Dream Interpretation: A prohibited outhouse and a killer

by Latha

Visitor's Dream: 'I was taking a nap in the afternoon. I am in an old pattern house which has an outhouse too. My friend comes to meet me and says why don't we sit in the outhouse to chat. I was early warned by my elders that the outhouse has not to be opened. I get to the outhouse to find the house with a lock. But I could manage to open the lock as the key was in the lock itself. As soon as i open the door, in a flash of light I could see a maid with a broom in her hand and she vanished. This was the time I realised that it is a dream. Now I continue to get into a Lucid dream. Here furture more I see that the house is neat and clean and has got flowery paintings. This part of the dream I woke up to realise that they resemble the paintings of the bedsheet in which I was resting. Now I try to get back into the same world trying for a lucid dream.

The same night I got another dream, where I was asked by a friends friends for an errand. He handed over to me a bundle. I latter seen that it has lots of money in it and also a note asking me to kill someone. I was finding myself choking in that though that I was made as a killer against my choice. I badly rung up my friend to tell him what I was going through.

Both these dreams occurred on the same day.'

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by: John

Hi Latha,
was the friend you mention in each of the dreams the same person?

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by: Anonymous

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