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– see Dream Dictionary: Birds


Typically, when we dream about ice it is to do with our emotions. In this sense, ice suggests we are colder than we require in terms of warmth and compassion. Ice can also be a representation of a person’s rigidity, in that they are not allowing people to get close.

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In some instance ice can represent a part of who we are that has frozen and in need of thawing out.


In a dream, ice-cream is our personal sensual taste. It has a few meanings, the most obvious of which is the basic connotations to childhood pleasure. Also, to see one self partaking of ice-cream can imply we are allowing new pleasures – or lost old ones - into our lives. Alternately, if we are giving ice-cream to others we are giving them pleasure.

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Ice-cream can also imply at a deeper level that we are being made aware that no pleasure in life is completely permanent; eventually it melts away.


The position with which an icicle hangs in a dream is just as important as the vision of the icicle itself. For example, an icicle lacking support may be indicative of how we feel within our conscious life. If the dreamer sees an icicle melting it may imply that whatever problems are currently being faced, will disappear rapidly.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery

The icon symbolises the microcosm within the macrocosm, in other words, the small world reflecting the large world. As people need tangible symbols to represent concepts, icons are used by the unconscious to provide meaning.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Buildings

Sometimes we perceive that others are cold hearted or emotional distant, but like the igloo, such people are warm inside. This can also apply to the dreamer personally in an effort to show them how they are perceived by others.

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The igloo, with regard to femininity, can often represent frigidity. Conversely, it can also be symbolic of relaxation – either needed or acquired – to engage sexually.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Sick

In dreams, when an illness is present it can be alluding to past pains and memories. On occasion such a dream may be alerting us to impending illness. However, the majority of the time illness appears in a dream it is symbolic of how we manage our emotions in our waking life and that we are failing to tap into a Universal force that could help us in a our time of need.


The associations with imitation in dreams depend on who is being copied. It can mean others are copying us because we are the example. It can also imply others see us as leaders but that we ourselves are not comfortable in such a position. On the other hand, if the dreamer is the one doing the imitating, it can mean he or she is aspiring to be like that person, or seeing within themself the capability to do so. If the person the dreamer is imitating is perceived as a superior, he or she is acknowledging that persons’ greater wisdom.

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Negative association to imitating someone suggests the dreamer may doubt his or her own integrity and a need to assess our attitudes and behaviours.


Immersion can equate to the idea of being focussed. In this sense, there may exist a need for the dreamer to put him or herself under the microscope. However, most dreams of immersion are associated with water that are symbolic of our emotions and a need get in touch with our pure character.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Paralysis

The feeling of immobility – or paralysis –very often occurs as the dreamer is beginning to learn about themselves. A feeling of not being able to move suggests the dreamer needs be still and immobile for a time in their everyday life with a view to becoming attuned to the peace within.


An imp has a similar connection to the Devil. It can mean the dreamer is currently, or in the future, will run into difficulties. The imp torments one’s life in a mischievous way.

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The imp can be a reflection of the uncontrolled negative part within ourselves; the self-sabotager which creates chaos.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Prison

Dreaming that we are imprisoned typically relates to a sense of feeling trapped in our lives. Moreover, this sense of being trapped is usually the result of our own doing through fear, arrogance, and/or ignorance. In some cases the feeling of imprisonment may result from our perception that matters or people outside of our control are making progress difficult as a consequence, we will have to negotiate our freedom.


To see oneself being inaugurated is symbolic of new beginnings and possibly a change in status in terms of personal development or a work situation. To dream that we are being given such an honour can mean the dreamer is accepting recognition for good work or feels guilty due to bluffing others for perceived good work.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery

Incense is used to raise consciousness or to clean atmospheres or sacred spaces. In dreams, when we become aware of incense burning or being used, it shows we need to clean out ourselves with particular regard to spirituality.


Dreams connected with income are attempting highlight and/or separate our wants from our needs. If the dreamer perceives they are receiving an increase in income it can imply that he or she is realising the worth of themselves and/or what they have (e.g. family, goods). Conversely, to see one self dropping in income can be a metaphor distinguishing fear of the future and having no control.


If there is something we are not able to digest in life – metaphorically – this can be shown in a dream via indigestion. It suggests we may have a block to our development, growth, or progress and that we may need to look at things from a different angle or break it down into bite sized chunks.


Infections in dreams can imply we have taken on poison in the form of the negative attitudes or opinions of others. Note should be taken of where the infection is located in/on the body as this can provide clues as to the type of “infection”.


– see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery


– also see Dream Dictionary: Syringe

To see one self as being given an injection in a dream illustrate the feeling that you perceive your personal space had been violated in some way or another. This can be through the opinions, needs, or desires of others being forced upon you to make you feel as if the only option is to comply. On the other hand, to dream of giving an injection suggests we are attempting to force ourselves onto other people including sexually).


– also see Dream Dictionary: Pen

Signifies the ability to transcribe and understand knowledge in a more sophisticated way.


Insects can imply we are feeling irritated, bugged, and/or in danger. Much will depend on the species of insect. For example, a spider might indicate danger.

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Insects, being miniscule in sizeable comparison to other living things on the planet, may also signify a sense of insignificance and/or powerlessness.


An inscription appearing in a dream will likely be in need of decoding and will equate to either something that is understood already, or that needs to be understood. The material on which the inscription is written is also important. For example, an inscription appearing on a rock would suggest old wisdom. An inscription appearing in sand suggests the knowledge maybe fleeting and therefore learnt quickly.


An intersection in a dream implies that choices need to be made. That matters are coming to a crossroads and a decision is the only means by which the dreamer will not become stagnant.


– see Abdomen and Excrement in Dream Dictionary: Body


– also see Dream Dictionary: Alcohol, Dream Dictionary: Drunk, and Dream Dictionary: Drugs

When we are intoxicated in a dream it can be important to decide what has caused us to become intoxicated. Being drunk can indicate a loss of control, whereas a change of state brought about by drugs can represent a change in awareness.


– also see Dream Dictionary: Burglar and Dream Dictionary: People

Dreams with a prime focus on an intruder, indicates that we may be experiencing a feeling of being under threat or that we are hiding something. Most often the intruder will appear as a male suggesting, for a female, a need to feel protected (including sex and sexuality).


Dreaming of an inventor is unearthing the creativity within. It may have connotations to a new idea, a new way of doing things, or a new beginning.


Becoming invisible (i.e. disappearing) indicatives that we are for some reason not ready to internalise knowledge on offer. It can also mean we are trying to forget something that our unconscious wants the waking person to deal with.

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Invisibility can also equate metaphorically for a need to hide one self.


– see Dream Dictionary: Flowers


Iron in a dream is symbolic of strength and determination. However, at times its presence can also imply we are rigid and too stubborn in certain matters of our waking lives. As such, the dream is suggesting the dreamer needs to be more flexible.

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Iron, with respect to a clothes iron, can imply we are concerned with how we present ourselves socially.


Dreaming of an island may signify loneliness. An island can also represent safety; isolating ourselves means we are not subject to external expectations and pressures. When the island presented is something of beauty/relaxation, it may be an indication that the dreamer needs to escape for a while, to rejuvenate.


Ivory in a dream has three main meanings; one is the concept of preciousness due to its financial worth (the dreamer must decide what is valuable to them). The other is that of preservation due to the need to protect the animals who produce the material (the dreamer should decipher what within themself is worth preserving), and the third is relative to poaching (the dreamer mus discern if they are poaching from others).


Ivy is symbolic of “clinginess”. In a dream it is more often than not associated with relationships, in particular, unhealthy ones whereby one partner clings too tightly to the other.

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