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In the medical profession, the caduceus is the sign used to demonstrate physical healing. Thus, when a caduceus is presented in a dream it typically signifies health related issues. This can be applicable to our own health or that of others. Our body can sometimes make our subconscious aware that it is need of looking after; that an expectation exists to be in good health. As such, the presence of a caduceus may imply the dreamer needs to undertake more appropriate action to achieve this.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Prison

Dreaming of a cage most often represents some form of trap or prison. However, if the dream incorporates the dreamer ensnaring a wild animal, implies that we are locking up our primal instincts; that we need restraining.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

A cage can also represent a sense of entrapment in ourselves, in particular, with rigid beliefs about religion.


Dreaming of a cake is generally a good sign. Especially if the cake is one of a celebratory nature as this suggests we have cause to celebrate in life and/or to take heed of significant events in time. Sometimes the presence of a cake can mean - especially if the dreamer sees themself making a cake – someone or ourselves are in need of emotional care or healing.


The appearance of a calendar in dream can imply we need to pay attention to the past, present or future. Specific dates obviously have greater significance.


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A camel can signify stamina. Depending on the situation/environment, the camel is symbolic of the unusual.


To dream of a camera can suggest we are stopping to take note and record a specific moment that may need closer scrutiny in waking life. If we are being filmed it may imply we are in need of paying closer attention to our behaviour or actions.


Canals are typically a sign that we are not allowing our creative side loose. Instead we are too rigid in our decision making and concepts about the world around us.


To dream of cancer suggests something is eating away at us. That something we are ignoring or not attending to is gradually devouring all that is positive in us.


Candles in dreams imply we are seeking understanding or clarification about some topic or concept. Candles can also mean the individual is reflecting on the past. When present on a birthday cake, candles are indicative of a transition phase.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Lighting a candle is symbolic of asking for something that one may need.


To dream of a cane is symbolic of punishment. To dream of being caned can be associated with childhood trauma.


To dream of eating human flesh implies there is something about ourselves that we have not come to terms with; something that we may not necessarily want to “give up” so we continue to partake but to our own detriment.


A single-man canoe in a dream can indicate the individual is isolated in their emotions. However, it may also suggest the dreamer is independent and/or free and well aware of the need to assume control of their own life.


To dream of a canopy implies we may be in need of shelter. This is more often than not emotional shelter from past issues or trauma.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Hat in Clothes

To wear a cap in a dream is indicative of concealing one’s features. It may also suggest the dreamer has a tendency to hide their creative ability.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Places and Dream Dictionary: Money

If the capital in the dream is to do with finance then the dreamer should conserve resources. If the capital refers to a city it is indicative the dreamer has something to learn with respect to the customs or culture of the place in question.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Journey

A car represents an individual’s journey. The destination can often be symbolic of some form of goal. If the dreamer is steering the vehicle it is inferred the individual is in control. Should the dreamer be a passenger it may infer that he/she is too willing to give up power and allowing others to take responsibility for them in life.



Depending on the type of card being given or received, the general consensus is that the dreamer is in need of communicating with the other person(s) in the dream relative to the symbolism of the type of card.



To dream of playing cards is indicative that one needs to be open to the possibility of gambling or risk taking to gain wealth. Certain types of cards can have different meanings. For example, Hearts represents love and relationships; Diamonds – material wealth; Spades – conflict; and Clubs – intelligence.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Journey

To dream of a carriage in any form is indicative of progression in one’s life. If the carriage is going forward it implies development and growth.


Carrying objects can suggest we are being burdened in some way. To dream of being carried by someone else suggests we are in need of nurturing and support. Whilst carrying another person can mean we are being burdened by someone else’s problems.


Castles are fortresses designed to keep enemies out. Thus, to dream of a castle indicates we may have built up a fortress to our perceived vulnerabilities in life.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Sex

For a male to dream of castration, it may infer the individual has not come to terms with their sexuality. It may also mean the dreamer has not dealt with prior sexual trauma.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


Dreams of crypts are indicative of a fear of dying or a preoccupation with the concept of death. However, such dreams can also imply the dreamer has significant issues of a religious notion that need to be unearthed and attended to.


