Dream Interpretation: Abandoned

by R.R.

Reader Post: 'Last night I had a dream that I was partying with my family and friends on a big cruise ship. There was loud music, dancing, and a happy mood. Then I started noticing that everyone seemed to be disappearing. At first I wondered why they went back to their cabins when it was still early and everyone was having a good time, but the ship changed character. It became darker and quieter - and then it seemed like I was on an abandoned ghost ship.

I ran from deck to deck, shouting out to my loved ones, trying to find someone there, but everyone had disappeared. I was completely alone and totally scared. All the lights on the ship had gone out by that time. There was a moon peeking out from the clouds and the water around me was a silvery-blue. I couldn't believe everyone had left me on the ship alone. I had a strong feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Even after I woke up, I still felt abandoned and alone. I was all but crying. It really wasn't a pleasant dream.

To answer the dream interpretation questions, this is what I've come up with:

1. What is the primary action of the dream?

At first I was dancing and partying with people I know, then I started searching for them and couldn't find them.

2. What am I feeling in the dream?

I felt happy at first, then I felt alone and abandoned, and lastly I felt scared to be alone on the ship.

3. Am I active or passive in the dream?

I was active and the main character in my dream.

4. Am I afraid of anything?

Yes, reflecting on the dream I realise that I am experiencing insecurity in my primary relationships and I am afraid of being alone.

5. What is the drama of my dream?

The drama of the dream is that I am abandoned by my loved ones and end up totally alone - and how afraid I am of being old, abandoned and lonely.

6. What could have triggered the dream?

Our family had lots of conflict over the festive season and as always, I feel as if I am in the middle of the in-fighting. Christmas lunch in particular started off as a happy event and then turned ugly when my father and brother disagreed about politics. I was drawn into the discussion - and in the end everyone was angry with everyone. My father said some hurtful things to me that made me feel upset. I also didn't feel like I received any support from anyone in the family.'

See Dream Dictionary: Abandoned.

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By John
by: Anonymous

Hello R.R.,
this dream suggests to me an insecurity that even good times will eventually turn bad. An uneasiness that abandonment is just around the corner and you will once again be alone and isolated. The question to ask is, what is this dream trying to tell you? What do you need to be aware of with regard to this issue?

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