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To dream of being vaccinated suggests we may have to administer tough love to someone, or, someone may need to provide likewise for us. Just as a vaccination initially hurts, in the end it is good for us.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Body

Dreams incorporating a vagina are typically not about sex. Rather, they are more about femininity and the taboo subjects that come with the territory. Whether the dreamer is a male or female, dreaming of a vagina is about inhibitions. That, in the female’s case she has not accepted her genitalia and may in fact be embarrassed by it. In the case of a male, he may be fearful or shy when in the company of women.


If a person dreams of going down into a valley it is symbolic of delving into the depths of oneself to explore and discover to gain wisdom and development. If one is coming up out of a valley he or she has been to where they need have been and are now emerging stronger in character.


When a vampire appears in a dream note should be taken as to whether we know them or not. If they are not known to us we need to ascertain what is sucking us dry. If the vampire is someone we know, the unconscious is informing us this person is draining us in some way (e.g. financially, emotionally).


If an individual dreams of vanishing, it can mean they may wish to be invisible due to life circumstance. It can also mean they may feel invisible to others, for example, to their partner or their boss.


To dream of oneself or someone varnishing suggests we/they are in all likelihood, trying to gloss over something. Varnish is also a coating that provides protection to the surface it covers, thus, in this context the varnisher is again covering something up.


- See Dream Dictionary: Jar

Dreaming of a vase usually indicates something personal that is beautiful and has value. A vase is a holding vessel for water and flowers, which are both meaningful dream symbols. When we dream about a broken vase, we need to consider the areas of our lives that seem to be falling apart and need mending. It may be our love lives, family relationships, career, or any other much treasured aspect of our lives.


A vault in a dream can have dual meanings. On the one hand it can suggest we have a need to be isolated and private so as to keep ourselves locked away. On the other it can imply we/another is safe with secrets and can be trusted.


– see Dream Dictionary: Sex


– see Dream Dictionary: Food and Dream Dictionary: Harvest


To dream of vegetation is analogous to “not seeing the forest from the trees”. The thicker the vegetation the more blind we are and the tougher the “going” in front of us..


– also see Dream Dictionary: Clothes

In dreams, when something or someone is veiled it signifies secretive and clandestine activity at play. It can mean others are not sharing everything they know with us. If it is the dreamer veiled then it can signify that he or she is concealing something from themselves.


Velvet is associated with royalty and known for being smooth in texture. Note should be taken of who is wearing velvet in a dream as when this material is presented, the unconscious is attempting to help us see that he or she that is wearing it thinks they are superior to others and are smooth in their dealings.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


– see Dream Dictionary: Position


– see Priest in Dream Dictionary: Archetypes


Vice has two meanings; a clamp and an affliction. When the dream involves the former it implies we are stuck between a rock and a hard place and that we under pressure as a result. If the vice in the dream is the latter, the message might be geared toward acknowledging our dependence on something (e.g. alcohol, gambling, drugs) so as to redirect one’s life in a productive and healthier direction) .


To dream of being a victim can be the unconscious making us aware that we need to develop the skill of assertiveness; that we are prepared to live like a martyr to acquire attention and the sympathy of others.


Just as many people fear failure, so too do many fear success. To experience winning in a dream is practice for the “real thing”. To understand that both winners and losers suffer depending on how they approach a challenge. In other words, those who fear failure get it and those who fear success also get what they focus on – failure too.


Violence in dreams is typically used for the same purpose in waking life – power and control. Thus, to be violent toward others or have them violent toward us is about one having dominion over the other, however, in instances where we attempt to use this method of control and it does not seem to have the desired effect (i.e. causing harm), suggests we feel powerless.


– see Serpent and Snake in Dream Dictionary: Animals


A virgin represents purity and sound moral fibre. To dream of a virgin can represent a desire to be more virtuous in life. However, it can also reflect innocence and naivety and as such the circumstances of the dream need be taken into account.

Virgin Mother

– see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery


To be visited in a dream by someone we know or did know, is typically a genuine attachment whereby information might be shared, comfort given, or love is being offered. Depending on your beliefs, deceased people visiting always have a message, even if it is simply just to let one know you are loved.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Dreaming of yourself visiting someone may in fact be you tapping into the emotion of someone in need who could use some company.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Pill


In dreams, to have a voice means either the dreamer perceives they do not have one in waking life, or that the unconscious is making the individual aware how he or she is perceived by others.


– see Dream Dictionary: Abyss


An erupting volcano is symbolic of the dreamer’s capacity to release emotion unexpectedly with potential for major disaster. It can also be indicative of our passion toward another, employment, or social issues we deem important. An extinct volcano implies one’s “fire has gone out”; that we are closed off and dead inside.


To dream of oneself or another person vomiting suggests a rejection of what we have been “fed”. In other words, what we have been force fed we have rejected because we do not feel satisfied or trust the content and thus feel the need to flush it from within us.


– see Dream Dictionary: Whirlwind


To dream of voting is symbolic of feeling like one either does or doesn’t have a choice. Obviously, if the dream has a negative feel it represents a sense that we have been deprived of our freedom and forced to make a decision when we did not wish to be involved. An accompanying positive feeling indicates that the dreamer perceives they have the freedom of choice and therefore are in control.


Vouchers are essentially tickets that offer surface level bargains but are actually marketing strategies that lead to greater sales for businesses. As such, to dream of being given a voucher means the dreamer should be wary of being duped in a scam. If the dreamer is giving the voucher, the message is that he or she is trying to lure in another for personal gain under the guise of giving.


A vow is a promise made by one person to another. Depending on the emotion present during and after the dream, the promise made can be trusted or not.


– see Dream Dictionary: Journey


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds

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