To dream of a caterpillar suggests we are about to undertake a major change in life. Typically, this change will result in something of much worth.


Universally, a cauldron signifies abundance, sustenance and nourishment. The magic cauldron points to the womb and therefore suggests fertility and the feminine power of transformation.


Dreams incorporating caves are metaphoric of getting in touch with the inner self. These gateways at first are scary but in due course, after exploration, can become safe havens.


To dream of a cemetery suggests we are coming to terms with the end of a project or situation. It can also be symbolic of a spiritual awakening or arising.


The half-beast half-man symbol of the zodiac infers the dreamer is coming to terms with the matching of two complete opposites in a harmonious way.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Position

To dream of one being in the centre can suggest we have become too egocentric; that we expect everything should revolve around us. On the contrary, if we are not in the centre it may infer some part of our lives are out of balance.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery and Ritual

Any dream incorporating a form of ceremony is symbolic of preparation for a life change. Ritualism in ceremonies implies a need to become organised.


To dream of chains can mean the individual feels they are in bondage and trapped. However, such dreams can also provide insight as to what needs to occur for the dreamer to free themselves of being chained. Chains are often used as symbolism in the dreams of people suffering from addictions.


To dream of a chalice implies the individual must come to terms with a need to toil diligently to attain something of worth.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Journey

To dream of a chariot can infer the dreamer is about to embark on an important journey.


Dreams where the concept of charity is present are attempts to alert the dreamer to the broader and more important issues in the world. It is also symbolic of the dreamer’s (in)ability to give and receive love.


Dreams of being chased are most common. These dreams are typically metaphors of the need for the dreamer to escape certain situations in life. Such escapes may not always be productive.


To see a chasm or large hole can imply something is void in our life. It can also infer the dreamer is faced with a choice.


To dream of a chemist may mean we are in need of addressing health concerns. It can also suggest the dreamer is in tune with their emotional self and well-being.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Games

Dreams of chess are indicative of the struggle within between the self and the shadow. It represents our primal understanding of good and evil.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Box

A closed chest in a dream is indicative of a need to hide our true selves, in particular, our emotions and ideals. An open chest infers we are vulnerable but open to being loved.


– see Dream Dictionary: People


A chimney in a dream is a metaphor of the ascension of the soul to the heavens. It can perhaps be interpreted as spiritual awakening or growth.


A chisel in a dream is indicative of a desire to carve out one’s destiny; to sculpt one’s life and create beauty from blandness.


Choking in a dream can imply the dreamer is uncertain of whether they should speak up about an issue that is bothering them.

Christmas Tree

Typically, dreaming of a Christmas tree is associated with familial ties, in particular, certain times of giving.


Subtle change is occurring within the individual at an unconscious level.

Church Buildings

– also see Church in Dream Dictionary: Religious Buildings and Religious Imagery

To dream of church buildings can imply we are formulating a new set of values or morals. It may also mean we are abandoning old, outdated beliefs.


To dream of churning is to yearn for order; hoping that we may assume control and regain order via churning chaos.



– see Dream Dictionary: Sex


To dream of a circumference is suggestive of being trapped or limited in some way; that we are entrapped by our own limiting beliefs systems.


– see Castle in Dream Dictionary: Buildings


To dream of a city or town infers we are becoming more community minded. This is particularly true if the city in the dream is the hometown of the dreamer.


A cliff in a dream is indicative of a major decision about to take place in the individual’s waking life. Often such decisions will require a leap of faith as they typically have a degree of risk associated with them.


Climbing in a dream can mean we either have a need to escape from something we perceive as dangerous, or we are aspiring toward new heights.


– see Dream Dictionary: Clothes


Obviously, a clock in a dream is alerting us to a passage of time; that for some reason time is important and we must be aware of its’ presence.


To close a door in a dream infers we are putting the past behind us; that we have made a conscious decision to move on.


