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When an ulcer is present in a dream the implication is that healing needs to occur and that this will be lengthy in recovery. This symbolism manifests due to a) an ulcer requiring much healing time, due to b), the pain resulting from having an ulcer. As such, the person can expect the healing process to be a very gradual reduction in pain.

Umbilical Cord

To dream of an umbilical cord can mean that the dreamer is closely attached to others, namely ones mother, in a manner that is detrimental to one self. It suggests one has become too dependent on others and has become non-assertive and needy.


The umbrella is an item that brings shelter from harsh elements such as the sun and rain. Dreams incorporating an umbrella, either held by the dreamer or offered to the dreamer, are indicative that sanctuary is available to those in need and/or oneself.


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To dream of being underground is associated with feeling the need to hide oneself from other people or situations. Such a dream is typically the result of great shame, guilt and low self-esteem.


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To dream of undressing ourselves implies a fear of baring ourselves emotionally. To be watching someone else undress suggest you are curious about who they are. To dream of being undressed by someone else and/or undressing them is indicative of wanting know and understand that person intimately.


To be attempting to unearth an unknown object in a dream implies a reluctance to seek within our own self due to fear of what we may find. If the dreamer is aware of what the object is that they are attempting to unearth, they are aware of their quest to understand their personality and existence.

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If the associated feeling with such a dream is anxiety, then this implies the dreamer is fearful that some secret or skeleton in the closet about them could be discovered.


To dream of being unemployed suggests that we are underutilized, unappreciated, and/or unworthy. It can also mean one feels that he or she is deprived financially and unable to take advantage of the finer things in life.


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When a unicorn appears in a dream the unconscious is implying that the dreamer has become detached from the mystical. That due to this withdrawal or oversight he or she fails to use their imagination and stifles their creativity.


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To dream of being in uniform suggests we have a need to be recognised and/or seen as important. However, it can also mean we feel oppressed and forced to conform; that our individuality is under threat.


If an individual dream of unions whereby people come together, it is indicative of that person’s desire for a partner. That they feel it more beneficial to be in companionship with another than remain alone.


To dream of a university or attending one is symbolic of a need to become more focussed in an area we are overlooking or taking for granted as Universities are associated with specific and specialised learning. Thus, we need to take note of other factors in the dream to determine exactly where we need to apply and invest our energy.


When one dreams of things unknown this is an offering from the unconscious as a warning to cease pursuing something in our waking life. Usually, the accompanying feeling is frustration and the unconscious is making the dreamer aware that the energy being invested and wasted is an exercise in futility.


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To be aware of an urn in a dream is symbolic of death. That is not to say one can expect a death soon, rather, such a dream alerts us to our attitudes about death and perhaps our fears associated with the concept. An urn can also be presented when we suffer loss, for example, the end of a relationship, termination of a job, financial ruin, or stolen material possessions.

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