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A dream that incorporates the notion of meeting a bachelor suggests a search for freedom. This can mean freedom from anything we feel oppressed by (e.g. a relationship, emotional suffering).

The dream will take on a slightly different meaning should the dreamer be a male, in that, he may be experiencing difficulty in striving to achieve something but is hindered by his relationship.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Further to the above, a bachelor’s presence in a dream might suggest we are not in search or need of emotional connections.


– also see Dream Interpretation: Body

If a person appears in a dream with their back to us it implies a need to assess one’s character. On the other hand, if the dreamer is turning their back on someone else, he or she may be rejecting either the person in the dream or a feeling in the dream.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Seeing a vision of a back can also be indicative that we are in need of turning our backs on the past and focussing on the future.


- also see Dream Interpretation: Body

If a backbone is a stand-out in a dreamed image we need to assess our strength (e.g. health, character). A backbone can imply we lack ‘guts’ or ‘heart’ in certain situations.


If the dreamer observes themself travelling in a backwards direction, this can suggest they are withdrawing or moving away from a situation or even not learning quickly enough from it. It may also in other instances signify a need to recognise that “progressing” on the path we are will actually impede development.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

A further interpretation with regard to such dream content is the metaphor that to look back at the past can be to our detriment (e.g. such as Lot’s wife in the Bible).


Instances where the dreamer perceives something to be bad is an indication that the object (in the dream) is now deemed of little value. On another note, the sense of feeling bad can imply we are off balance in some way.


To dream of a badge is indicative that we feel part of a designated group or want to be in one. It can also mean we have been preferred and elected for specific gratitude or credit because we have stand out qualities in some areas.


Depending on the type of bag such a dream suggests we are carrying around excess baggage that is burdensome. This might be our own or that of others. A bag in a dream can also imply there is some part of our personality that we conceal from public observation and opinion.


– see Dream Dictionary: Bag


– also see Authority Figures in Dream Dictionary: People

When a bailiff appears in a dream we have overstepped the mark in some capacity (usually financially) and doubt our ability to manage our resources.


To dream of bait suggests the dreamer feels the only way they can make their mark in the world is by baiting their way to success. If the bait relates to another person in the dream, the dreamer should beware.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Oven

A baker in a dream indicates the dreamer is or will undertake a project where abiding to guidelines will be essential.


Dreams about balance convey the message that the dreamer is out of kilter with some aspect of themselves or their lives, for example, the concept of balance in the dream may represent an imbalance in: finances, work/leisure, or family time.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Buildings

To dream of standing under a balcony denotes our awareness of societies need for status. To be standing on the balcony infers we need higher status to enhance how we feel about ourselves.


When baldness is apparent in a dream it generally suggests barrenness; that we are alone and/or void of happiness. That life has become desolate and dull.


Playing a ball game in a dream is representative of the understanding that one requires a balance between rules and freedom.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Attending a ball is indicative of a need to feel special and/or elegant. It can also signify a search for romance.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Dance

A ballerina in a dream implies the dreamer is aware of their own beauty and carries themself with grace. It can also denote that the individual has balance and poise in their waking life.


Balloons are indicative of fun; the colour of the balloon is important too. If the balloon pops, the dreamer must be cautious that they might be taking part in irresponsible fun that may well soon end with a bang.


To dream of bamboo is indicative that the dreamer, like the plant, is resilient under pressure.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Food and Dream Dictionary: Fruit

Most dreams about fruit are connected to sexuality.


A musical band in a dream is indicative of a need for teamwork. If the band is something akin to a wristband, it represents a cherished friendship.


To dream of having a bandage applied suggests we are healing from some form of emotional injury. To apply a bandage to another person is indicative of our acknowledgement that we have hurt them. If a bandage is being removed from the dreamer it infers we are no longer suffering.


A bank represents a secure storage area for things of worth. Thus, in a dream the dreamer is the bank storing and securing the valuables (i.e. energy). To have such a dream denotes that we are low on energy.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Flag

To dream of a banner infers the dreamer is either fully aware of who they are suffering to understand their identity. If the message is the former, the banner will be unfurled; in the case of the latter the banner will be rolled up.


To serve at a banquet in a dream means we are too giving and not partaking of the good things in life. In other words, we place other people before ourselves too often. To be eating at a banquet is a representation of one’s social skills and need for company.


