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Dreaming of a gale indicates we feel we are at the mercy of something outside of our control. It is perhaps our focus on those external circumstances that are creating the problem and as such we need to look within to find the shelter we seek.


Dreaming of being galled in a dream means to connect with feelings of bitterness that we may have about something currently taking place in our life.


Playing games in dreams is symbolic of how we play the game of life; if we are winning or losing in the dream it will be a direct reflection of how we are fairing in the game of life. To gamble in dreams is indicative of risk taking.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Dreams of gambling and winning can seem like a good omen forecasting luck and future wealth. However, such dreams are just a reflection of our desire for 'easy money.' If acted upon, we are more likely to experience failure than success and prosperity.


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To dream of a garage suggests we may have stored away some useful manner of thinking that may be applicable to a current situation. We perhaps need to search for it and utilise it now.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

If the dream applies to a mechanic shop, it implies we may require some form of tune-up to get us operating at peak performance.


To dream of garbage represents a need to discern what we cognitively need in waking life and what we do not. In other words, that thinking which does not assist us is trash and needs to be dumped.


The garden in a dream is symbolic of the dreamer’s cultivation and beautification of themselves. For example, a well kept and maintained garden denotes high self-esteem.


To dream of a gardener represents the wisdom we have gathered through our journey thus far in life.


If garlic is significant in a dream it refers to protection of the dreamer.


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To dream of a gate signifies a change in life; a crossing of a threshold or moving from one phase into another.


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– also see Dream Dictionary: Body

Dreams of our genitals directly reflect our thoughts about our own sexuality. Dreaming of someone else’s genitals infers we have, or we wish to have, sexual intimacy with that person.


Dreaming of ghosts suggests we are acknowledging aspirations of the past that did not come to fruition. These can be in the form of lost love, material items, finances, work projects, sporting pursuits etc.


To dream of giants is indicative of feeling disempowered. The key to where/how we feel this will be afforded to the dreamer via the secondary content of the dream.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Present

To receive a gift in a dream is acknowledgment of our qualities and who we are; to give a gift the dreamer’s appreciation for certain qualities in another.


– see Dream Dictionary: People


– see Dream Dictionary: People


To dream of giving to others denotes one’s ability and desire to ensure others are happy. The bigger the gift in the dream, the more pleasure the dreamer obtains in giving.


To dream of glass is symbolic of the clear but definite barriers we erect between ourselves and others. The glass wall is designed to allow ourselves to see out and others to see in, but at a distance.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Lens

Glasses in a dream, whether adorned by ourselves or others, infer we/they have clear vision about a specific topic or issue. Thus, if someone we know is wearing glasses in a dream but don’t in waking life, it is perhaps a message to ensure to listen to that person’s point of view.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

If the glasses are sunglasses it may imply the dreamer is not seeing the full picture.


– also see Dream Dictionary: World

To dream of a globe infers a larger perspective. In other words, the dreamer sees the bigger picture and has an appreciation of a larger point of view as opposed to remaining rigid and narrow minded.


If in a dream we appear to be in gloom, it implies that we are surrounded by a certain degree of sadness. This may be caused by an underlying and habitual state of melancholy that we have normalised and become used to.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Clothes

To dream of gloves generally suggests we are hiding our talents. However, much depends on the type of gloves presented in the dream. For example, a pair of boxing gloves may suggest we are not assertive enough.


To attempt to goad someone in a dream is a representation of one’s need to control others. It is also the unconscious confronting us with our willingness to manipulate.


To dream of a goal (as in posts) is associated with the obvious – goal setting. Note should be taken of the size of the goal and how close or far it is.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


– also see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery

To dream of a God is the dreamer coming to terms with their place in the world. More to the point, it is the individual becoming aware and perhaps beginning to harness their own power. On the other hand, it may also imply that the dreamer’s ego has extended to the point of megalomania. The associated emotion will provided the key to the correct interpretation.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

When a God is present in a dream it can be a depiction of the dreamer’s faith or lack thereof.


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– see Dream Dictionary: Glasses and Dream Dictionary: Mask


When gold is present in a dream it rarely if ever relates to material wealth. It in fact represents the soul and the absolute pure and best characteristics about the self.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Games

To be playing golf in a dream suggests a need for wide open space. It can also imply that one might be undertaking a certain task where absolute precision will be required for success.


To see or hear a gong in a dream is indicative that something in the dreamer’s life has come to a conclusion or must immediately come to an end.


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


To dream of gossiping implies the dreamer is obtaining needed information in a manner that conflicts with their principles. It can also suggest that we in fact are the subject of others gossip.


A grail in a dream infers that we are searching or seeking something that is monumental and at the back of our mind we have serious doubt about our ability to achieve it. However, the grail represents ‘the quest’; we can achieve with courage and perseverance.


To dream of grain growing infers we may soon profit from what we have sewed in the past. It is through our former labours that we have now been placed in a position to enjoy success.


When we dream of grammar we are aware that we, or someone else, have difficulty communicating.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Grammar can also relate to perfection and failure. In regard to the latter, it can imply that the dreamer relates mistakes with failure; that they have not realised all success is the eventual outcome of learning from past mistakes.


– see Dream Dictionary: Family


– also see Dream Dictionary: Fruit

Grapes were fed to ancient dignitaries by women as they relaxed whilst being fanned. Hence, to dream of grapes infers superiority; that the dreamer feels above others. It may also infer the dreamer sees women as inferior.


- also see Dream Dictionary: Drugs

Grass is symbolic of new hope and new beginnings. It is metaphoric of having overcome barrenness.


To dream of a grasshopper infers the dreamer is unable to settle; that he or she flits from place to place with no real direction. As such, it can also be seen as a sign of freedom.


– see Dream Dictionary: Death


To dream of grease infers we have not been cautious in some area and have created a situation where we have lost, or are losing our grip to the point that we will slip lose control.


– also see Dog in Dream Dictionary: Animals

To dream of a greyhound can suggest there is a need for speed in some circumstance in our lives. It can also imply we are chasing a pointless goal.


A guillotine in a dream denotes we have lost our head. That we have become irrational about certain ideas and as a result lost face with others.


To dream of any musical instrument indicates a need for peace, creativity, and harmony in our lives.


- see Seagull in Dream Dictionary: Birds


– also see Dream Dictionary: Weapons

Dreaming of a gun is usually associated with a need to protect oneself. In other words, the gun is symbolic of a defensiveness within that is triggered by perceived attacks by others.


A guru in a dream is sometimes a person we look up to; someone wise who we trust. It can also infer we need a mentor; someone who can provide knowledge and help direct us.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

When a guru appears in a dream, they are a personification of all wisdom made available to us. A guru may also help us to access our own innate wisdom.

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