Dream Interpretation: Always too late for my flight

by Maya

Visitor's Dream: 'I've been having the same dream for several years. In my dreams, I am packing my suitcases and getting ready to leave to the airport to take a flight and leave my homeland. As hard as I try to look at my watch, to hurry up, and leave my home on time, it does not work. Whether it takes me too long to pack, or it takes me too long to get to the airport, because I take the wrong way, or people at the airport get in my way and slow me down. Even though I keep looking at my watch or a clock on a wall and say: "I am going to be late, I am going to miss the plane", I never make it to the plane and I wake up feeling sad, disappointed and frustrated.'

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by: John

Hi Maya,
I believe this dream is about feeling trapped and powerless to make what you deem to be necessary changes in life. I also think it may represent a kind of self-sabotage, that is, you really want something but you find ways to not get there. Time also seems an important symbol in the dream, thus it is likely you feel you are running short on it if you dont get the wheels in motion. J

I have this too, often! NEW
by: Jim

Hey there!

I also have this same dream, at least a few times a month and it's exhausting! I agree with the previous poster but also think it's a reflection of my tendency in real life to over prepare. I'm the type of person who will always get somewhere an hour early because I hate being late and 'letting people down'. I also teach for a living and spend way too long preparing my lessons. These things I know but I never seem to change my habits. At first I thought these dreams were telling me that I'm just not organised enough, but now I am beginning to wonder whether these hopeless packing and being late for a flight dreams are my unconscious telling me to chill out a bit. I think the key will be when I can turn round in the dream and say "Fine. I'll just miss the flight and have a nice relaxing bath instead." =)

late for flight NEW
by: Daniel

Been having he same dream over and over. am ready to go the airport and then someone tells me it will take 5 hours to get there. Or I start packing all kinds of scattered stuff too late to catch the plane and now I'll have to get another fight...

Travel dream recurring NEW
by: Lisa

My "late to the plane" dream has been recurring for years. Most times, though they vary, I am either on the way to or already at the airport. A sense of painc and scatteredness... my luggage and personal items are not organized and I have a hard time keeping track of them. I seem to be looking for "departure time" and then a clock but cannot connect the 2. Many other times, I’m actually flying but the plane is either hovering over the ground and not in the air or the plane is going somewhere that is a detour from my intended destination. In the past, I’ve been alone. Never with my husband...( now "ex");..Recently, my boyfriend has made it into several of my dreams including my last "trip"...(apparently to Greece)....

Actual Dream Meaning NEW
by: Anonymous

As i’ve Previously read on the internet , I think that your thoughts on missing the flights and the feelings you experienced while doing so are more important than the position the airplane was in when you knew you missed it.
For example , if you thought that you’re a person who doesn’t have discipline when you looked at the clock and realized that it’s too late, this could mean that you really need more self discipline in your personal or professional life in order to succeed. Or, if you felt that you’re not confident in urself anymore for missing such an important flight , it could mean that you really need more self confidence in moments of panic in ur professional life or personal relationships. The feelings and thoughts are the same, their context is just subconsciously different.

Same recurring dream here NEW
by: Anonymous

Same exact dream here, I'm shocked to see so many with similar dreams. I usually have about 3 bags and I'm trying to gather all of my things so I can finish packing and leave. Usually delays along the way to airport, or a long line up if I make it there.

Same, but NEW
by: Anonymous

I actually dont live in my homeland, in my dreams i have been visiting in my original country (or a surreal place where I seem to know a load of strangers really well). Anyway I am trying to catch my flight home, i sometimes catch it, i sometimes dont. But I never get off the plane at its destination, the dream ends before then.

90% of the dreams i have include this basic scenario but each one is different, in that different people and places and reasons cause me to miss (or nearly miss) my plane. The inside of the plane is very different too, and always a bit crazy, sometimes its more like a bus, and times more like seats in a movie theatre. Dreams include a lot of airport scenes too.

I did travel a lot in one job, mostly via stressful Healthrow, and I have travelled a lot in life, and I also dont live in my original country, so its not surprising that this creates the backdrop to my dreams. I think I should be looking more at the stories within this, the people I meet, and try and enjoy them more.

I am really sick of running for flights though.

Same dream NEW
by: Kat

It’s exhausting dreaming all the time of missing my plane...I keep looking for the ticket and checking the times, or I can’t find the ticket, then I’m madly trying to pack everything in suitcases, they won’t fit and I’m running really late, sometimes the whole room is full of stuff to pack, its everywhere. I know I’m going to miss it, I go to the wrong entrance at the airport and I am frantic, so glad to wake up.
I also am a very organised person, I am always early, it is very important to me.
Very tiring...😥

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