To dream of being baptised is symbolic of purging one self. It suggests a form of turning over a new leaf or creating new beginnings in terms of beliefs and attitudes. If the dreamer is baptising someone else, it is indicative that he or she is aware they have knowledge to pass on and share.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Public house

Dreams incorporating public bars suggest we are attempting to avoid issues in waking life. The bar, its contents, and people are all enticing to the point of distraction and as a result the relaxation and good time lures the dreamer from attending to what they need to do.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Dreams of iron bars are references to aggression and violence. They are suggesting the dreamer needs to address such behaviour.


If the dreamer is surrounded by barbed wire, he or she is prevented from moving in any direction because of our own or others Caustic comments (i.e. barbed remarks).


To dream of attending a barber implies we need a change on a personal level. This may be in terms of attitude, beliefs, or job etc. It relates that we need to cut away the problem.


If the dreamer is bare they are enlightened to their own vulnerability. However, if the dreamer observes a bare landscape it can imply barrenness in happiness.


Depending on the content of the dream to be barefoot can be indicative of poverty or a sense of freedom (or both).


A basket is symbolic of our talents. If it is full we are reaching our potential. If we are attempting to fill the basket we are seeking to reach our potential. Obviously, the less full the basket, the more we need to push harder.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Vampire

To dream of bats implies we are concerned with hidden fears that we have shuffled to the back of our consciousness that are attempting to push through and escape.


If we are dreaming of taking a bath it infers we are in need of some form of cleansing, usually the spiritual kind. On the other hand, if we are dreaming of bathing somebody else it can mean that we are aware of a problem they possess that we wish to help them get rid of.


To dream of a baton, as in a weapon, suggests we may feel we need to protect ourselves.


A bay can be a play on words in that it can infer we are or need to keep something at bay. However, a bay is typically an inlet and as such when it appears in a dream it can mean we are open to new experiences or will be in the future.


To dream of a beach is about balance in life, the midpoint between earth and water. It suggests we are currently experiencing life in an almost perfect equilibrium. It can also represent basic calmness and pleasure.


A beacon can suggest a warning to some problem in the not too distant future. Obviously the context of the dream itself plays a vital role in discerning what that warning may be.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Beacons can also imply that someone has a message for you.


To be planting beans is indicative of having faith in the future; looking to plant seeds to grow. If however you are storing beans in the dream, it implies you are saving them; that you have no trust that in your ability to reap.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Animals

A bear in a dream can suggest we have aggressive instincts we need to be more fully conscious of.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

If the bear is a toy (i.e. a teddy bear) it can infer a requirement to become attuned with something regarding childhood security from the past.


To dream of beards is symbolic of a mask or covering up. Thus, attention must be paid to who appears in the actual dream as this could be a warning not to trust this person.


Beating someone in a dream by means of physicality implies we have a need for power and domination over that person.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Furniture

Dreams whereby we are going to bed alone suggest we are missing something. This not necessarily only apply to a person or love. Going to bed with another, may suggest a desire for a relationship or sexual experience with that person. However, it can also suggest the person can be trusted unless they are an enemy. In that case, it is you who cannot be trusted.

Bed Wetting

To dream of wetting the bed is indicative of wishing to escape stress. That one has become highly anxious in the waking world.


To dream of a bee can be a forewarning of some pain in the future. A swarm of bees attacking us implies we might be creating a situation where others are waiting to “sting” us.


A beetle is indicative of strength. Therefore to dream of a beetle at a time of mourning for example suggests one will get by.


To dream that one is a beggar suggests a fear of failure. Furthermore, depending on the accompanying emotion, it can imply we have, or lack empathy for others.


To dream of being or standing behind someone suggests one feels secondary or inferior to that person in some way.


To dream of a bell ringing in a dream implies an awakening of some sort. That is; the dreamer needs to take note some issue or concept as a signal is being provided to inform them that some insight is needed (e.g. send alarm bells ringing).


– also see Abdomen in Dream Dictionary: Body

When a focus on the belly appears in a dream its purpose is to alert us to the emotions.


To dream of a belt can be symbolic of our childhood fears. Further to this, it can infer we fear we may suffer punishment in the future.


- see Dream Dictionary: Games / Gambling


A dream concerning the Bible or any other religious book can suggest we are lacking spiritual guidance and/or we are in need of direction.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Journey

If in a dream one is riding a bicycle it denotes that the individual must remain aware that the means to get to where they want to be will require sustained effort.


Dreaming of being a bigamist implies that the dreamer is having difficulty making a decision. However, in some instances it can also relate to greed and/or gluttony. Yet again, it may imply the dreamer or their partner has a desire to cheat.


