Dream Interpretation: Aluminium Can

by Georgia
(Emu Park)

Visitor's Dream: 'My ex boyfriend had a dream about me, he's a 4 wheel drive rev head kinda guy, and he had a dream about me, he said me, him and others were up the beach drinking and he said that I was extremely drunk, being held back by a girl and I was telling her I was going to 'can' him and then I went up to him holding the can by my teeth and he took the can out of my mouth and it was such an achievement for some reason and everyone thought he was crazy and bad for doing it. What could this mean?'

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by: John

Hi Georgia,
this dream to me seems as though it might be about your ex coming to terms with having hurt you. The can in your mouth may imply he never allowed you the opportunity to express your anger verbally. Removing it from your mouth might be seen as a big achievement by the others because it impressed them given your state. However, I believe it is more likely symbolic of him feeling that he removed the agression from your mouth (ie that he wished he didnt bear the burden/guilt of hurting you and that the anger you might have towards him would just go away).

by: Georgia

This makes alot of sense to me, i've shown my ex and i'm yet to find out what he thinks of it but this does make alot of sense. When he responds i'll tell you want he says :)

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