Dream Interpretation: Cannot open my eyes

by stu

Visitor's Post: 'The dream starts normally with old friends playing basketball but then someone, in my dream, starts to come after me. I try to wake up by opening my eyes but they will not open. I use my fingers and forcefully try and open my eyes but they will not open. I know I'm dreaming but I cannot wake myself up.'

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by: John

Hi Stu,
the presence of the old friends suggests whatever it is trying to catch up with you might be from the past. It would seem your attempt to escape from as much means you do not open your eyes to the issue being presented. Given there is an element of lucid dreaming going on I would suggest next time you have this dream dont try to wake up; just see where it takes you.

astro projection NEW
by: Anonymous

This thing about the inability to open your eyes or even the ability to wake yourself up and being aware that you are dreaming may possibly mean you have left your body and your spirit/soul hasn't fully re-attached itself to your temple/ your body I know this because I do this several times a month and through self-guided meditation prior to falling asleep I explore my mental abilities and strengths where in later dream times I can solve many conscious and subconscious issues I have within myself and about current situations in reality. it's scary at first but once you can be calm and be aware it actually becomes very intreging experience but be carefully you must always find your body and know where it is located because if you cannot find your way back you may put yourself in a comma... not fun and even scarier experience. I wouldn't attempt this alone.

Eyes not opening NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem friends, joy, the I have to leave and my eyes won't open. Have to pry. Weird dream

Weird dream NEW
by: Anonymous

Hie.can anyone tell me the exact meaning of my dream.its like I wake up early morning after my family goes to work I sleep again around 7 but since few days am getting the same kind of dream.in the dream I would be sleeping n when I try to open my eyes I can't .i hear sounds I force my eyes to open but I get scared.i can just feel someone is around but I can't see I feel am like paralyzed.today was the worst dream I had.

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