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The type of meaning for “waffle” intended here is that of waffling in discussion. If you are seeking the term waffle in relation to food, try Wafer.

When the dreamer is seeing him or herself as talking unnecessarily, it is an indication that he or she is self-conscious about their expression. On the other hand, if the dreamer is seeing someone else waffle, it is suggesting that the sleeper needs to listen very carefully to instructions. It can also be a sign of distrust toward the waffler.


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To dream of wages can be indicative of reward for the good we may have contributed in the world. If the dreamer sees themself receiving wages, as in being paid, it can be associated with having done a good job. If the dreamer observes that they are the one paying the wages, notice should be taken as to who the recipient is, as often this is a sign that we owe that person something.


To wail is a means people undertake to release emotions. In a dream, if we are hearing someone else wail then it is indicative that we need to become attuned to someone else’s suffering. In instances where the dreamer sees themself wailing, it is probable that they are releasing emotions in a protracted and drawn out manner that might not be consider acceptable in society.

In days of old, wailing was said to be a means by which spirits could be summoned. Hence, the dreamer must also consider whether the wailing they experience is an attempt to invite something greater than themselves to ease their suffering.

Waking Up

Sleep research has shown during lucid dreams the dreamer is able to manipulate the outcomes of their visions. This, in a analogous consideration, forces the sleeper into paying particular attention to specific matters so that they may alter the dream to a more productive end.

Further to the above, to wake up in a dream can be symbolic of exiting a period of grieving. It can also signify a spiritual awakening depending on the sleeper’s waking life circumstances.


Walking has a few connotations in the dream state. In general, images of walking are aligned with the direction we are headed in life. If the walk is straight it implies we are moving forward. A purposeful walk can imply that we are sure of our direction and know exactly the path we must tread. Staggered walking can be indicative of lacking direction in life and that the sleeper is in need of defining goals. Walking where the accompanying emotion is relaxation and enjoyment, are linked to childhood and taking one’s first steps - new ventures or ideas in one’s waking life. To be using a support whilst walking (e.g. frame, stick) is recognition that the dreamer needs help from others.

Depending on the dreamer’s life circumstances, visions of walking can be associated with a spiritual journey.


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Dreams of walls are symbolic of the boundaries in place around ourselves. In determining the meaning of a wall in a dream, the interpreter must first make clarification as to whether the wall is designed to keep people out (fortress) or in (prison). Either way, the wall has been put in place due to the dreamer’s fears and doubts.

Holes in walls can imply the dreamer is in some way concerned with a breach of trust or privacy (i.e. over-stepping the mark). Either his or her own has been violated, or they have perpetrated such an act on another.

Walls, being boundaries, can also suggest the dreamer is bricked in by their own limiting belief systems; that they are in a non-developmental phase because of self-doubt.


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When weapons appear in dreams, it can point to feelings of anger, resentment or conflict in your life. A dream of using weapons against a person you know, may indicate that you're experiencing suppressed anger or resentment towards them. You may have inner conflicts that need to be resolved. Swords, arrows, knives, guns and daggers can also be viewed as phallic symbols depicting aggressive male sexuality.


Dreaming of a well could refer to inner riches. It may also refer to wisdom accumulated from past experiences.


A whale is a significant dream symbol. It signifies perception and intuition, as well of course significant power and strength. Dreaming of a whale may mean the dreamer has a concern about the size of something. It may also indicate a cry for help, as in 'wail'.

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