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Hail in a dream is indicative that the dreamer is being pounded by frozen emotions; either their own or someone else’s - frozen emotions refers to cold type feelings.


– see Dream Dictionary: Body


The hairdresser in waking life is someone who can change our image and make us feel better about ourselves. Hence, in a dream if a hairdresser is present it implies the dreamer may not particularly like how they look or who they are. In such cases, a form of makeover is being suggested.


To dream of a halter implies a restraining of the head. This can be interpreted as the dreamer is utilising the analytical side of their brain too frequently. Subsequently, their head rules their heart and there is no creative juice to their lives.


– see Dream Dictionary: Food


A hammer in a dream represents punishment in that whilst a certain degree of force will be used, the end result is productive. Obviously, the degree of force designated within the concept of punishment is relative to the individual and their situation.


- see Dream Dictionary: Body


Dreaming of being in handcuffs implies we are feeling restrained. Usually the restraining is undertaken by someone we perceive as an authority figure (e.g. mother, father, judge).


– also see Dream Dictionary: Noose and Dream Dictionary: Rope

To dream of being hung suggests we may experience difficulties ahead. If we are present at a hanging it implies we are partaking of some form of aggression against another.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

When we watch a hanging in a dream, it signifies feelings of insecurity. The hanging may point to aspects of ourselves that we want to get rid of. Dreams about hanging ourselves suggest that we are trying to escape from guilt or fear. It may also symbolize something in our lives that we have left unfinished. To dream that we are hanging up clothes, suggests that we are clarifying our thoughts and elevating ourselves to a brand new state of awareness.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animal


Dreaming of a harem and the subsequent interpretation is dependent on whether the dreamer is male or female. If a male, the dream is symbolic never being satisfied; a constant need for more. If a female, the dream signifies willingness to share; that a sisterhood’s importance is valued more over a singular intimate relationship.


Wearing a harness in a dream is indicative of being restrained; held back. As such, note should be taken of who is holding the harness.


– see Dream Dictionary: Clothes


The harp is said to be the musical instrument of angels. Thus, when present in a dream it is informing the dreamer that they are either in harmony with their existence or not. The accompanying emotion will provide the dreamer the correct interpretation.


To dream of a harvest infers the dreamer will reap the rewards of their former work. The size of the reward can be ascertained via taking note of the size of the harvest in the dream.


To dream of hay suggests we are irritated by the actions of another. It can also imply fun times and carefree happiness.


– see Dream Dictionary: Body


When a hearse is present in a dream it usually suggests the dreamer is anxious about something coming to an end but not having enough time to tie up loose ends. For example, this might occur in a work situation whereby we have a deadline for a project that we will not meet.


– see Dream Dictionary: Body


To dream of a hearth signifies that the dreamer misses the warmth and comfort of their own home or loved ones.


- also see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery

Dreaming of heaven is an indication of some sort of elevation. It may refer to a development of our spiritual beliefs, or in a more temporal context, it can point to a promotion at work or a genuine improvement in our social standing.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


– see Dream Dictionary: Body


– see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery

Dreams of such a torturous place as hell directly reflects the state of our mind at the time of the dream, highlighting challenges that may be tormenting us. Dreams of hell often include savage and haunting medieval imagery that may indicate the presence of guilt. Recurring dreams of hell indicate that we need to 'rectify' our sins in our waking life in order to appease our own consciencs.


The helmet represents protection of the head. Therefore, when it is present in a dream it symbolises protection of the ‘self’. In other words, the dreamer may fear judgement from others and as a consequence shields him or herself.


– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


– also see Dream Dictionary: Sex

To dream of possessing both sex organs infers we have not entirely come to grips with owning our sexuality. If the dreamer perceives someone else as a hermaphrodite, it implies they cannot comprehend their attraction to that person.


To dream of a hermit infers the dreamer has difficulty in social situations. This may often manifest in the form of social anxiety. However, in other instances the hermit in a dream can denote that the dreamer wishes to detach and withdraw from society.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

A hermit can also signify loneliness.


