Dream Interpretation: Airport Dream

by John

Visitor's Dream: 'I had a dream and unsure what it means. I was flying from London to Spain with friends, which is a journey I do normally a few times a year in waking life. One extra friend was with us, who does not normally go on the trips away, as it happens he is actually Spanish.

When I got to the airport my bag was empty, no clothes at all, but for some reason I knew this was the case when I left home but I still left with an empty bag. I was also concerned because I had not taken my spanish mobile phone (In my waking life I have a cheap pay as you go for my trips there) or my boarding card from online checkin. I was really panicing that I was not going to be able to go on the trip with friends and be left at the airport. The dream ended when I had to pay the airline to print a new boarding card and there was only minutes to go before the flight, i dont know if I made it onto the plane.

The strange thing is that I am actually taking a flight to go on holiday tomorrow, so am unsure what any of this means but it was a very strong dream that I remember much of the details about. Often I dont rememeber my dreams or simply only remember them for a short while when I wake up but this is still clear as a type that the following day.'

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by: John

Hi John,
you say in the dream you knew you left without a packed bag, were you also aware you left without your phone and boarding pass? If so, in the dream were you worried by this but unable or unwilling to do anything about it?

by: Anonymous

I did not care about the empty case. I was concerned that I did not have the phone or boarding card but by comparison to waking life I was not not very concerned by these items. In my waking life I get so stressed about forgetting such things this would never happen. Whilst this was a slight problem on the dream it was far less than if it had happened in waking life.

by: John

Hi again,
sorry, no answers yet, just more questions...
when you paid for your boarding pass were you worried about missing the flight?

Airport dream
by: John

Yes very concerned as there was so little time before the plane left. That was my main worry, in terms of not having anything in my case I was not worried and had decided I would buy new clothes when I got there . When I was given the new boarding card by the airline I woke up so don't know whether I made it on the flight.

by: John

I know this dream coincided with your trip but I don't think it has much to do with going to Spain. I believe your unconscious used the upcoming journey as a means to portray a messgae. It would seem that message has something to do with resistance. That even though you are aware the end result is of worth, you pretty much do everything possible to refrain from "finding out" or commiting. It is as if you want to test the boundaries, to see if "it" will work out. Something to do with risk/faith. Does this ring true at all?

by: john

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

There are two things in my life right now I can relate this to.

One relates to ex girlfriend who lives in spain. She ended the relationship about 18 months ago but we have always remained in contact since. She was planning to come to london to visit me this summer. I saw her last month and she told me she had a new boyfriend. She needed a visa to visa uk and I made the application for her. Last week I cancelled the application but have not told her. I decided not to make contact with her again, at least for the time being. I still have strong feelings for her so not contacting her is hard.

The other thing relates to work. I want to get a salary raise and have been interviewed for a job with one of my employers main clients. I am hoping they will offer me something but more to use in a salary negotiation and threaten to leave. I am finding this a little stressful game to play.

I suppose the issue from the dream is that I awoke before I knew whether I made it on the plane.

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