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The letter Y is symbolic of one reaching toward the heavens with arms outstretched; the seeking of spiritual awakening.


- see Boat in Dream Dictionary: Journey


With the introduction of the metric system, the use of the yardstick has gradually diminished to the point of probably extinction. In days of old the yardstick was considered the optimum measuring tool relative to establishing perfect distance calculations. As such, to dream of a yardstick is a positive sign. It is indicative of feeling personally content. Dreams incorporating a yardstick relate to the measuring of personal correctness at a subconscious level. That is, the dream is a metaphor that the dreamer is measuring his or her personal standards. These standards, as being measured symbolically with the optimum tool of yesteryear, signify that the dreamer, as stated, is assessing their conduct but also that he or she is content with as much.

In terms of the conduct being weighed up by the dreamer, this may relate to conduct concerning: personal standards, behaviour, beliefs, and general pro social manner.


There are two types of yarn one can dream of; yarn as in string or twine, and yarn as in relating a story or tale.

In term s of the string and twine type yarn, this is closely associated to spinning, as in spinning yarn. Spinning is the archetypal symbol for life and the inference is that you produce whatever it is from your yarn. In other words, we create that which we do in our lives by virtue of what we are given and how we use it. In another sense, to dream of yarn can also signify the dreamer’s ability to create order out of chaos. Again, this parallels with the spinning archetype mentioned above.

To dream of a yarn resembling a story or tale, means the dreamer is reminiscing of the past in some capacity.

If the dreamer sees themself as being the recipient of a yarn, this can signal a desire to need someone to look up to. The dreamer yearns for a mentor or hero.


When one dreams of yawning it can have a couple of meanings. Firstly, it can be symbolic of being tired and/or bored. As such, the manner in which it manifests in a dream is of importance. Secondly, animals use yawning as a means to ward off their aggressors. It demonstrates they are not interested in engaging in conflict. As such, dreaming of a yawn can be symbolic of demonstrating intentional apathy toward a person(s) attacking aggressively toward the dreamer.

It can also signify a need for the dreamer to analyse their own aggressive behaviour. That is, dreaming of a yawn as a strategy to ward off aggressors may actually mean the dreamer is at odds with their own abusive type behaviour.

Yawning is a means which living things draw in oxygen. To dream of yawning can sometimes infer the dreamer is attempting to draw more out of life. This may be in the form of spirituality, personal growth, knowledge, wisdom etc.


- see Dream Dictionary: Time


Typically, when one experiences any form of emotion in a dream its intensity is magnified tenfold.

A perceived need in the dreamer’s conscious day-to-day living may simmer below the surface but at the same time be completely within control. However, in a dream with the heightened strength, the need becomes yearned after and sought. It is the subconscious bringing the need to the forefront of attention - it is saying “cease ignoring me and fulfil me”.

For example, if a priest has suppressed a need for sex, this long-standing habit of self-denial will rage in his subconscious. In other words, although the priest may be able to suppress the need for sex in his waking hours, in his dreams urgency to cease denying and fulfil the need will emerge.

To yearn in a dream can also suggest that the dreamer, in attempting find peace with their spiritual core, has lost patience.


Yeast is a substance of strength that has the ability to alter food with respect to shape and taste for the better.

If yeast is observed in a dream, it is a very positive and productive sign.

To see yeast in a dream represents ideas, circumstances, experiences, and knowledge that have the capacity to change a person’s current life situation in a productive and positive way.

The fermenting qualities of yeast mean it has the capability to grow, expand, and evolve. Thus, in a dream it is highly symbolic of human growth and development. This is particularly applicable to the dreamer’s understanding of and ability to love. In other words, it suggests the dreamer is advancing in his or her awareness of how love expands, grows, and develops when it (love) is given unconditionally. To be in such a developmental phase brings a connectedness to the universe.


At times during a dream we can become aware of acknowledging something or someone in the affirmative. To say “yes” in a dream is essentially a subconscious acknowledgement and/or agreeing of what may be taking place in the dreamer’s current life.

In other words, at times, what takes place in our conscious world needs to be agreed to within the subconscious realm. This is a form of dual agreeability whereby the coming together of the two levels of consciousness, merge into one acknowledgement. Typically, this is the result of the dreamer needing the subconscious’ permission to instigate change in his or her daily life.

Recognition of “yes” in the dream state is a sign that change is embraced and growth has begun to take place. As such, the dreamer’s everyday life in the conscious world will develop specific direction allowing them to engage in a motivated and happy existence.


- also see Dream Dictionary: Tree

Very few people in today’s society might recognise a yew tree. However, this does not mean they would fail to do so in a dream. This is because some symbols are universal and do not lose their meaning over time. The subconscious recognises such symbols and these are typically decipherable via the dreamer attempting to recognise the emotive value that pertains to the symbol. Many generations ago the yew tree was a symbol of grieving and sadness. Thus, its presence in a dream can relate to these emotive states. Further to the above, the yew tree is also well known for its longevity. That is, it is well known for its ability to outlive many other species of trees. As such, depending on the context of the dream, a yew tree can be a metaphor pertinent to spiritual immortality.


In a dream, to yield implies to give over to a notion. Typically, this is associated with the notion of the pointlessness of confrontation. This may not necessarily be specific to animosity between the dreamer and another individual - it can be relative to people, situations, circumstances, and environments. As such, the interpreter needs to gauge the validity of the dream to various contexts. Furthermore, with respect to the idea of “giving over”, to yield in a dream demonstrates a need to let go in some capacity; to go with the natural flow of life instead of fighting the current.

At times, the dreamer may have been reluctant to give over to his or her spirituality. This is more likely in males. To yield under these circumstances implies the dreamer has submitted to the notion of his or her spiritual quest.


The yin-yang is a symbol that portrays the balance of opposites. However, of importance in understanding the yin-yang is that the notion of opposites attracting does not apply to all things opposite, only those that compliment one-another. In dreams the opposites are pertinent to the feminine intuition and the masculine rational for balance.

The dreamt symbol of the yin-yang epitomises the human search for continued balance. This balance however is not static; it is a dynamic concept that means the seeking is endless but still gratifying when achieved. It is an ongoing journey of creating, exploring, and experiencing the coming together of complimentary differences that, when married, create ideal balance.

The coming together of opposites to create an ideal can also occur in other instances. An example of this might be the formation of a business partnership where two polar opposites (either people or separate business entities) combine to create success via perfect balance.


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Yule Log

- also see Dream Dictionary: Fire

In order to clear out the old year, the pagans upon the New Year would decorate a log then burn it. In dreams this symbolises new beginnings and a new start to life. The burnt log, turning to ashes, is the sacrificing of what has come to pass and is no longer. This can also be interpreted as a sacrifice to the Gods and will be predominant in dreams close to spiritual and religious ceremonies.

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