In ancient times birds were seen as the symbol of freedom. They were the vehicle by which the soul was taken to heaven. Thus, to dream of a bird generally is acquainted with either a desire for freedom or a current sense of freedom. It may also be a premonition of death (this is why some cultures believe a death is forthcoming if a bird flies inside their homes).

  • A caged bird – restraint or entrapment
  • A golden bird – life aspirations
  • A high flying bird – a thirst for knowledge
  • A white bird – the pure side of our personality
  • A black bird – the dark side of who we are
  • Chicken – stupidity; cowardice
  • Cock – new beginnings
  • Crow – warns of death; wisdom
  • Cuckoo – new love
  • Dove – peace
  • Duck – superficiality; childishness
  • Eagle – domination; supremacy; awareness; objectivity
  • Falcon – freedom; hope; no restrictions
  • Goose – love; new life; powers of intuition
  • Hen – prominence; maternal care; procreation
  • Ibis – perseverance; inspiration
  • Kingfisher – dignity; calmness
  • Lark – transcendence of the mundane
  • Magpie/Jackdaw – good news; warning of being robbed
  • Ostrich – running away from responsibility
  • Owl – strategy; wisdom
  • Peacock – rebirth; resurrection; beauty
  • Pelican – sacrifice; devotion; maternal love
  • Pheasant – prosperity; good fortune
  • Phoenix – rebirth; resurrection; immortality
  • Quail – courage; good luck
  • Raven – sin; prophecy
  • Seagull – freedom; power
  • Sparrow – business; industry
  • Stork – new life
  • Swallow – hope
  • Swan – the soul; peaceful death
  • Turkey – fun
  • Vulture – destructive
  • Woodpecker – magic

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Different birds have different meanings within dreams. They are generally complex dream symbols which can indicate various emotional states depending on the particular situation appearing in our dreams. Birds fying in the sky or chirping on the branches of trees may point to happy moments to come, as well as harmony and emotional balance, fortune and good luck. Birds soaring through an azure sky points to freedom from constraints, spiritual and psychological liberty, and self-confidence. Wounded, dying or dead birds on the other hand, may point to troubles, worries and dark periods to come.


When we dream of birth it typically is associated with some new phase we are experiencing. It can also mean we are acknowledging our own mortality and the cycle of life.


Dreaming of a birthday usually indicates celebrations and enjoyment. To receive gifts may point to progress in your life. If, however, nobody remembers your birthday, it may be an indication of a struggle for significance. You may feel overlooked in your relationships with significant others.


To bite someone or something in a dream infers that there is some quality about them/it that we need to get to know as much can be learnt.


Anything presented in a dream as odd whilst dreaming is the unconscious attempting to make us pay particular notice; in other words, the symbol is important.


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


To be blindfolded in a dream is a warning that someone is deliberately attempting to deceive us. If we are blindfolding another, it infers we are not being honest.


To dream of being blind suggests there is something we do not wish to see. Thus, the content and context of the dream are vital in deciphering its meaning.


A block can be represented in many forms. Anything interpreted as a block suggests we may experience instances in the future whereby we will run into obstacles. The dream is attempting to convey the message that one must manoeuvre.


Blood in dreams is typically symbolic of abuse, however, when it appears it rarely applies to bleeding as a result of direct physical violence. Generally, it arises as a result of emotional type suffering including sexual abuse.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Journeys

To dream of a shipping vessel symbolises our (in)ability to direct our way through the stormy seas of life.


In most dreams, when the central focus is to do with the body it is the unconscious making us aware of the ego (To read more about the ego see the section on Sigmund Freud on the Homepage). However different parts of the body can mean different things:

  • Abdomen, Stomach, Belly – repressed feelings
  • Anus – childish behaviour, egotism, control
  • Arms – defensiveness, passion
  • Back – rejection of part of oneself, vulnerable to the unexpected
  • Backbone – those around us (support), character (spine)
  • Blood – sacrifice, not coming to terms with fears
  • Breasts – a need for nurturing, desire for ditching responsibility
  • Eye – enlightenment, wisdom, protection, stability
  • Fat – low self-esteem, inadequacy
  • Hair – strength, virility
  • Hands – power, creativity
  • Head – power, wisdom
  • Heart – emotional wisdom, compassion
  • Heel – strength and vulnerability
  • Jaw – self-expression
  • Kidneys – need for cleansing
  • Knees – emotional commitment
  • Limbs – sexuality, gender related issues
  • Liver – suppressed anger
  • Lungs – grief, decision making
  • Mouth – greed, gluttony
  • Nose – curiosity, intuition
  • Penis – impulses, unsatisfied urges
  • Skin – protection
  • Teeth – sexual maturity, aggressive sexuality
  • Throat – vulnerability, a need for self-expression
  • Thumb – power
  • Tongue – a wish to share knowledge
  • Vagina – self-image
  • Womb – security, shelter
Additional Dream Interpretation...

