Dream Interpretation: Broken Glass

by Petal

Visitor's Dream: 'I dreamt that rain was falling and my aunt and I was finding shelter under a sour cherry tree. The leaves were green and I picked one cherry and ate it. Then I was by a house and I was sitting by a table and my ex-boyfriend (the father of my child, we done 5 days now) and telling him that we should be living in a house like that, and he was walking and I took a piece of the sour from my mouth and showed it to him, and I also showed him the tree where I was finding shelter, but I was feeling very sad.

I left and went by his mother's house and I was eating food and the food had broken glass in it, then my aunt and my brother was with me outside an appartment building that my ex-boyfriend and I used to rent and I was drinking a beer from a glass bottle and the top rim was broken. It was like I was eating broken glass and I kept spitting broken glass in my hand and on the ground. I was scared and thought that I was going to die. I took out a piece of the glass and looked at it; it was round and clear. I kept trying to clear my throat. I felt that there was glass in my throat and my brother told me that there was broken glass in the food (it seems like my dead grandmother had given me the food).

The rain was falling and my brother and my aunt was in a car more like a van. We were going somewere and the sea was flooding the road. The waves were high and muddy and every time the waves came a lot of mud came on the road and started to cover vehicles on the road. I was scared and houses were being destroyed by the waves. My brother, my aunt, other people and I started to dig the mud to clear a part way for the water to run. There was a crane and my brother started to use it and was digging a large hole like a drain for the water to run in and there was a very big house building, then the water started to go down.

Through out this dream I was unhappy. In waking life I am very unhappy.'

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by: John

Hi Petal,
was this one dream or two?
Also, you said at the end of your post you are unhappy in waking life... in one word, what is the main reason for this?

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