Dream Interpretation: Birth

by Vania Mills
(Farfield al jefferson)

Visitor Dream: 'I had a dream that I was over at my mother's house and I woke up and I looked down and I was bleeding and cramping.

I got up and told my mother so she got up and I thought we were going to the doctor but we ended up in a store that sold Peanuts so I started eating them so I a lady ran out the store and asked me did I want the job and I said no.

Then I started cramping again and I laid on the floor and gave birth and she came out with no problem and I held her she was slightly cock eyed.'

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Need more info... from John
by: Anonymous

Heelo Vania,
I need some more information on this one...
What is your relationship like with your mother?
What job was being offered to you?
Who did you give birth to?

Review NEW
by: Anonymous

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Dream Interpretation! NEW
by: Susan Fernando

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