– see Dream Dictionary: Archetypes


- also see Dream Dictionary: Shapes

The hexagram represents the coming together of two unions, the yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine). In a dream it can imply the coming together of a union, marriage, relationship etc.


– see Dream Dictionary: Position


– also see Dream Dictionary: Mound

A hill is indicative of a hard journey ahead. It represents an obstacle in the way of where we need to be. If we are already aloft the hill in the dream then it is fair to say the goal we have in waking life will be accomplished. If we are making our way down the hill it can mean we have achieved that which we needed to or that we did not. The accompanying emotion will provide answers.


To dream in the context of an historical time infers we feel we may not fit into the world today; that we actually sense we would have been more likely to fit into that particular era.


To dream of a hive is assign that much work needs to be done in some area of the dreamer’s life and that if that work is accomplished the end product will be well worth the effort. It also can suggest that the dreamer needs to be more aware of being part of a team.


Dreaming of a hole implies we are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If we are stuck in the hole it implies our life has become stuck in a rut. If we are observing another in a hole it infers we can help that person out of a difficult situation.


Dreams of holidays can be solely about the dreamer’s needs for relaxation and time for themselves. However, it can also suggest there is a need to look at oneself in a new light; to look further than the normal and discover new insights.


To dream of something hollow is a reflection of the dreamer’s inner self. That is; the dreamer may feel empty inside and unfulfilled due to not attempting to branch out in life due to fear.

Holy Communion

– see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery


To dream of our home, particularly the place of our upbringing, suggests we need comfort and security.


When a person dreams of honey it infers they may soon prosper in some way. If the dreamer is eating honey it can denote that they are in need of affording themself some kind of pleasure; that they have deprived themself too long.


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals


To dream of wearing a hood implies there is a part of our character that we wish to hide from public view. Only those close to us know this side of us and they usually disapprove or we feel some form of shame about it. That is not to say that part of us is ‘bad’ per se, more that we are scared what others think of it. If another person is wearing a hood in a dream it suggests we do not trust them.


A hook in a dream represents our reliance on certain parts of our personality to ‘catch’ people. Often those who dream of a hook feel a sense of falseness about their being.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Animals

Horns in dreams signify power. In ancient times horns worn by humans were believed to transfer the power of the animal through to the person. Thus, to dream of horns, especially adorned by someone, denotes power in some capacity to that individual.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Operation

To dream of a hospital suggests the dreamer senses vulnerability and therefore fear. There may be some part of their waking life that they feel they need help with but cannot ask due to an uncertain outcome.


To sense something or someone as being hot in a dream implies we have extreme emotions toward them/it. This can be in the form of anger to love. The main point is that the passion we feel has a reason and note should be taken of who/what we direct this at and why.


– also see Boarding House/Hotels in Dream Dictionary: Buildings

To dream of staying in a hotel can suggest we need to escape from our lives for a short period.


If an hourglass is present in a dream, it can signify that we are aware time is running short. This generally occurs when the dreamer is under stress in their waking life.


– see Dream Dictionary: Buildings


To dream of being hungry is indicative of our basic needs not being met. That is; the dreamer is not satisfying the basic necessities within: mental, emotional, or physical.

Additional Dream Interpretation...

Depending on other content in the dream, hunger can infer we are yearning for something in our waking lives.


When a hunter appears in a dream it suggests the dreamer feels vulnerable and under attack. One should take note of who the hunter represents in waking life to ascertain how to deal with the situation. If the dreamer is the hunter it implies he or she is stalking prey in order to survive. This may be interpreted, for example, as an unemployed person seeking work.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Gale, Dream Dictionary: Breeze and Dream Dictionary: Wind

To dream of a hurricane is a reflection of the dreamer’s passions. It implies that the dreamer gives over too often and easily to their emotions to the point that they feel they are merely carried along and powerless to assume control.


– see Dream Dictionary: Family


– see Dream Dictionary: Animals

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