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If the dreamer observes a dagger it can have one of two meanings – aggressive or defensive. If the dreamer is utilising the dagger as a means to attack, he or she may be attempting to cut or remove something about themselves or something they do not like. If the dreamer is the one under attack, this demonstrates a sense of feeling vulnerable.


A daisy represented in a dream is indicative of innocence and purity. This is because the association between the daisy and children (e.g. daisy chains).


– also see Dream Dictionary: Water

Dreaming of a dam may verify in terms of significance. For example, to dream of a dam may suggest we are bottling up our own emotions, or conversely, we could be attempting to cease someone we know from emotional outburst. Also, if we see a dam bursting we may feel we have no control over emotional situations around us.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

If the dreamer is the one building the dam, this can imply they are likely to be too defensive.


To dream of dancing portrays freedom; feeling at one with the world and possibly becoming more intimate with a partner.


When we experience danger in dreams it is typically a portrayal of our waking life in that we may be heading in a direction that will eventually turn dangerous. As such, it is worthwhile depicting other content of significance in these dreams to work out where the dangers may lie.


To dream we are in the dark may imply we feel lost and perhaps disillusioned. However, it can also infer confusion; that we are literally being kept in the dark.



A date represented in a dream will be a reminder of something highly significant.



Dates are exotic fruit and hence to dream of them is perhaps the unconscious directing us to partake of something more exotic in life.


To dream of dawn is symbolic of new beginnings; greeting the new day with a fresh attitude and therefore taking a new approach to old problems.

Day and Night

Dreaming of time in any capacity is suggestive of an acknowledgement that we are aware all things have their place; that the cycle of life continues to turn.

Dead People

To dream of the deceased, if they are or were close to us, denotes strong emotive connections to these people. It is intended to acknowledge that we may have unresolved issues with the person or persons in the dream.


To dream of death does not, in most cases, prophesy literal passing away. It is more aligned with the smalls “deaths” we all must accept and confront on a daily basis in life. Hence, death in dreams is a waking up of the individual to acknowledge, accept, and have courage to live again.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

To dream of death is not a bad omen. If you dream of your own funeral, it symbolizes that a particularly difficult phase in your life will soon be over. You're burying the old and welcoming in the new. If you see yourself attending a family member's funeral, it's paradoxically a sign that they are in good health and may soon be celebrating a happy event.

Death of Oneself

See above.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Position

When we dream of deepness, we are actually dreaming of matters that relate to family. These matters are issues that are not at a conscious level. They have been stored in the subconscious and are being pushed through so-to-speak.


– see Dream Dictionary: Excrement


If we dream of demolition it typically implies to some form of self-destruction. However, if we are the one undertaking the demolition in the dream, this implies we like to be in control. If someone else is undertaking the practice, it suggests we likely feel we have no power or control when we are confronted with change.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Journey

To dream of departing a familiar place is suggestive of a need for independence and freedom. It can also be in reference to a need to break away from old habits.


To dream of descending (e.g. down a cliff, stairs) is a search for answers that have been elusive in terms of the dreamer’s understanding of a particular situation or event in life. This may be a trauma from the past or something similar.


If we are alone in a desert it signifies loneliness and abandonment. If we see others in the desert it may imply similar feelings of isolation for them. If we are in the desert with another person it may suggest that relationship is baron and sterile.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Table

To dream of sitting at our own desk is indicative of assuming control; that our self-esteem is high and we are confident in our endeavours. However, the opposite is true if we are sitting at the desk of another person.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Places

To dream of a destination is indicative of a desire for change.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Fiend

Dreams of the devil, whatever the form, are not about Satan per se. These dreams are actually about ourselves and the dark side within. The associations they represent are not things to be feared but to be confronted.


To dream of being eaten is symbolic of being devoured by something in our waking life. In other words, to be devoured in this sense can be an addiction or an obsession.


To dream of dew is representative of something fresh. In most cases the dreamer will find they are missing something within that they can only replicate from an external source.


When dice or a die are presented in a dream it is symbolic of risk. The unconscious may be alerting us to something that is of high risk or something that will be profitable. The associated emotion will be the key to which is which.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Mines

When we dream of digging the unconscious is attempting to help us become aware that in order to understand the direction of where we need to head we must first unearth the past.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Prehistoric

Often a dream of a dinosaur, for a child at least is threatening and induces fear. For the child, this image is terrifying due to it being all consuming. As such, there is often something in life hugely stressful that requires adjusting so as to bring it back into perspective.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

A dinosaur can often relate to ingrained, habitual, and stubborn thinking.


Typically, people dream of being dirty when they have compromised their own values, morals, or beliefs in waking life.


To dream of dismemberment implies that in waking life, a situation or circumstance exists that is, or has, the capacity to tear us apart figuratively speaking.


To dream of diving infers the dreamer must take a leap of faith. A dive needs to be taken into the unknown for the purpose of development regardless of the outcome.


A dream about divorce can apply to situations and circumstances as well as people. Obviously the content will be of significance but the general principle is that the dreamer needs to separate themself from this for purpose of freedom. The emotion resulting from the dream will be key pertaining to whether ‘leaving’ or ‘staying’ is the right decision.


While dreaming of a doctor can apply to the dreamer’s health, it can also be relevant in the context of one needing to give over to another to make decisions. In other words, such a dream as this implies the dreamer is in likely need of looking to others for help; allowing others in.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Animals

The dog is renowned for loyalty and unconditional love. When presented in a dream it will be relative to someone we know or are coming to know. Therefore, notice must be taken of who the dog pertains to.


To dream of a doll can imply the dreamer has a need to feel the comfort and freedom of childhood. It may also represent a confusion of the dreamer’s sexuality.


The dolphin symbolises intelligence and the depths of the unconscious. When it appears in a dream it is a message to uncover the hidden side of one self.


– see Horse in Dream Dictionary: Animals


– also see Dream Dictionary: Buildings

To dream of a door signifies one is between two states of being; moving through a threshold. For example, single to engaged, engaged to married, youth to adulthood, child to teenager.


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


A dragon in a dream signifies the potential for heroics in the dreamer. The dragon is representative of some problem in life that must be slain in order to obtain victory. This dream suggests the potential to be courageous is in us all but to claim success one must embrace his or her courage and do away with fear.


To dream of a dragonfly is to require a need for freedom.


– see Dream Dictionary: Games


To feel a draught in a dream is to be aware of something or someone external who has the ability to affect a situation we are in.


To be drinking in a dream is to be taking something in. Therefore, it is important to gain the entire information presented in the dream to understand exactly what it is we need to take in.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Swimming

To be drowning in a dream denotes that we are likely overwhelmed by emotions; drowning in emotions. We must ascertain what is causing the stress to control the emotions.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Alcohol and Dream Dictionary: Intoxication

To dream of taking drugs is indicative of needing a 'quick fix' or attempting to escape reality. If we are being administered drugs this may imply we have come to terms with a need to let another assume control of some aspect of our life.


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Drums in dreams are associated with the natural rhythm of life. Either to hear a drum, be playing one, or observing someone playing one is perhaps indication that the dreamer is either too far ahead or too far behind the natural pace of life.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Alcohol and Dream Dictionary: Intoxication

Dreams of being drunk typically denote the dreamer’s need to be free of responsibility and loosen their inhibitions.


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds

Dwarf/Malformed Figure

In a dream, a dwarf denotes that the dreamer is undeveloped in some aspect. As always, the content and context of the dream will provide the key to interpretation.

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