Our sleeping thoughts revolve around us, and therefore we are always the most important subject of our own dream. The symbolism of our physical body is ripe for interpretation. We often dream of ourselves slimmer, more muscular, or with larger breasts, but such a self-image is a reflection of how we desire to be seen.


– also see Limbs in Dream Dictionary: Body

To dream of bones suggests something once important has run its course; that we need to recognise its death and move on.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Fire

A bonfire in a dream is indicative of a type of ritual cleansing; a need to cleanse some aspect of our life or character. It can also imply burning passions.


If a bomb appears in a dream it is a pre-emptive warning that some form of explosive situation is likely to be forthcoming.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Novel

To dream of books infers a need for knowledge in a particular area. This may apply to any aspect of one’s life; the type of book being read is also important with respect to understanding the meaning of the dream.


If in the dream one is being given a bouquet it implies we see the positive qualities in ourselves and that we expect others to see them also. If the dreamer is the one giving a bouquet to another, it suggests we appreciate the goodness of that person.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Frontier

To dream of a border (such as between two countries) infers a division is occurring in one’s life. This division does not just account for splitting of friendships/relationships but anything and everything that is possible to be divided. Hence, the content of the dream is vital.


In a dream if a bottle is seen, much depends on the type of bottle presented. For example, a medicine bottle may suggest a need to look at one’s health. A bottle of alcohol may denote celebrations, addiction, excess, or a need for cleansing.


– see Dream Dictionary: Position


To dream of bowing to another implies we feel inferior to that person or people in general.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

A bow, as in a bow and arrow, suggests a desire for love.


A bowl is a vessel in which one carries things, in a dream it relates to what the dreamer carries in life relative to emotions. However, of utmost importance in determining the meaning of a dream incorporating a bowl is the size of the bowl, how full the bowl is, and what is in the bowl.


Dreams of boxes have the obvious connotation of the dreamer feeling boxed in. If the dreamer sees him or her self packing boxes however it can imply they are either moving on (usually from the past) or needing a change.


– see Dream Dictionary: People


– see Dream Dictionary: People


To dream of the brain relates to learning and knowledge in the waking life. The full meaning of the learning and knowledge will be dependent on other content present in the dream.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Food

To dream of bread infers the fullness of one’s life. Hence, a small piece of bread as opposed to a large piece says we are either starving or full. If we are sharing the bread then we are able to share our fullness with others.


Any form of breakage in a dream is symbolic of some form of loss. Obviously to discern what that loss is one need pay attention to other content within the dream.


A breastplate is a protective piece of armour to cover the heart. As such, in a dream it is symbolic of a need to protect ourselves from having our heart damaged by another. This may be a message to either let our defences down or keep them up depending on who the dream is referring to.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Body

To dream of breasts is symbolic of the love and nourishment of motherhood.


In a dream, to be aware of one’s own breathing infers the individual is attuned to the deeper meditative state of sleep.


To dream of a mild breeze is indicative of love, peace, and compassion. On the other hand, a stiff breeze suggests a certain degree of harshness.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Marriage

If a woman dreams of a bride it is her attempt at trying to reconcile between independence, responsibility, and freedom. If a male dreams of a bride it is his coming to terms with the feminine side of himself.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Marriage

To dream of a bridegroom implies a need or desire for responsibility.


The bridge in dreams symbolises the crossing of one phase to another in waking life. Note should be taken as to the sturdiness of the bridge in a dream (i.e. weak or strong) as this will afford the dreamer an understanding as to whether the transition will be difficult or smooth.


To dream of a bridle infers we are being directed to become more focussed in life. Note should be taken as to the material the bridle is constructed of as this can provide clue regarding the area that one needs to become focussed in.


Brightness in a dream suggests one needs to look outside of him or herself in order to obtain an illumination in some aspect of their life.


To be providing a broadcast infers we have a desire to reach out in some way to others. To be listening to a broadcast suggests we perhaps are not paying attention to the messages other people are offering.


