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Although falling may represent the shattering of our ambitions, the sensation of slipping through the air into nothingness is usually the result of stress, fear and anxiety in waking life.


Family members may appear in our dreams to symbolize an offering of security and support. To dream of parents demonstrates a longing for security and approval. Mothers typically personify love and support, while fathers reflect a desire for authority or protection.

Members of the extended family usually appear in dreams either as themselves, highlighting positive or negative aspects in our relationship with them, or signifying various aspects of our own personality that may be a source of comfort or a challenge.


Fire is dangerous and can be a symbol of destruction, but it also cleanses and purifies. It can illuminate but also causes pain. Fire energy is a strong symbol of eternal life or eternal damnation. In dreams, fire can also depict a new beginning, spiritual illumination, sexual passion or disruptive emotions such as the flames of passion or envy.


The frequency with which we dream about flowers and plants is testimony to the strong hold they exert within dreamlore, and the strong emotions they evoke in us. If we are feeling happy and peaceful, we may dream of sitting in a summer garden surrounded by dazzling flowers, but if sad or disappointed, our dreams may contain images of dead flowers.


Food is both nourishment and pleasure, and as such it plays an important role in dreamlore. The symbolism of food is generally fortuitous, and dreaming of having a meal with loved ones indicates family contentment. You can find more information on our page about food dreams.


- See Dream Dictionary: Food

Fruit dreams have a lot of sexual symbolism, although some may indicate bitterness and jealousy too.

  • Apples: Due to the well-known association of an apple with original sin, dreams of apples represent temptation. Apples caution us not to be ruled by our libido. Apples are also considered to be magical in a dream because of the five pointed stars (pentagrams used by witches) you see when you cut them in half.
  • Bananas: Banana-dreams indicate that a relationship is only based on sexual attraction. It may also be a forewarning that a relationship may not stand the test of time.

  • Berries: Dreams of strawberries indicate contentment, happiness and true love, but blackberries and raspberries point to emotional entanglements and infidelity. Blackberries in dreams are generally not regarded as good news as they symbolize loss.
  • Cherries: Cherries are thought of as voluptuous in shape and taste. As a representation of the erogenous zones of the body, cherries hint at sexual adventures. Cherries on a tree in a dream may be an indication of trouble brewing in a business sense.
  • Grapes: Dreaming of grapes is about joy and celebration. There is however a hidden warning against overindulgence - so make sure that you don't become intoxicated!
  • Lemons: Dreaming of lemons is an indication of bitterness and jealousy in waking life. It can also mean that there are financial issues you have to attend to. It may be a time to tighten your belt.
  • Oranges: In dreamlore, oranges represent short, but sweet relationships. It may also mean you have a choice of lovers.
  • Peaches: In China, peaches are associated with the god of long life, Shou Hsing. Eating a peach in a dream is therefore seen as a forecasting of pleasure and good fortune.
  • Pineapples: Eating a pineapple in a dream point to social success and happiness. It also represents exotic holidays with family and friends.
  • Plums: If you dream of plums, it may be an indication of career enhancement or property gains. Think of the nursery rhyme Jack Horner who pulled out a plum that turned out to be title deeds.

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