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The zigzag is symbolic with reference to the potential for catastrophe.

Often the metaphoric example given in reference to a potential disaster where visions of a zigzag are concerned is that of being struck by a lightning bolt (zigzag).

The lightning bolt is a damaging force. It “strikes” with abrupt power and ferocious energy, yet just as quickly as it delivers its’ blow, it swiftly vanishes. In other words, once the initial strike is suffered, the discharging of the negative force is not protracted. Its’ effect is most certainly felt, but it is swift and over with quickly.

Subsequently, the natural order of things, although initially disturbed, will readily come back into balance. As a result, the potential exists to elevate oneself to a new level of awareness and insight through the primary negative experience.

If one dreams of a zigzag, then the individual may experience positive growth through suffering.


With friends, family, and people in general, we are typically considered by ourselves and others to be either open or closed.

As such, dreaming of a zipper may represent the relationships we have and how we interact at an interpersonal level.

The zipper may be an indication that we are competent in engaging with others, or that we may in fact find such interactions quite difficult.

Obviously of much relevance here is to whom you feel the association of the zipper reflects in your social circles.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

If the dream highlights a zipper as being stuck or unbending, this can reflect one’s anxiousness, embarrassment, or shame in situations whereby you perceive your interaction with another as uncomfortable and/or difficult.

As such, when these circumstances arise in real life, dreaming of a stuck zipper is indicative that you unlikely “escape” with your dignity intact.


Dreams incorporating associations with the zodiac typically arise whilst a person is in the throngs of seeking inner wisdom.

When you embark on a journey of self-discovery what you are essentially seeking is information about yourself. Consequently, the animals or creatures symbolic of the dreamer’s personal star sign will be the most prevalent.

This is due to the dreamer needing to rediscover the basis of who they were at birth in order to get back to the foundation of who they are. This affords opportunity for growth as it is attempting to aid the dreamer to see them self as they truly are.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

All zodiac signs are also associated with specific body parts. As such, a dream of a particular sign may be an alert that that specific area of the body is unhealthy. The signs and their associated sections of the body are:

Aries (Ram) – The head.

Taurus (Bull) – The throat.

Gemini (Twins) – Shoulders, arms, and hands.

Cancer (Crab) – The stomach and higher organs of the digestive system.

Leo (Lion) – The heart, lungs, and liver.

Virgo (Virgin) – The abdomen and intestines.

Libra (Scales) – The lumbar region, kidneys, and skin.

Scorpio (Scorpion) – The genitals.

Sagittarius (Archer) – The hips, thighs, and nervous system.

Capricorn (Goat) – The knees.

Aquarius (Water-Bearer) – The circulation of blood and the ankles.

Pisces (Fish) – The feet and toes.


A dream portraying a person as being in a zoo is the unconscious alerting the individual to their primal instincts and possibly resultant “primitive” behaviour.

That is, under stress, humans have a natural tendency to regress to former unproductive habits. We do this because at some time or another that particular behaviour may have enabled them to feel as if they were dealing with the stressor. However, the regressed behaviour is typically outdated and of no current worth.

The symbolism of a zoo is a sign that the dreamer may be engaging in old, outdated, and unproductive acts to eliminate stress (e.g. financial problems may be the catalyst for someone who gave up smoking to return to that habit).

The zoo metaphor may also represent a person’s desire to regress to former behaviours. However, the individual may not wish to own this at a conscious level. For example, a new mother may repress a desire to be free of her child and the associated responsibilities.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

To dream of being in a zoo can also represent a sense of being watched, observed, or studied by others.

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