be trying to alert you to this. If you are receiving rent this can suggest you will benefit from the agreement.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Rent is seen as a responsibility; it can be a sign of independence and maturing.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


To dream of rescuing someone suggests we have a need to be acknowledged and commended by others possibly as a result of feeling underappreciated, devalued and/or inferior. To dream of being rescued infers we are struggling and need help to escape a situation we perceive to be dangerous.


Dreaming of resigning in any capacity suggests one either has an intention to quit, or will quit in the near future. Note should be taken of the circumstances within the dream so as to gain an understanding of what will, or could be, the object/activity/relationship that is the focus of being resigned.


A restaurant symbolises the need for social engagement at a safe distance. In other words, eating at a restaurant is indicative that we will likely meet and converse with others within the safety of a social setting. This could be due to a need to relate with others but at a distance that we feel less vulnerable.


– see Dream Dictionary: Bridle, Dream Dictionary: Halter and Dream Dictionary: Harness


– also see Dream Dictionary: Grain

In a dream rice is indicative of nourishment and abundance. Note should be taken of the content of the images and themes within the dream to ascertain a full understanding.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Wedding Ring

To dream of a ring is a sign of eternity. While there are instances where relationship connotations are valid, a ring, for the most, is symbolic of never ends; the circle/ring is eternal in that it has no beginning or end.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Ceremony and Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery

Rituals in dreams symbolise a need to get focussed. To achieve the outcomes we desire in life, rituals are often used as a means to give us direction. For example, individuals who meditate often use the same visuals and chanting techniques.


– see Dream Dictionary: Water


– see Dream Dictionary: Journey


To dream of oneself in a robe can be interpreted as either vulnerability (i.e. covering up), relaxation (i.e. at ease), or spiritual superiority (i.e. priest robe). If the dreamer is dressing someone else in a robe it suggests he or she are attempting to protect that person.


When the portrayal of a rock (or rocks) is significant in a dream it signifies strength and stability. However, it can also highlight rigidity and coldness. The context of the dream will afford the individual more information as to its meaning. For example, if the dreamer finds themself stuck “between a rock and a hard place”, this infers that person is already in that position or might be soon.


A rocket in a dream represents mass power and energy. That is; it can be symbolic of the dreamer either in need of these, or recognition that they are at their disposal. Hence, in this sense, the dreamer is likely to be making radical change in his or her life and will require as much. It can also infer that the dreamer might be about to embark on a long but fast journey to a place they have not seen before.


To be rocked or rocking someone else in a dream is a return to infancy when we were rocked to be soothed. In either case, rocking represents that the person being rocked in the dream is in need of comfort.


– see Dream Dictionary: Staff


To be on a roof in a dream is to be at risk of the natural elements. To be under a roof is acknowledgement that we are safe. If the roof leaks it means we are vulnerable to emotion.


– see Dream Dictionary: Buildings


– see Dream Dictionary: Tree


– also see Dream Dictionary: Hanging and Dream Dictionary: Noose

Rope, overall, is indicative of strength and one’s ability to use basic materials to our advantage. However, if we are tied up by rope it implies we are being held back, obstructed, trapped or ensnared.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

A dream about a rope signifies our connection and attachment to others - in other words, how our relationships are being held together. It can also mean bondage, restriction and captivity.

Dreaming about walking on a tightrope indicates that we find ourselves in a precarious situation. The message is that we need to proceed carefully and weigh all the pros and cons of our decisions.

Dreams about climbing up a rope points to our determination to succeed and overcome adversity. It may be analogous to a climb to the top. If we are climbing down a rope, it may symbolize disappointments and decline in progress.


– see Dream Dictionary: Necklace and Dream Dictionary: Beads


In a dream a rose is symbolic of love and admiration. If there is a bouquet the colour and number are significant. A single rose infers a desire for someone or something. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to all details of the dream.

Round Table

The knights of the round table were symbolic of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the table itself metaphoric of all things being equal. Thus, in dreams, the round table is a means to gain awareness of one’s worth in the grand scheme of things. It also infers a need to gain balance and centeredness.


To dream of ruins suggests we may have a tendency to sabotage ourselves or others. If the ruins are the result of neglect it implies we may overlook matters until they are too far gone. If the ruins are the doings of vandals then it may imply we need to gain understanding of how we become vulnerable to others with destructive tendencies (e.g. bullies, toxic personalities).


If we find we are running backwards or away in a dream we need take notice of what in our waking lives is causing us fear and/or doubt. If we are running forwards it can be a sign of freedom and/or progress.


To be rushing in a dream signifies we are under pressure and not optimizing our time. This pressure is the result of our own doing and need to “keep up” with the demands of expectation we accept from others around us.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

A rush, as in a reed, is symbolic of the concept of time.


To dream of rust in a dream highlights that something is no longer in its strongest condition. It can also imply that the matter rusting has been neglected in some capacity and is in need of cleaning so as to aid it in maintaining a full “life”.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Rust is erosion caused by neglect due to the elements of nature. Hence, a dream along these lines might be attempting to offer a message about the health of the dreamer or someone close to them.

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