– see Dream Dictionary: Break


– see Dream Dictionary: Family


To dream of a brotherhood implies we have a desire to belong to a group; that we are possibly void in waking life of a sense of belonging.


If a man dreams of being a client in a brothel, it can infer he has a fear of females or is at least threatened in their presence. For a woman to dream of working in a brothel suggests she has not yet come to terms with her sexuality.


Situations of brutality in dreams are often described as nightmares. However, they are insights given to us by the unconscious regarding our dark side. The side we suppress in order not to have to come to terms with the reality of who we are.


To dream of bubbles is a reminder that life is a transitory state; that even something as beautiful and perfect as a bubble has a limited time to “exist”.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

To dream of a bubble can sometimes suggest we are too boxed in; that we are in need of branching out.


To dream of a buckle implies we have accepted responsibility for something we have done that we do not feel good about.

Buddha, Buddhist

To dream of Buddha suggests we need to assess the self, as in, the ego. We may have become too egocentric and prone to disharmony with the universe.


Buildings are symbolic of the constructions we have made in our lives. In other words, the beliefs and values we hold are built from our experiences, perceptions, observations, traditions, familial customs etc. When interpreting a dream we should consider the main function, or primary purpose of the building first and any other characteristics as secondary.

  • Boarding House or Hotel – suggests we may not feel secure in our living conditions

  • Castle, Fortress, Citadel – defended space: represents the feminine or the Great Mother

  • Church, Temple etc – any religious building can be interpreted as a place of sanctuary

  • Househouse furnished (e.g. things inside) – shoes aspects/characteristics of the dreamer
  • someone in the house – dreamer may feel threatened by their own personality

    different activities occurring in the house – indicative of conflict between one’s creative and intellectual sides

    front of house – the front the dreamer shows to the world

    going into/out of house – a decision pertaining to being introverted or extroverted

    an impressive house – represents the soul

    moving to a larger house – need for a change due to requiring more space

    being outside the house – the dreamer’s social side

    small house or birthplace house – dreamer seeks security

    small house that is constrictive – dreamer feels trapped

    work on house – something in the dreamer’s life is in need of repair

    Igloo – completeness, wholeness, sanctuary

  • Pyramid – represents the internal power of the dreamer
  • Tower – represents the dreamer’ personality or soul
  • Warehouse – storage place for spiritual energy (both negative and positive)

Components of Buildings

  • Balcony – support/protectiveness
  • Construction or Demolition – highlights the traits within and their capabilities
  • Doorsfront door/back door – signify the vagina and the anus
  • to break down the door – sexual inhibitions; can also represent sexual abuse

    opening/closing a door - attitude to sex

    refusing to open door – innocent approach to sexuality

    locking a door – dreamer’s need for security

    escaping through a door – a new solution to a problem is required

    someone knocking on the door – dreamer’s attention is being directed toward an external situation

  • Hall/Passages – the links to new phases in life
  • Elevator – the ups and downs of life; getting stuck represents that the dreamer has become too rigid in their thinking
  • Stairs – life goals
  • Walls – blocks to where we want to be or shields to protect us
  • Windows – dreamer is being watched or watching someone else
Additional Dream Interpretation...

Buildings in dreams often signify our bodies or personalities. The building may also represent intellect or understanding. When we are about to embark on a new project, we may dream of exploring unfamiliar rooms in a well-known house. If we dream of buildings that are dilapidated and in ruins, it may indicate challenges in business or in love, with the likelihood of loss.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Animals

To dream of a bull is indicative of masculinity and fertility. It may also infer that the dreamer is stubborn.


A bullet in a dream can suggest aggression and a desire to hurt another. If the bullet is directed toward the dreamer it may be interpreted as a warning that harm of some sort may be imminent.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Intruder

To dream of a burglar can suggest the dreamer feels violated in some capacity. It can also infer the dreamer feels they have lost some part of themselves to another (e.g. a toxic relationship).

Additional Dream Interpretation...

When we dream of burglars, we may have fears regarding safety, security, and financial affairs.


If the dreamer is aware of a burial it is the unconscious attempting to alert the individual to their habit of burying the past, emotions, or avoiding problems.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Journey

To dream of riding a bus can infer we are perhaps in conflict over our role as an individual within society.


The butcher is one who mutilates but provides. In a dream, the butcher may represent the dreamer’s struggle with their inner self. That is; the dreamer’s conflict between their own “good and bad”.


The butterfly in dreams is a symbol of freedom and a carefree spirit of beauty.

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