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– also see Dream Dictionary: Birds

To dream of an eagle is a yearning for freedom and an attempt to observe our surrounds from above so as to pinpoint the area to target in order to take that which we want. It can also symbolise aspiring to greater things or depending on who the eagle is in the dream, mean that the dreamer is actually the hunted.


A dream involving earth (i.e. soil) suggests we have a need to feel grounded or are being informed of as much. If we dream of the planet Earth, the message can be associated with a feeling of connection with nature and/or humanity.

Earthly Treasure

To dream of precious stones and metallic treasures is often believed to be a sign that financial reward will follow. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. The more earthly treasures we accumulate in dreams, the less materialistic gain we are likely to experience. When we dream of finding treasure, it may indicate improvements in our social lives and romantic prospects rather than our bank balance.


Like a volcano, much turmoil is taking place beneath the surface and could erupt in due course. Generally, the volcanic turmoil is symbolic of emotional disruption in the form of stress. That is; if it continues to build it will eventually blow up and likely result in devastation.


Dreaming of the East is typically associated with spirituality and as new beginning. This is because the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Thus, rising in the East is indicative of new beginnings.

Easter Egg

The Easter egg is a Pagan symbol of renewal. In dreams it can be interpreted as a rising awareness of one’s spirituality and alternative ideologies pertaining to mainstream belief about religion.


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To dream of oneself eating is symbolic of requiring nourishment of some sort. To dream of oneself full or bloated, is indicative that we are nourished. If we dream that we refuse to eat we are likely rejecting some aspect of our self or fearful of growing.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

To dream we are being eaten suggests we feel we do not feel that we are accepted. If we dream we are eating others it indicates there is some part of that person we desire.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Moon and Dream Dictionary: Planets

To dream of an eclipse infers our light is diminishing due to being blocked out, covered up, or unable to penetrate. This may be due to feeling we do not matter or are unnoticed. It is our unconscious attempting to alert us to the possibility that we are slowly giving up.


- also see Dream Dictionary: School and Dream Dictionary: Teacher

A dream incorporating the notion of education usually hints at a need for discipline. This does not necessarily simply apply to study ethic, it can be anything. Therefore, it is vital one takes note of the context in which the dream is referring.


The egg is a sign of fertility. Dreams inclusive of eggs are therefore about the birth of new things. This includes babies, animals, ideas, attitudes, beliefs etc. Furthermore, the egg needs tending and incubation, as such, the egg can also mean one needs to address responsibilities in life.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Places

To dream of Egypt infers the dreamer is starting to become attuned to the mystique of life and the concept that not everything is explainable simply because we wish it to be so. Egypt can also represent a thirst for history and things of the exotic.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Sex

To dream of ejaculating is seen as a release of passion in a safe place. That is; the unconscious may be aware of a void in sexual behaviour and require a release to engage in such pleasure, by ejaculating in a dream the individual is able to partake of as much without experiencing guilt. Hence, doing so in a dream leaves the dreamer blameless but still able to enjoy.


In dreams electricity’s symbolism is very much dependent on the context it is presented. In all, it symbolises an unseen power or force, but simultaneously, can highly beneficial. Thus, the interpretation can often be associated with the notion that it is not dangerous when used correctly but incredibly deadly when abused.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


To dream of eloping represents a need to dismiss pressure to justify one’s actions to others. At the core it signifies a need to escape pressure (e.g. societal expectations) via doing what one wants without judgement being passed in order to make the individual feel guilty and thereby, guilt them into conforming.


An embryo in a dream implies we are discovering some part of ourselves that was not in the conscious realm. It can also suggest we feel vulnerable and in need of care.


- see Dream Dictionary: Jewels


Highly important in interpreting dream because they present themself as raw and undisguised; there is nothing to decode with dreamt emotions.


Dreams about employment are often indicative of an individual’s perceived self-esteem and position on the ladder of societal hierarchy. For example, a unemployed man may dream of being a high-flying business executive but during the dream feels much shame. A woman may dream of housework all the while feeling guilty because upon awakening she drops her children off at day-care to run her marketing firm.


A person who dreams of emptiness usually is void of things that make them happy. This is the unconscious attempting to inform them that something is missing in their life and they need to begin exploring as much to gain fulfilment. Sometimes, however, that “thing” cannot not be recovered (e.g. death of a spouse) and as such the message is pertinent to overcoming grief and/or loss.


If the sensation of being enclosed occurs in a dream, it is often indicative of feeling isolated or alone. It can also imply the dreamer has little or no understanding of themself and are in fact afraid to find out who they are.


To dream of an end does not necessarily indicate death. However, it is usually related to that particular concept in some capacity. Often it is to do with coming to terms with termination of life, not in a prophetic sense, but in the sense that all living things eventually pass on and that our concept of death is only an ends to us because we do not comprehend much of anything about the thereafter.


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Engines in dreams are typically centring our attention on the mechanics of matters. Such dreams might be attempting to alert us to problems and/or malfunctions in our beliefs or lives. Often people will give up because they cannot see a way clear but mechanics in dreams are implying one needs look deeper; that the whole engine is not broken.


To dream of engineering is instruction that some part of us needs reconstructing or a make-over, and that if this is not undertaken it could lead to larger issues down the track.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Engineering can also apply to our creative capabilities in determining ways to invent and implement ideas that will aid in finding solutions to problems.


An entrance in a dream is associated with openings to what we deem are problems. In other words, if we dream of an entrance it will often be aligned with some difficulty we are experiencing in waking life. If one steps through the threshold they may find symbolic answers to what they need to do.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

An entrance can also mean we need to branch out, explore the unknown more and to step outside of a long established comfort zone.


Dreaming of escape is the unconscious making us aware that we have hidden difficult emotions deep within that need to resurface and be dealt with if we are to progress. It is a message to assume responsibility and face the pain of those emotions to move on.


In dreams, water represents the emotions. To dream of evaporation therefore is a similitude of difficult emotions drying up. Subsequently, to have such a dream implies the dreamer or someone they may know had productively dealt with a difficult feeling and belief.


When the individual is aware that within a dream it is evening, the unconscious is pushing the notion that within the dream there are points of insight and/or understanding that the dreamer is blinded to.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Most bad dreams or nightmares occur in the dark because it is highly symbolic of what humans fear the most – the unknown.


Sensing evil in a dream is usually a reflection of something within the dreamer they do not wish to acknowledge. This maybe either something they have done or something that was done to them.

Exams/Being Examined

– also see Dream Dictionary: Tests

Exams of most kinds in dreams are more-often-than-not symbolic of our own high expectations and further judgements and criticisms. It is the unconscious suggesting a need to refrain from such harsh assessment of oneself.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Body and Dream Dictionary: Defecate

To dream of excrement is indicative that we have reverted back to infantile thinking. Further to this, it can suggest we are in need of eliminating waste from our life; especially with respect to one’s potential.


An explosion in a dream infers a build up of negative energy within the dreamer that needs to be released, or, that this force will be released in the future. The pent up energy is typically the result of a long-standing habit on behalf of the dreamer to deny or avoid what they determine are “bad” feelings that are often the result of potential conflict.


– see Dream Dictionary: Body

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