Dream Interpretation: Airplane Crash

by Sara

Visitor Post: 'I had a dream that I was in the state I am about to move to and I looked in the sky and saw a plane " softly crash" kind of glided down to the ground and bounced softly rather blown up. It wasn't scary it was just like i watched it come down. I then saw the man I am moving there to be with, myu boyfriend, he was so happy to see me, we were in a beautiful garden, it was very big, there was also another woman there and I felt as though she was something to him but I didnt know if she was or I was being paranoid, his attention was on me. I was then like on a road when i got a phone call from my boyfriend saying how happy he was. Then as I was walking down the road and it was like a thin layer of blood on the ground and it was on the bottem of my shoes and it was like i could see my footprints in the blood, but it was not scary in any way shape or form.

Please tell me what this means?'

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by: John

couple of questions. When you saw the plane crash you say it wasnt frightening, but what feeling DID you have? Did you know the woman in the garden? The path at the end of the dream, where did it lead and where were you going?

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