Clothes can be highly metaphoric in dreams as they can represent the facades or image we wish to impart upon others. In dreams, note should be taken of the clothes we wear around certain people and at certain times as this can often provide insight pertaining to how these people view us and we them.


Depending on the associated mood, a cloud in a dream can be symbolic of either doom and depression, or have religious connotations.


To dream of clover is a sign of future good luck.



A nightclub in a dream can be indicative of a need to obtain social acceptance.



To dream of a club as a weapon is symbolic of suppressed anger that we have yet to release or deal with.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Birds

The cock, or rooster, is indicative of a new beginning; a new day with new opportunities.


– see Dream Dictionary: Chrysalis


To dream of a coffin is generally about our coming to terms with loss. It may also be an awakening with respect to our own mortality.


In a dream, when one feels cold it is typically thought that this is a result of feeling rejected or left out in waking life.



A dream involving the use or presence of a comb can infer the dreamer is in need of tidying up loose ends in life or straightening out problems in need of tending to.


To dream of a comet implies danger or uncontrollable outcomes of a catastrophic nature.


A compass in a dream signifies one’s desire to be shown direction in life.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Shell

The conch is also used as a trumpet and is therefore seen as a warning sign when present in dreams.


– see Dream Dictionary: Sex


When one dreams they are cooking it infers we are attempting or preparing to nourish our own needs or those of others.


Ties or cords in dream can have either positive or negative connotations. Typically they are associated with the relationships of the dreamer and how he or she perceives whether these ties are bonded by intimacy or restraint.


Corn is viewed as a symbol of fertility. As such, in dreams corn may represent new birth.


When we see ourselves turn a corner in a dream it is a sign that we have overcome what we once perceived to be an obstacle.


– also see Hall/Passage in Dream Dictionary: Buildings

Dreams incorporating images of corridors are generally associated with change and shifting between places in our waking lives. These locations are not usually geographical but more attitudinal and/or emotional.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Make-Up

To dream of applying make-up can suggest the dreamer has a need to be seen by others in an appealing light; that they are very conscious of public image.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Places

Dreams of the countryside can suggest a need for the dreamer to ensure they gain relaxation. They may be too highly strung and/or made to feel guilty when taking a break.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


– see Wolf in Dream Dictionary: Animals


To dream of a crab can denote that someone may be trying to deceive you. That you or someone you know is trying to side-step an issue.


A cradle in a dream can imply that the individual has become engaged in new life or new beginnings.


If we dream of an item whereby we become aware that it is damaged through being cracked, it is symbolic of something in our life being delicate or fragile and starting to breakdown.


When a crane is present in a dream it can infer the dreamer is aspiring to build something within themselves. It can also suggest we are taking on a task beyond our limitations.


– see Dream Dictionary: Shapes


– see Dream Dictionary: Games / Gambling


– also see Reptiles in Dream Dictionary: Animals Dreaming of a crocodile can imply there is something from our past that we need to be aware of. It can also infer we are in danger from a source that we perhaps do not necessarily perceive as being harmful.

Crooked Line

To dream of a crooked line (e.g. drawing, line of people) symbolises the likelihood that we might not be being completely honest in our dealings during waking life.


– see Dream Dictionary: Shapes


Dreaming of a crossing or crossroads implies the dreamer is about to engage in a major decision making process in waking life.


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


– also see Dream Dictionary: People

Dreaming of being in a crowd may be indicative of our need to blend in; to not stand out, be accepted, and in some instances, cease thinking for ourselves.


To see oneself wearing a crown can infer the dreamer is in need of addressing matters of an egocentric nature. It can also imply a need for power and control.


Dreaming of crutches is a sign that one is in need of support.


– see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery


– see Dream Dictionary: Jewels


– see Square in Dream Dictionary: Shapes


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


To dream of a cul-de-sac or dead-end, infers the dreamer is demonstrating resistance toward change. However, it can also mean the dreamer has reached a state of helplessness and powerlessness in their life’s journey and that it has now meant they have become trapped and directionless.


– see Dream Dictionary: Chalice

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